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Curie Community Building Support Application

First Things First

They say 'Gratitude is Attitude', so I would like to thank @randomwanderings from the @curie initiative on behalf of @steemitbloggers founder, @jaynie and members for this opportunity for communities/initiatives to gain support from @curie. I believe that communities/initiatives should help grow and benefit members on the Steemit platform. In the long run, it will help develop quality content creators and grow the Steemit ecosystem as a whole.

And this is the reason why @steemitbloggers is sending in this application to be part of this crucial growth and development of Steemit.

@steemitbloggers Application

What is your community/contest and what is its purpose here on Steem?

The @steemitbloggers is a discord community of individuals who are committed to producing content which adds value to the Steemit platform. We are STRONGLY focused on supporting our fellow members' individual growth as well as offering support to those that are new to Steemit and still trying to get ahead. We are a CLOSE KNIT community of individuals, each with our own strengths, passions, and input, yet ALL willing to go the extra mile for our family members... WHY? - because simply put - we CARE about one another and MANY HANDS make light work! - THAT is what FAMILY is about!

@steemitbloggers was started and founded by @jaynie in early October last year 2017. She envisioned that @steemitbloggers is going to be 'powerhouse' for content creators on Steemit and is willing to put all her time and effort into building others.


@steemitbloggers offers support in many ways to members :

  1. Daily member upvote and Appreciator upvote

  2. Daily member post boost and Appreciator upvote

We are in collaboration with @appreciator that curates high-quality content and upvotes two of our members daily

  1. Steemit Bloggers Account Upvote

  2. Steemit Bloggers Account Resteem

  3. Steemit Bloggers FB page share

  4. Steemit Bloggers Twitter tweet

  5. Featurettes in @jaynie's personal profile



A Needed Support for @steemitbloggers contests

That was an introduction of @steemitbloggers. I figured that it's important to know the direction of where this community is going because everything that branches out from this community, be it contests, curations, supports will embrace this same vision. With that, I would love to send in my entry for the @steemitbloggers contest which @jaynie and I have started about 2 months ago.

The whole idea of this contest is to encourage and motivate new ideas & contents for our members because we understand that it is very common writers and content creators will run out of ideas on what to blog about on Steemit. This contest will help them in this ideation process and maybe discover a few hidden talents along the way. The @steemitbloggers contest happens weekly with either a new topic or a series of contests to take part in. Rewards will be given in the form of SBIs, and STEEM from the rewardpool.

Example of our Contest: Steemitbloggers | A Fairytale Story

This time, the @steemitbloggers were asked to write a fairytale story and they MUST use 10 keywords that are given to them. When I was creating this contest, I thought, whaooo... this would be pretty tough, at least it is for me. But I never doubt that the creativity of the members of @steemitbloggers. And indeed it's true, we have received a total of 7 entries and they were all AMAZING!


Criterias :

  1. You must use ALL 10 KEYWORDS.
  2. Wordcount must not be less than 350 words.
  3. Photos/illustrations are allowed to better tell a story.
  4. Your story/post title is up to you.
  5. Go crazy creative on it, it has to be as 'fairytale-ish' as possible.
  6. Write a fairytale story!~
Keywords :

steemitbloggers, castle, cookiemonster, princess, GIFs, magic key, curse, goblin, treasure, fairy


Rewards :

Winner - 3 SBI

2nd - 2 SBI

3rd - 1 SBI

SBI(@steembasicincome) will upvote you FOR LIFE as long as you are active on Steemit.

The AMAZING Entries

A Modern Tale by @byn


Charles sat staring blankly at his computer screen. Bleary eyed, he ran his shaking hands through his hair once again. He hadn’t slept in 72 hours and he was wired on too much caffeine. Feeling desperate, at his wit’s end and ready to give up, he searched for a shred of hope...

A Princess In The Future by @foxyspirit

A dark blue veil covered her surroundings. Sparkles shined the way like fireflies. She walked through the shadows, tree branches scratching at her arms. She looked at one particular sparkle. It wasn't moving like the rest. It had a strange pattern and flowed against what would seem like time. The shining dot also seemed to grow larger. Within seconds it grew astronomical. The light was unbearable, blinding the princess, she had no choice to cover her eyes with her forearm.

A strange but eerie voice spoke out...

