Charity Upvotes Week 12 : Curators are now watching the posts I upvote

in #community6 years ago

Some of the posts that I upvoted last week have been further curated by some Curators in the platform, which is a good improvement of the journey I started 3 months back. It not only allows you to get bigger votes, but it also gets me more curation rewards. And the key of all this is consistent original content.

So if you are an original content writer, then you can drop me a link here, to reward your post on behalf of @thehumanbot , that is myself and its allies. And additionally it may be recommended to Other curators to consider it for a bigger appreciation and possibly a Badge of Originality.

Here is the general guidelines, on how I will choose my posts :

  • Your post is at least 1 hour old.
  • Your post should not be a small post containing just a photograph or quote.
  • Your post should not have been flagged by @cheetah & @mack-bot
  • Your reputation is equal or less than 55.
  • Yous posts are undervalued getting rewarded in cents or nothing.
  • You are not writing too often to just increase the reputation.
  • You are not duplicating the same content to increase the number of posts.
  • Your post is not in #nsfw category.
  • Your post is not upvoted by using any paid upvote bots.
  • You can promote your own posts as well as other's posts.

And most importantly I urge you not to use any upvote bots to reward your post, because if its really great original content, then by getting upvoted by bots, will decrease the likelihood of it getting rewarded by great curators. If you absolutely feel you have to use a paid upvote service (which we do not recommend or endorse personally for many reasons), please wait until your post is at least 1 day old to give curators a chance to find your post first.


If you love what I do here, then upvote , resteem or donate me some Steem Power or SBD or Steem. And you can buy a gratitude comment from me or advertise with me.

If you have sent me SBD or Steem with a post link and I have not upvoted, then I should not have liked that post. Unless you seek a refund, I would consider your donation as a charity for this great cause.


Good job @sanmi. Check out my blog you might like some of the original content there. And congratulations on this journey. I look forward to seeing this grow.

Checked , your last two posts have decent earnings. May be you should do some charity by donating me :) Keep up the good work.

That is a promise. I'm still learning and just need a few weeks to grow this account and figure out how things work here. Doing a lot of research in the process.

Don't use upvote bots so early. Use them at least after 24 hours.

Thank you for the hint. Yes still trying to figure out what works. I just didn't want to waste my time putting out good stuff and watching it sit with no views at some corner of the Internet. I will follow your hint on my next post.

Hi, I did not start out wanting to write anything today. I actually only wanted to motivate myself to get off my computer and take a walk. However, I had a memorable experience which ended with a valuable life lesson and I had to share it with the world. Here is a link to my post. Please reward it if you like it.

Hi @thehumanbot, thanks for the upvote/resteem. You are really doing a lot to encourage writers of original content.
In order to pay it forward today, I have decided to nominate a friend of mine @jenyfa. She is still pretty new on the Steemit but her content deserves. Here is a link to one of her posts. You can also browse through her blog if you wish

Thankyou for you.... I resteem and vote you 😊💖💖💖💖

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