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Hello friends I hope you are well, the cooking contest 2 sponsored by @leeuw and in which I will be the judge is officially open, the participants will have the great task of cooking a family recipe can be sweet or salty, the recipe will be accompanied by A brief history because all family recipes have their history.


Five winners will be chosen, who will win 6 Steem each, the contest ends on November 19 at 2: pm Venezuela time, so they will have many days to prepare that special recipe from the grandmother or that prepared for a special occasion and that characterizes your family.

The dish can be very simple but the love and dedication that you put to the recipe and your publication along with the history of that family dish, will create a special link with @leeuw who supports us every day and deserves to know a little more about their followers

Contest Rules:

1- With your recipe you must make a publication in your blog and leave the link in a comment in this publication.

2- You must have at least 3 real photos, in the final photo of the recipe and list must appear the participant (owner of the account) with his plate and his validation sign (a sheet that should say, cooking contest 2, the date and @username Steemit).

3- Only one entry per participant will be allowed, if discovered a person with several accounts will be disqualified

4- It is not allowed to edit comments or publications (I ask @leeuw for help in this rule)

5- Put a list with the ingredients that you used in your recipe and its proper preparation.

I wish all the participants luck, the opinion of @leeuw that you think it is convenient to give me, I welcome any questions to answer, I thank my friend @leeuw a lot for giving me this opportunity, it is an honor for me and I thank you every day for your support and of all those who are daily there in one way or another.

Friend @leeuw if you want to add a rule to the contest you can do it, @perlanacarada who has already done a contest, your opinion is important to me.




Good day, excellent contest and very according to the comment of love, for my cooking is a pleasure and if we add 1 cup of patience, 1 of creativity and 2 of love, that menu will be guaranteed with the total approval of the diners. As you know I am in a social project "United with Love for the Santo Domingo asylum" that fills up quite a lot of time of my day to day since there is much to do to fill the pantries of our grandparents. But I say present and participate in this new challenge. I take the opportunity to thank @leeuw for his great help especially to Venezuelans, congratulations on that noble heart friend. @jennimorillo congratulations for accepting the challenge and give us the opportunity to participate and continue "playing and learning with @leeuw, greetings and see you. @jennimorillo

Grateful with such kind words, I hope to do my bit for those grandparents who have so much need and many are abandoned by their relatives, so I hope that many in your community collaborate with such a noble cause, I will be attentive to your entry you are a grandmother and you must have a well-kept secret in the kitchen.

very impressive to see @perlanacarada stepping up to so many good causes while taking time to steem-on . what's your recipe going to be? time will tell us. will you be winner? hopefully!

Hello friends all, this is my ticket to participate in the @jennimorillo contest and I also stay in Venezuela.

Hello, @jennimorillo, It's an interesting and nice contest. I plan to participate with a family recipe that I believe and hope will please everyone.

Your entry will be welcome, I want to read those tradition stories from your recipe

Hello friends @leeuw and @jennimorillo, I am preparing my kitchen for this great contest which I do not intend to miss!

I look forward to the tickets and their history so that my person and @leeuw delight in the story of that dish that characterizes his family

another win for josephdaniela12? that would be great. @leeuw on the other hand has never won a contest - EVER!!! haha just kidding. not.

Greetings friend @jennimorillo and @leeuw I'm glad they're back and with this new challenge for me, I say challenge because the kitchen is not my strong point, but I'm leaving with something delicious for a snack or for any family occasion .. see you soon I'll go preparing the recipe .. greetings to all!

lately, you seem to have been on a winning streak which bodes well for this contest!

A pleasure to have you as a contestant @andrina the work you do with children is wonderful, a tree is life, so every time you plant one as if a new life is born, welcome to the contest !, I do not know but it would be great to see @leeuw cook , What do you think @andrina?