Jaynie and the Downvote Dragon by @dollarsandsense

A terrible dragon was menacing the villagers, swooping by each day and snatching wonderful creations right out of the hands of the loggers. With morale dropping fast, Jaynie decided that something must be done. She called a town meeting to discuss the situation...

We have a few of our Authors also getting curated by @curie, such as @foxyspirit for her amazing entry for this contest. That is what this contest aims to bring. We want to encourage and inspire individuals and bring out the best of their abilities by participating.

How much support are you seeking per month for the two-month period and how will this support be used?

We are seeking for 100 STEEM per month. This support will go 100% into the reward pool of the Weekly Steemitbloggers Contest. I aim to have a 25 STEEM Rewardpool weekly. Prizes will be given to the winner, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mentions. Some of our contest will be based on choosing our favourites and the 25 STEEM Rewardpool will still be used to reward accordingly.

I will be either giving out STEEM or SBI (@steembasincome) for each contest. Why have I decided to reward SBI? It's because SBI will give the author shares of upvotes for a lifetime. This will encourage the authors to be active in postings and it is a GREAT MOTIVATION to see your posts getting some payout constantly.

Approximately how many users participate in your community or contest?

We usually have around 6-20 entries for the contest weekly and it is increasing weekly. Our community, @steemitbloggers have around 120 active members on Steemit and on our discord channel. We have also open doors to those who are serious about blogging and content creation. we run a support system that requires members to support others daily. This is to encourage engagement and a flow of support which is vital to the growth of Steemit.

How will supporting your community or contest help grow the Steem community?

It will be of TREMENDOUS help if @steemitbloggers were to receive this support from @curie. I have no doubt that @steemitbloggers IS A POWERHOUSE on Steemit because we have many amazing individuals here, who each carry their own talents, niches, and ideas. We are doing our best to provide a safe space for ideas and Steemian development in our community. As long as the people are serious about blogging and the content they create on Steemit, we WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT. Therefore, supporting @steemitbloggers will only help us make a bigger impact in creating more quality bloggers on Steemit. We have seen the lack of quality and the abuse of plagiarism on Steemit, and we aim to change that.


Testimonies from our Members


Being accepted into #steemitbloggers has provided so many opportunities for me as a relatively new steemian. Prior to acceptance, I felt as though I was spinning my wheels, throwing my content into the vast void and hoping someone would stumble across it. As a member of the #steemitbloggers community, I know my content will be read. Since joining, engagement with my posts has skyrocketed and I now spend a considerable amount of time responding to comments on my posts. As a result of the community being so supportive, people often resteem the works of others leading to even more exposure. In just the few short weeks that I've been a member of this community, I've been able to make connections with quite a few different groups and individuals who facilitate my engagement with the broader steemit community on much deeper level. I've even found a project that needs my particular talents through the #steemitbloggers community. This group is doing wonderful things with limited resources; I can't wait to see all the good that can be done as we grow.


Being unsure of where to put myself in this platform, not having felt like I had the right 'niche', feeling as though I don't really need one, I felt kind of lost. I got to know great people throughout my journey and through those people I got to notice Steemitbloggers. It grabbed my curiosity and I applied. And what a place it is to be! More doors have been opened for me since. I have met more great people on here and many more that support and help. And not just that, there is understanding and it is a place of being, not just a Discord channel.


I joined SteemitBloggers in October 2017, so I will be celebrating one year with the community next month. Never once have I regretted joining. I have met some fascinating people and been exposed to an incredibly wide-variety of topics in the blogs of the other members. It is wonderful how the community supports each other, not only in our daily posts, but also on those occasions when a member needs special support of one type or other. The rules of engagement are simple, such that anyone can easily comply, and flexibility exists for special circumstances. @jaynie and @zord189 do a great job of keeping things moving forward and the community at large provides the cohesiveness necessary to hang together with fun and compassion. SteemitBloggers is awesome!


There is something about belonging that soothes the soul and makes life more enjoyable. When I was invited to #steemitbloggers I was new to steemit and producing daily content with very little feedback or recognition. The steemitbloggers community has given me a place where I belong. I am introduced to so much more quality content and given support to keep me going on the platform. We are growing at steemtbloggers and if you are active on steemit and have a need to belong to a place that feels like family, look no further than steemitbloggers.



The #steemitbloggers are like minded people commited to producing quality content on just about any subject you can think of. As members we get support, great interaction and positive feedback on our work. Steemit can sometimes be a lonely place to navigate but with the #steemitbloggers, I feel like I'm home.


