The Communities of the Month Support Program - August Winners

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an application for the Communities of the Month Support Program.

We received 70 applications in total - a very impressive number.

With so many applications selecting the six Communities of the Month for August was a very difficult task.

There will no doubt be many disappointed communities but do not give up. Besides the six selected for the support program another 30 communities will be getting regular votes from the @booming accounts.

All communities will have another chance to be chosen next month.

For those communities selected this month we strongly advise you to make the most of the extra votes to build up your voting strength so that you can in future become more self-reliant. For those not selected keep following the Community Guidelines and keep building your communities to increase your chance of being chosen in future months.

The Communities of the Month for August 2021

The six Communities selected for the support package from @steemcurator01 for August are…

Support from @steemcurator01 will begin straightaway so make sure you have plenty of good quality, #steemexclusive posts, make sure you are commenting on all posts and make sure you continue to follow all the Community Guidelines.

If we find any of these communities are breaching the guidelines we may reduce or withdraw the support from @steemcurator01 before the end of the month.

Booming Support Communities

In addition to the six Communities of the Month, a further 30 communities will be receiving support from the @booming accounts.

The @booming support will be available at two levels. Tier 1 communities will receive 5 votes per day from the @booming accounts, and Tier 2 communities will receive 3 votes per day.

The Tier 1 communities for August are…

  • Best of India
  • Business Activity
  • Columbia-Original
  • Crypto.Kids
  • Recreative Steem
  • Steem Baseball
  • Steem Cameroon
  • Steem Entrepreneurs
  • SteemFoods
  • Steem Ghana
  • Steem Infinity Zone
  • Steem Skillshare
  • Steem Sports
  • Steemit Iron Chef
  • Steem Venezuela
  • Steem Women Club
  • Steemit Philippines
  • Steemit-Türkiye
  • Venezolanos Steem
  • Writing & Reviews

The Tier 2 communities for August are…

  • CampusConnect
  • Italy
  • Steem Alive
  • Steem Bangladesh
  • Steem Education
  • Steem Sri Lanka
  • Steeming Community
  • Steemit Nursery
  • Steemit Pakistan
  • Visual Art (@art-venture)

Again, if we find any of these communities are breaching the guidelines we may reduce or withdraw the support from the @booming accounts before the end of the month.

Please would a representative from each of the communities selected for @booming support leave their Telegram / Discord contact details in a comment below.

We hope this new Community Support Program will help communities build towards self-reliance.

The goal for all communities should always be to build up their voting strength so that they can operate successfully and attract new members without relying on continual support from Steemit accounts.

We look forward to seeing communities move in that direction.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Thank you for this great chance and opportunity!
Steem-BRU will do their best to accumulate Steem Power this month💪
All Steem-BRU members are thankful.
I will do my best to inform every member of the community personally — about Community Guidelines.

Steem on, friends!

Thank you for @steemitblog, @booming and @steemcurator01, who have supported us "Steem Entrepreneurs Community" are included in the supported community this August. We are very happy to have this opportunity. Thanks You.

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Мы старались!)))

Присоединяемся @olesia, @filinpaul, @knopka145

Steem Skillshare, Поздравляем!!! @milakz

Спасибо @steem-bru!!! Бру поздравляю с победой!🎉🎊🥳

Steem Skillshare, Поздравляем, @milakz! 🌍💖👍☘️

Спасибо большое!!!! Это очень значимое событие, для моего маленького сообщества🥰 Это очень вдохновляет🍀

отличные новости!

Поздравляю!! Удачи!

Congratulations 💖 wish you more success!

Discord : arie.steem#4626

glad to get this news
it's a big achievement for a new community like PromoSteem to be selected this month.

The promosteem team will work even harder and always consistently to develop the community.

For all team, please be ready and work wholeheartedly for this responsibility


We are truly grateful and excited to be selected. We are ready and fully prepared as always to work harder in making the steem blockchain get the deserving investors for our growth. Thanks to all for the support.

Love u team 🥰🎉🎉🎉🎉

It is a great pleasure and from the end of Ghana I can say we are very ready to work hard and do more


This is amazing and it will boost activities in promosteem.

@arie.steem, yes we will do our best.
It is a thing of joy, we are really excited being selected.
Best regards

Sres #steemitblog.
Muchas gracias por el apoyo y la confianza depositada en nuestra Comunidad Scouts

Tenemos el compromiso de velar por el cumplimiento de las normas para la consolidación de las comunidades, cada uno de nuestros miembros y amigos trabajará arduamente en ofrecer publicaciones de calidad y elevar al máximo nuestro poder de voto (SP).

Estamos comprometidos con el crecimiento tanto de la comunidad como de cada uno de nuestros miembros.

De esta forma, estaremos Construyendo un mundo mejor.