Well yes friend @jennimorillo I love my job and I think that is why I stay in my country .. my efforts were many to leave my profession, I love children, nature in all its splendor .. would be great to see our friend cooking @leeuw is joke dude ..

haha @leeuw can't cook, won't cook, except tosti pizza w jalapeño

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your efforts are worth it for those children

I still stay in Venezuela, I know that soon everything will be as before or much better,

@leeuw does not cook, cooks his wife hahahahahahaha

your country its a great place with fantastic natural features! @jennimorillo asking for yellow card? EDIT: just kidding !

No, please card no

Yes, Venezuela has a lot of beautiful nature

I hope I can continue with the friendly streak @leeuw without belittling others, in the end we are all winners, winners of fun, knowledge and so we are acquiring new learnings .. at least I have managed to draw, now I will cook .. Wooohh!

What good friends @jennimorillo and @leeuw, this challenge catches my attention because the kitchen I like a lot!
I will try hard as they are all very good contestants!

then put on your apron and show me how you do it, cooking !!!

no need to worry, @leeuw is not a participant!

wow arriving and I find this, excellent cooking contest, my passion, greetings @leeuw and @jennimorillo are a dynamic duo, here there must be great chef or maybe a grandmother behind the recipe, we must be aware of the rules so as not to be disqualified, I will give the best of me in my family recipe, good luck to all!

Greetings brother @leeuw!

alejo-daVinci-1996 can draw, can cook? anything that you can’t?

If @alejo1996 draw, safe kitchen, I hope to see your entry

This is amazing and I won't miss this one. Its gonna be amazing. Hope I can try out a local dish here.

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Friend a pleasure to have you here, most of the participants are from Venezuela so if you present your ticket it will be interesting to see something of delisious insurance, this recipe will come from very far

in a come-back, @steemgh selected the most fun contest currently on the steem blockchain!

@steemgh is baaaaaaack!!!

Hello @andrina I will immediately see what you prepared

WOOOOW amazing WOW! Well done @jennimorillo, setting up a beautiful Contest Kitchen! @leeuw is left speech-less. Anyways, @leeuw has run out of liquid STEEM coins, so, NO REWARDS! haha JUST KIDDING! Thank you @jennimorillo for this posting and @leeuw will patiently await the further development of the contest so until judgement time, good luck and see y'all in the Kitchen! Oh, @leeuw's wallet might have additional 8 STEEM coins available to be distributed over 4 honorable mentions i.e. 2 STEEM each.

My friend I am glad to hear from you, you were a little absent, I imagine waiting for my publication and filling that wallet, you as always joking, your words motivate me and make me happy.

I hope we are connected and above all for those honorable mentions, I will be aware of all the entries, I want to read those stories that almost always behind them there is a beautiful loving grandmother, but men have their secrets also in the kitchen, which will be @leeuw?

Oh! I've been very much less active and I think it is the reason why I'm just seeing 👀 this contest post.

Much Steem to be given out Thumbs up Senior chef @leeuw 🙌👍


Ps. I had auto-upvoted 😉

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Hello Friend how are you? you will not participate?

I really can't tell, it's been long that I visited the kitchen but I might try out something, just maybe.

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Then watch the entries and take note of the recipes, someday you can try one : -)

That's right but I might participate though. I'm looking forward to the weekend.

BTW do you write pure English or you write in Spanish then translate?.

I noticed your English has improved from when I met you and it's now difficult to tell if Spanish is actually your first language

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I only speak Spanish, I use the Google translator to move from Spanish to English even if you do not believe it. Most of my friends here at Steemit speak English.

Ahh I see, before it was very easy to detect. Thanks to Google for this tool 🙏

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@jennimorillo, your contest is going very well! just an update also, all future transactions in this contest will be in SBD, so 6 SBD for 5 winners and 2 SBD for the 4 mentions!!! happy days, thank you all amazing hard working and hard posting STEEMIANS and pioneering STEEM blockchain (and thank you SBD hahaha)

Hi @leeuw excellent will be in SBD, great

Hello @jennimorillo here I leave my entry for this contest I barely knew I put my apron and went to cook


Good night! Friends I am honored to participate in this contest, which I confess I get to the soul, it is a simple recipe of some caramelized bananas with cheese, but the family history that it has is strong for me. Here is my participation: