Prisons Of Perception & Adventures Within The Inner Space Of The Mind

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Prisoners Of Perception

I believe that true knowledge (as opposed to generationally alternating facts) lay hidden within intuition and higher states of consciousness. My lifelong journey into the nature of reality, energy and resonance has prompted me to discuss the inner space of the mind. My journey has helped me understand left and right brain hemispheres and how this relates to generational education, perception and alternating states of consciousness. It’s brought me to an understanding that our once solid foundations pertaining to reality and our perceptions of consciousness are beginning to crumble.

Our understanding and interpretation of reality is governed by both internal and external experiences and equally limited by our rudimentary sensory perception. Somewhere along our long and dusty road we have been hardwired to believe that materialism defines reality and that material worth defines success, this is a lie. Unfortunately, we are a slave to both our senses and our minds interpretation of these senses. In truth our perception of reality is akin to a light wave frequency, a narrow light spectrum that our eyes have evolved to perceive.

The foundations of human experience and understanding are directly related to our brains perception of light, vibration and both electrical and energetic resonance. Seeing is not believing, and this is perhaps the greatest lie to have ever been perpetrated against humanity. This lie keeps us as prisoners of perception and allows those with a deeper awareness to define the borders of our reality.

The Three Brains Of Humanity

When I think of a human brain I actually perceive it as three brains

1)Firstly we have the physical mass of the brain.

2)If our minds were placed under the microscope we could zoom in closer and begin to see a second brain of atoms.

3)If were able to journey into the brain at a sub atomic level we would see it’s third manifestation, the quantum brain.

At the quantum level we have no bodies and no brains, so in my perception of reality when the physical brain dies and deteriorates the consciousness of the quantum brain continues to exist. Our senses restrict our understanding of this concept and it’s only now as science begins to grapple with the sub atomic and quantum realms that the perceptions of the ancient Gnostics and Vedas begin to display their validity. As such, in many ways we are currently experiencing a reawakening of knowledge as opposed to a new branch of science.

Due to being enslaved by our senses as prisoners of perception we (as a species) lack a coherent understanding of our place within the cosmos. Until we are able to open our minds we’re doomed to observe just a fraction of what is happening all around us. If we were able to open our eyes and see beyond our proverbial noses then I believe our entire understanding of both reality and the fundamental construct of cosmology and natural law would change in but a moment.


Dimensions Of Frequency

A long train of thought that I’ve followed relates to the concept of alternate dimensions being alternating vibratory frequencies. Within this train of thought everything exists out of time but equally at the same time, the ability to tune into the right frequency is to observe these hidden realms. From this perspective, death is simply a change of frequency that releases us from the anchor of the senses and enables us to see the totality of an interconnected system. Indeed, is the consciousness stored within a quantum mind every bit as real as our physical brain? Does death release this consciousness into an infinite pool of awareness?

Slave To Time?

I sometimes think of our minds like the physicality of a computer and from that perspective yes the computer stores the operating information. Equally, consciousness (i.e the information we use the computer to search for) is transient and can appear in many places at the same time.

To distance ourselves from our physiology and enter higher states of awareness is to glimpse at our minds ability to transcend our perception of time. To a greater extent, time is biological in nature and is a tool that we utilise (in our physical form) to interact with and understand the physicality of the world around us. Our bodies are certainly a slave to the sands of time, our minds have the ability to transcend its constraints, whilst our consciousness is free to dance between the ages.


To An Extent We Are All Victims Of Mind Control

Our physical minds are incredibly powerful and as I have shown in previous posts contain the ability to alter both our biology and physiology. This is sobering when you think of the fact that the vast majority of our lives are spent running on subconscious programmes of thought. The vast majority of these subconscious thought programmes have been implanted by external influences, many of them negative. The human neocortex and it’s varying manifestations of consciousness and psychology have been intensively studied for generations. They know exactly what buttons to press and how to manipulate our hopes, fears and dreams.