As a new member, I couldn't feel more welcomed to this wonderful group of bloggers. Everyone is so thoughtful and provides much-appreciated feedback to the group's bloggers. #steemitbloggers offers a new side of steemit, one where you are guaranteed to find amazing posts and people.


I've been a member of the #steemitbloggers community for about 2 weeks. If I was asked what the best thing about being a member is - it's the feedback. As a blogger it's great to get support, encouragement, feedback and know that someone out there is actually reading your posts!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

We are ever so grateful to be able to take part in this opportunity that @curie is offering. I personally have seen many of @curie's projects around the Steemit-sphere especially in community support and I am encouraged by that to help build the Steemit ecosystem. I hope that this application will make it through and I want to say Thank you once again for everything. @steemitbloggers are forever grateful!

You may contact me at zord189#7776 on Discord.


Thank You

If you like what I do, check out my other posts on meetups, animation, and designs.

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Credits to @pinstory & @coloringiship for this lovely photo of me.


Animated Banner Created By @zord189

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Great post @zord189. It should do the trick!

I am new to #steemitbloggers but have not found anything else on Steemit to compare with this creative, active and supportive community. Anyone who participates here will benefit and Steemit definitely benefits from this community!


Thank you for your kind words @reonlouw. I enjoy your positive profile especially the Motivation Mondays post. :)

Wow what a great application this is! No, not just because my name appears here twice :p Hahaha I'm just messin, but really though, this is a beautiful post.
Not only have you mentioned how the community works but you also show how you support the family. That is one of the most important things as a leader. You and @jaynie do great work and keep the place going by keeping us in mind. Because of the contests that I was able to partake in, it gave me something to write and brought out some crazy creativity in me. And when being chosen to be in the limelight, I feel like I am on top of the world. Just to see something that I have written... me... and to be shared with everyone, that is huge! And I think I speak for many when I say that. It shows care and importance. It feels good.
Once more, thank you and Jaynie and the entire family for doing all that you do. Because of you all, I was able to grow more. I mean look..Rep 55. For the longest time I was stuck at 48. You guys are the best! <3 <3


It is really really good to have you part of us. Always enjoyed talking to you on discord and to read your posts. You are an amazing writer and I still can't fathom the way you churn out stories with all the keywords given to you and still make it work so perfectly.

Cheers to many more days ahead with the fam!~


Thank you!!! That means a lot to me, you have no idea. Well maybe you do :p lol

Cheers to you as well! Long live Steemitbloggers! xx

Wow, that's a great application!

To whomever might be reading through this from @curie, I can add that as a general community member, I think this is a very worthy community. Whenever I see "SteemitBloggers" on someone's post, it's inevitably content that adds value to the community... and that is something worthy of support!



Oh wow! Thank you for coming by and dropping is much love and support! Really appreciate it :)

To @curie and @randomwandering the best place i have been ever on steemit is #steemitbloggers community. It make me fee so relaxed and motivated that I always try to deliver my best.
Thanks @zord189 for summing and bringing up so beautifully... All the best to @jaynie and entire @steemitbloggers members 👍

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Bro, I'm glad that you are part of this awesome community and I'm glad it has motivated you to keep posting and improving your content! We can do this together


Thanks ...dear... @zord189 my privilige to be part of an awesome team

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I too missed the opportunity to put in a testimonial, but to @curie and @randomwanderings, this community is a great place to put your support! As you are aware, I belong to several different groups on steemit, but there is something extraordinary about the team mentality in this one. And the support and encouragement from @jaynie and @zord189 are second to none; plus, jaynie always has so many different initiative going to boost our members; not only does it help us individually, but it makes us all look outwards towards our fellow steemitbloggers too. I could go on and on about how amazing it is, but I think you can see that from the testimonials and comments here!

Thank you for putting this all together @zord189 :)


Haha, don't worry, you haven't missed it! You can still drop it in our discord server! :) Thank you @lynncoyle1 for always being there for the whole community as well. As much as you have on your hands already, you still find time to give ur best back to the community. Ur a GEM. :)

I too am a new member but in my short time there, because of the rules I daresay, my post reach has expanded as well as my reading of others posts has expanded in topics! I’m loving it as well as the creative weekly contests @jaynie and her team think up!❣️


Hehe! I loved the photo you took for the 'world at our feet' contest. It's my favourite. And yes, @jaynie and I are trying to encourage genuine and real engagement among Steemians, hence the rules. It's all for good in the long run! :D

Oh, thank you @zord189 for the pitch
I am so happy and honoured to be part of the @steemitbloggers
@jaynie has really gone over and beyond to help the community grow and if this comes through, it will be absolutely amazing
All the best to you and all of us :)


I am so happy and honoured to be part of the @steemitbloggers
And it goes the other way around as well. :) She definitely did. fingerscrossed!

