#COOKINGCONTEST 2 " Yucca Croquettes"

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Good afternoon a majestic and cordial greetings to my dear friends @jennimorillo and @leeuw who have taken the task of getting creative and working in different areas, like my friend @perlanacarada who has some very good ideas ..

Today I am pleased to form part of this cooking contest created by @jennimorillo who wraps us with his rich recipes every day, very good indeed, and now he has put us to cook .. I tell you that I am not very good with food, I like to eat it but Do not do it ... !!

This is my entry to the contest, I came across a very simple recipe and I tell you that it has a very special story for me and my family, we know that sometimes we do not have the economic resources to do parties and share large quantities ... because this recipe It is the favorite of my older sister, every time there is a birthday, a father's day, a mother's day or a snack in the afternoon she makes us these DELICIOUS YUCA CROQUETTES ..

For no one is your secret that yucca is a well-known food in my country, with it we can do many things ... like arepas, buñuelos, casabe, cassava flour among others ..

Here I leave the ingredients:

Yucca croquettes.

1 kg of cassava.

1/2 kilo of cheese.

1 egg white.

1/2 cup of milk.

1 cup cassava starch, cornstarch or any flour.

Frying oil.

1 Peel the yucca.

2 Place in hot water for about 20 min to soften well.

3 Remove the central membrane.

4 Include milk and egg white.

5 Love until it is smooth without peloticas.

5 Make peloticas of the mass of the size of your preference and make a hole in the middle so that it sinks.

6 In that hole place the filling. In this case, the cheese can be meat, chicken, etc.

7 Now to give it a crispy texture, pass the croquettes with flour or cornstarch.

8 Fry in hot oil.

9 Serve and enjoy.

Additional: You can make a sauce to your liking to accompany this rich recipe ..

And so I leave you to enjoy this delicious snack ..

Good luck to all those who dare to participate, let's enjoy life and eat in this contest ... !! Thank you, Blessings ...

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@andrina you have opened my appetite, I love this recipe, it has been so hard for Venezuelans with this crisis that we have had to resort to other cheaper alternatives to not pass a pleasant time to share with family and friends, this recipe is a shows the strength we have and we do not give up before the difficulties, good for you @andrina, you complied with the rules very well, I hope @leeuw likes your recipe and your effort.


Thank you very much friend @jennimorillo and really were very good despite being my first time to meet a recipe to the letter .. and well if here in VENEZUELA we fight every day with prices, inflation and the shortages of food .. but still there is nothing to stop us, we continue working on the fly .. !! Friend @leeuw I hope you like the croquettes are very delicious ..

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

WOOOOOOW!! what can @leeuw say? nothing when the mouth is stuffed with the delicious croquettes! they taste very well and crispy. how is @jennimorillo going to judge? @leeuw has no idea but this should at least be a honourable mention no? but then again @leeuw is no chef no judge and therefore this opinion has zero bearing. if i had to make a bet though i would put my chips on this dish entry because of @andrina's winning streak lately. will it come to a halt or continue again???? stay tuned for @jennimorillo's judgements!!!


@leeuw where were you? this entry of @andrina of course deserves a mension of honor, she is a fighter woman and her work with children is to admire, besides those croquettes look delicious, @leeuw your opinion is important and valuable you are not the judge no chef but you are the sponsor so you can give opinions and awards too


They look and are very delicious, hopefully the possibility of sharing and try them .. @leeuw friend is a pleasure to have your support and your magnificent opinion, are worth my efforts .. let's hope the judge @jennimorillo desicion .. I am very excited with these contests !!

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