This is the age of fear and terror, indeed even the word terror infects your brain on a subconscious level as do many key words and phrases. This is both known, understood and is equally prevalent in all forms of media. Our survival instincts have been used against us and manipulated to keep us in constant state of subconscious fear. It’s this fear that keeps us in a heightened state of tension and prevents us from entering and interacting with higher states of awareness and intuition.



As I have shown in my previous Schumann Resonance post I believe that humanity has been deliberately removed from our connection to the earth. Within this process, we have been disconnected from the higher states of consciousness and intuition we feel within this balance. We use our ego as a way of keeping ourselves grounded and indeed understanding and interacting with the physicality of the world around us. Within this process (and our societal manipulation) we have come to identify the self as the whole and define reality from this inward perspective. This is a state of mind that holds us back from higher states of awareness, and although I'm not a proponent for the dissolution of the ego, I very much recognise the need to find balance within it.

Intellect VS Wisdom

In many ways our intellect is actually holding us back from true understanding. In trying to calculate every aspect of humanity & spirituality with logic and human intelligence I have come to believe that we are in effect doing ourselves a great disservice. To achieve a true enlightenment I believe that we need to pursue higher states of consciousness, intuition and universal wisdom. Indeed can we ever hope to understand the dimensions of non physicality from a purely physical perspective? As shown in the video below (and the references at the bottom of this post) the very act of observation causes changes within the observed reality. As such do we need to take a bridge of faith that science has been unable to build?

The Purity Of Consciousness

As children, if we were to remain uneducated and un-indoctrinated by the divisive nature of our manipulated condition, inverted perceptions of power and pre-conditioned worldviews, then we could we retain an innocence, a purity of thought? By retaining such a purity I believe we would explore an entirely different perceptual reality. Would such a foundation lead us to towards a path of collective wisdom, empathy, intuition? I say this because I believe the true nature of humanity to be that of love and compassion. We can see our true nature play out in the flurry of the moment, the emergency where people seemingly have a knee jerk reaction (often at great danger to themselves) to help their fellow man. From this perspective, everything else is a deviation from the purity of this state of being. In so many ways the construct of our society and education system imprisons the mind, but an open mind is a free mind.

Our intelligence is a slave to the ego and as such we become an accumulation of external influences. Every question and every answer is a slave to both intellect and a narrow band of perception, reality is not human-centric but our interpretation of it is. Human experience is observed from within and if you know this to be true then you know that in this understanding there exists an element of control. The truth of reality will never be fully understood by intellect alone for it’s a slave to perception, the senses and the ego. The truth is found in our ability to let ourselves go and float along the river of life.


Firing synapsis and flashing neurons, the best light show in the universe takes place within the inner space of our minds. Our thoughts light up our brains like an electrical whirlwind of wonder. As we travel deeper into inner space and withdraw from the limitations of sensory perception we begin the access the higher states of our subconscious. These higher states of awareness are able to give us a tantalising glimpse at the transcendental nature of reality and our place within the resonating tapestry of life. The purity of our undiluted and unfiltered consciousness flows like a cascading river of starlight that feeds into an infinite sea of compassion.

The vestiges of greed & narcissism disappear like mist scattered by the purity of a rising sun. The dissolution of the ego leaves you naked but never alone, understanding that the universe breathes as one and that we are all droplets in a sea of consciousness. Our love, compassion and empathy plays throughout the universe like an orchestra of angels whilst hatred and arrogance resonate like the weeping of a million lost souls. Within the symphony of life your harmony has already started to play but the choice of Rhapsody is still yours to make. Choose wisely for your melody will play (in perpetuity) throughout the chorus of creation until the dying days of the cosmos.

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A truly mind blowing piece of work my friend.
I heard a quote years ago, I'm sorry I don't know who said it......
"If the human brain was simple enough for us to understand, we'd be too simple to understand it."
Saying you're work gets better and better is the understatement of the century mate, it's just amazing. Keep it up @perceptualflaws
Resteemed dude.

Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a great comment my friend I really do appreciate it and the resteem is just amazing! That's a brilliant quote and so very true! Whilst we explore the farthest reaches of our planet and probe the fabric of our solar system we carry the greatest mystery of them all within our own heads. A mystery so profound yet so often overlooked and indeed a mystery that reminds me of another great quote: "Heed these words, You who wish to probe the depths of nature: If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods”
~ Delphi Oracle

Once again thanks for all your support my friend, it's greatly appreciated.