I was MIA most of the weekend and wish I had been online to have given a testimonial too!

So here it is... live and real
I have been with steemitbloggers almost since its conception (which seems like eons ago) and have to say...

  • Supportive fellow members- there is NOTHING quite like it or them. From the upvotes, comments and chatter in the Discord channels. The steemitbloggians are the best!
  • While there are rules- THEY are easy to follow, simple to remember and in the long run help out all the members.
  • I have delegated SP to steemitbloggers because they are a group and community I can stand behind 100% without any doubts.
  • @jaynie - _Oh what to say about her There are not enough positive words to describe her, her dedication and her leadership for the group.

I'm sure I could talk, talk, talk about steemitbloggers until I fall asleep tonight and never find one negative word... So I will close with this. @steemitbloggers is definitely a group and community you want to be involved with if you are determined to make steemit a success for yourself as well as are dedicated to paying it forward to others.


Yea! No worries bout going MIA! We all have a life outside of Steemit!!! Thank you sooo much for all the kind words you've put in here for this community. Thank you for all that you do, giving back not only to @steemitbloggers but many other communities out there. A heart of Gold

Great post @zord189, the @steemitbloggers community seems and is extremely passionate, committed and dedicated to projects and blogging. The constant member support and sharing experience is something extremely valuable that can't be found elsewhere!
Congratulations to @jaynie as well for shaping up this incredible group of individuals, all different and all Steemians!


Thank you for the kind words!! And it's because of people like you that makes @steemitbloggers so great! I hope you have an awesome journey on Steemit together with us!

Great job @zord189 and @jaynie

Fingers crossed. Lets hope they see the great things that are happening and want to help speed it along.



fingers crossed!~ to infinity and beyond!~ Haha


🚀 😄

This is an excellent post. I hope you get the support. This initiative deserves it, if any of them do.


Thank you @blockurator, I hope so too!

A fun creative group. Great post with some testimonials from real people that are active in #Steemitbloggers ... No bots real people at your door to visit. :)


HAHAHAH That GIF is GOLD!!! You cracked me up @rebeccabe! Ur the life of the group.


@zord189 thank you ...


Best comment yet! Perfect GIF!


thank you :)

Praying for acceptance


Amen! :D

great job on this post @zord189 the #steembloggers communit is strong and creative, all supporting each other.


Sweet pitch @zord189 ... I'm sure the @curie folk will make the right decision and support @steemitbloggers

#SteemitBloggers FTW


Thanks man! I'm sure they will. :)

Way to go @zord189!
Yes we are a very strong family at @steemitbloggers thanks to all the members!


Yay! Hehehe

Great pitch brother. Finger crossed for these..

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Thanks bro! Hope ur getting a good rest


Back to work today. Still need a good sleep. Behe

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My testimony for being part of #steemitbloggers was way earlier before all these start. I would not have become a passionate Blogger had I not stumbled on @jaynie and then @steemitbloggers

Thank you to the these amazing family. Xoxo


Thank you for always being so supportive of the group from the beginning! <3

It's looking like roses and peaches time

Really well done @zord189! Thank you for representing our little family so well!

Great post Zord! @steemitbloggers is the best group and is totally deserving of support from @curie! Sorry I still haven't participated in your contests. I want to, but just haven't had the time. I will eventually though!!


Thanks bro! Hehe, whenever u have time man, we ain't running anywhere. :)

Although I'm not always here and there are days when I'm totally off the grid, @steemitbloggers haven't banned me from their community. Everyone here is helping each other and encouraging to act, create and inspire!

You are all great! Thank you!


Thank you for these kind words @spellmaker :)

Thank you @zord189 for writing this awesome testimony to our community. I'm continually amazed and impressed at the lengths the @steemitbloggers leaders go to in order to to make sure we are supported, not only by current members, but by the steem world at large.

Thank you!


Thank you! @mattifer for always supporting the community. :)