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RE: Cooking contest

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WOOOOW amazing WOW! Well done @jennimorillo, setting up a beautiful Contest Kitchen! @leeuw is left speech-less. Anyways, @leeuw has run out of liquid STEEM coins, so, NO REWARDS! haha JUST KIDDING! Thank you @jennimorillo for this posting and @leeuw will patiently await the further development of the contest so until judgement time, good luck and see y'all in the Kitchen! Oh, @leeuw's wallet might have additional 8 STEEM coins available to be distributed over 4 honorable mentions i.e. 2 STEEM each.


My friend I am glad to hear from you, you were a little absent, I imagine waiting for my publication and filling that wallet, you as always joking, your words motivate me and make me happy.

I hope we are connected and above all for those honorable mentions, I will be aware of all the entries, I want to read those stories that almost always behind them there is a beautiful loving grandmother, but men have their secrets also in the kitchen, which will be @leeuw?