Any time my great friend.
You've just inspired another post idea. It's in the queue though.
There are so many I have in mind that dip into the esoteric however you dive in head first man. Great stuff.

@perceptualflaws you never disappoint. Thank you for planting the seeds and the ding the garden so otheres may awaken. <

And thank you @jadae for stopping by and leaving such a kind and generous comment. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you were able to take something from the post

Thank you as always, for bringing so much depth to the Steemit community. Your articles are always so well written! <3 <3 xoxo

I believe the true nature of consciousness and humanity to be that of love, compassion and empathy.

I do too...

Thank you so much for your support and kind words @lyndsaybowes I really do appreciate it. We have certainly been deviated and manipulated from our true path but some of us were born with open eyes and as such the weight is on all our shoulders to hold strong and speak our truth. This is a world of illusion, but it's what's in our hearts that will ultimately define our future. Thank you again.

And thank you for the comforting words xo :) <3 <3

Great piece very well written.

We were born of pure intentions but the indoctrination camps corrupted us at a very young age this is why it is so hard for people to let go of their false realities. The good news is more people are waking up to the true reality of our earth and finding out their is more to life than the physical material world.

@flatearthvegan Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a great comment my friend, it's much appreciated. And yes I couldn't agree more and indeed the indoctrination has been strong but equally the truth is stronger and it's beginning to shake the very foundations of our society. What a time to be alive eh? Thank you again.

Oh ya, I believe we are living through one of the biggest shifts in consciousness since the so called "beginning". Wouldn't pick another time to be alive :)

Incredible piece! Highly rEsteemed.
Very well put together and easy to follow,
despite it being a "Heavy" Subject.
I love mixing Spirituality with Conspiracy... not an easy task ; )
Thank you for sharing and SteemON!


@frankbacon Thanks for taking the time to read and comment my friend, and I really appreciate the resteem :D .. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and were able to take something from it'. Indeed it's comments like yours that give me the enthusiasm to keep writing, thanks again.

the conspiracy is spiritual exclusively... materialism is used to twist the spiritual :), what my blog has established quite well I believe


You'll love this - in Taoist internal-alchemy Qigong (Nei Gong) we describe 3 'bodies' - the physical body, the energetic body, and the spirit/consciousness body.

They're not separate bodies as such, but three dimensions to our whole being.

The three Dantian - 'energy' centres, located below the umbilicus (lower), the chest (middle), and head (upper) are the alchemical centres where the process of refinement occur.

EG: the lower Dantian is where matter of the physical body is transformed into Qi (energy). The Middle Dantian is where Qi is transformed into Consciousness, and the upper Dantian is where our Consciousness integrates with The Eternal Tao.

Similar to what you described in this article....


Thanks @peterloupelis I have an enormous respect for Taoism (Dao) and I know it wasn't incorporated into my ancients post, but equally I will revisit it at a later date. I've come to believe that the truth comes from within and although people like ourselves may have different interpretations of it we're still speaking the same truth. I went with the quantum perspective on this one as I felt that the technlogical aspect opened the possibilty to people that may otherwise not have looked into it. Like I say universal truths vs human interpretation. I love the beautifully profound indeed poetic perspectives given by Taoism, great choice of words my friend.

Check out Fritjof Capra's "The Tao of Physics", that book was highly influential for me many years ago... 😊🙏🏽☯️

Well thats sure is one powerful piece of writing @perceptualflaws, so clearly explained these otherwise deep and secret constructions in our thoughts and sense of self ! Great Post ) resteemed )

Hey @gomeravibz Thank you so much for your kind words, support and resteem, I really appreciate it. I'm so glad you were able to take something from my post. The world is changing in front of our eyes, blink and we'll miss it! The walls of the old guard are coming down and although there is a fight ahead new foundations will eventually be built. This is a cycle of time that can be held back for a while but it will never be stopped for the laws of nature will always find a way to address the balance. No matter how difficult life gets these are but the dying gasps of those that are clinging onto the vestiges of control. Thanks again my friend :)

If ever an occasion to use this gif it is for this article. You touched one so many things that I align to.


