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Good day, excellent contest and very according to the comment of love, for my cooking is a pleasure and if we add 1 cup of patience, 1 of creativity and 2 of love, that menu will be guaranteed with the total approval of the diners. As you know I am in a social project "United with Love for the Santo Domingo asylum" that fills up quite a lot of time of my day to day since there is much to do to fill the pantries of our grandparents. But I say present and participate in this new challenge. I take the opportunity to thank @leeuw for his great help especially to Venezuelans, congratulations on that noble heart friend. @jennimorillo congratulations for accepting the challenge and give us the opportunity to participate and continue "playing and learning with @leeuw, greetings and see you. @jennimorillo


Grateful with such kind words, I hope to do my bit for those grandparents who have so much need and many are abandoned by their relatives, so I hope that many in your community collaborate with such a noble cause, I will be attentive to your entry you are a grandmother and you must have a well-kept secret in the kitchen.

very impressive to see @perlanacarada stepping up to so many good causes while taking time to steem-on . what's your recipe going to be? time will tell us. will you be winner? hopefully!

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