Thank you @alao .. I really do appreciate your support and kind words. I'm so glad you were able to take something from my post and it's equally reassuring that people are beginning to awaken to the possibilities and questions that some of these subjects pose. It's humbling to be in presence of so many awake and open minds, for finally (after a long wait) I feel the world is changing and perceptions are shifting. This gives me both comfort and great hope for the future. Steem on my friend!!

Your welcome. I think when a person embraces crypto outside of the "get rich quick" schemes it forces you to ask some serious questions. When people realize that money is just a belief system then all you have to do is change your belief. That is when you start to see the true possibilities!!!

Yes I completely agree and certainly with cryptos, the deeper you begin to contemplate the subject the more profound the concept becomes.

When people realize that money is just a belief system then all you have to do is change your belief.

Good day, I love coming across people who can see money for what it truly is. I write a lot about it (the defects of materialism)

Yup...had the same gif in mind throughout.

Powerful piece...I truly believe that our sensual perceptions are still far removed from objective reality. Sam Harris is my go-to on these matters and I sense a fair amount of alignment with him in your writing.

Thank you so much @tayken for your support and for leaving such a great comment. For too long we have allowed others to define our perspective of reality and control the boundaries of the possible. Indeed the impossible is but a perception that has the potential to dissipate in an instant. Now is a time of great change and in that change there exists the possibility to reclaim our minds, bodies and indeed souls.

I have not looked into the work of Sam Harris but following your comment and a recent recommendation of a friend I will now do just that. What I do find fascinating is the fact that many (previously unconnected) people are being drawn like a magnet to these ideas and concepts. Yes I know to a degree the internet has a role to play within this, but equally I feel there is something greater happening. On an energetic level public consciousness is being raised and minds are being opened to ideas that would have been cast aside even ten years ago. I've said it on a previous comment but I'll say it again "what a time to be alive". Thanks again my friend!

Not enough gratitude for the opportunity we’ve been given. Now is the time to truly live!

Really good post, particularly because you discuss stuff I have only recently become aware of and started looking into. Our understanding of so many things seems to be flawed, and sadly as you pointed out, it isn't an accident.

Makes me even more determined to give my kids the information and tools to be able to acheive their full potential (and I don't mean by going to University;-). I don't want them to spend 30+ years in relative ignorance as I did thanks to state education and social engineering.

Hey @jimbobbill Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to read and leave such a great comment, it's very much appreciated. Our perceptions of this world and the reality of who we are has been shattered into a million pieces, this is a tool of division and control and it's the oldest game in the book. We have been enslaved by manufactured definitions of identity, but in truth we are born equal and are one under the rising sun of humanity.

It's so difficult to break the chains my friend and I really feel and understand what you're saying here. Children need to have the freedom of mind to be able to define themselves for we allow others to define them at their peril. Individualism needs to be celebrated, expressed and nurtured and only then will they be able to break free from the box of perception that society has placed them in. Thanks again my friend.

You also deserve a tip!

Thank you so much!

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Nice piece of work , I love esoteric I have so many questions,just wish I could ask's not pertaining to this post actually

Hey @abasifreke Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. And yes I agree for every answer poses another ten questions. I think to a degree we have to learn to let go and let life sweep us along as opposed to trying to direct it and control it to much, personally I feel a sense of liberation in doing that.

That's amazing

This is a great read!
We're all one, folks. Let it sink in.

@spellmaker that's for your support and kind words my friend, it's greatly appreciated. And yes, with that one understanding there lays the potential to reshape our future and our reality. Thanks again.

a great post that can inspire me how to develop my self-change in a more advanced direction ... thanks for posting

Thank you @suheri for taking the time to read and leave your kind words, it's very much appreciated. I'm really happy you were able to take something away from my post, that's high praise indeed. Steem on my friend.

this blog tries to convey a LOT in a short time and it is a good job. Upvoted/following

I just wrote a piece a about "fear processing"

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