Saludos y Felicitaciones por tan excelente trabajo a los Líderes de equipos del “Desafío de Regiones”: @albaandreina, @anailuj1992, @javima, @mavibauza, @rmm31, @sharifanamin.

Al equipo de la Comunidad Scouts: @karianaporras, @aleravago. @emisol. @fjjrg

Saludos y Felicitaciones a todas las comunidades seleccionadas. A las que en esta primera oportunidad no tuvieron el apoyo sigan adelante, es momento de reinventarse y fortalecerse, Ánimo!

Scouts, construyendo un mundo mejor 1.png

vale la pena trabajar en equipo, es una bendición que debemos de aprovechar produciendo contenido de calidad

Esto es realmente una emoción. Así que a seguir trabajando.💪

Felicidades amigos, muy bien logrado..!

Muchas gracias amiga @tocho2 muy amable de su parte, Igualmente a uds por el apoyo de booming obtenido.
Saludos SLPS

Unidos en equipo todo se puede lograr. Un abrazo.

Terima kasih banyak atas kepercayaan tim Steemit selama ini kepada komunitas Steem SEA. Kami akan terus meningkat kekuatan menuju kemandirian komunitas.

Felicidades, me encantó verlos en esta primera selección, a crecer amigos!!!.

Terima kasih banyak sobat


Thank you for selecting the latino community this month, we have a proposal to curate easilly people cause several people will start posting in our community and we want to keep the things clean for every active user there

Steem on!

Comunidad Latina Team.

Congrats to all the communities which were chosen.

Question: does it mean that sc01 will be voting exclusively content in that communities or that the chances to get the up-vote there will be just significantly bigger?

The owner of the account @musicforsteem which currently has over 4,000 subscribers did not make the request for the support plan for this month!.... can one of the moderators do it in case he does not?... it is sad to see how a great community is left without support where there is so much musical talent. I'm waiting for answers from the @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 team. Thankful for your friend GaboRockStar.

Translated with (free version)

Ini sangat adil dan memberikan kesempatan bagi komunitas yang tidak terpilih bulan ini untuk menunjukkan keseriusan dalam mengembangkan komunitas sehingga mendapatkan kesempatan yang sama dengan komunitas lainnya.

That is very conforting, please apart from good content and authentic post, is there any requirement one should reach before you visit their post ? Because i don't really understand, thanks for the support you give to the platform.

Incredible SC01.. Very good news .. Your statement gives new motivation to other Steemians outside of this chosen community, with your statement this will keep them excited to make good posts that maybe their hard work will make their community chosen because it contains good content content.

Big appreciation from us Especially to you sc01 and to all the STEEMIT team, who have worked hard to support various communities and quality posts every day.

I am very sure that this STEEMIT Platform will continue to advance and develop because here we are all working hard to be more advanced and better.. Wish us all success together.. Regards

It's good to know that there will be support for both of my good communities. Being forgotten would be a bad feeling. trying to keep communities active.

I had the same question. I was also looking for the answer to this question. Now I have the answer to my question. I am really very excited and this is good news for all of us. Hopefully, this is how we move forward.

This is very good, because there are still opportunities for members who have creative and good posts waiting for You to arrive at their doorstep. Thanks you Sir for your support.

This needs to be known by all currently active communities, in order to remain consistent even though they are not selected in the six communities.

We will continue to work to improve the quality of posts.

Good luck!

Maybe this is what makes the steemit team have to carry out this support program, so that communities that produce quality posts from many community members will receive support in rotation.

thank you for the support so far, hopefully this is all a good sign

This is good news for Stemians. even if you are not included in the 6 Communities, there is still a chance to get curation from you. of course with good post quality.

Of course, this is also good news for community users to improve the quality of their posts even though the community is not selected. The enthusiasm for steemit users will continue to be maintained, I believe that.


It is good for the nominated communities, and on the other hand a discouragement for the non-nominated ones.
Thanks @steemcurator01, good to hear that. But hey, I will continue to publish in the communities, where I am currently active. I will not look for another just for the sake of looking for a reward. Greetings

Great to know. Thank you for your answer :)

@steemcurator01 pray you look out for my humble page, thank you

Muchísimas gracias por la oportunidad, seguimos adelante. Seguiremos impulsando el contenido inédito de calidad en nuestra comunidad.

Congratulations ❤

Thank you so much for selecting the Latino Community, we are going to build the steem power and try to take advantage of it to start flying to the self-sustaining.

I will be no able to upload post for the booming support program this month?

No, you won't need the Booming votes this month.

Amigo @steemcurator01 me gustaría visitara mi blog y poder contar con su apoyo, bendiciones y disculpe la molestia que le pueda causar.

In Colombia-Original we are very grateful for the support provided and for being selected.

Discord: nahela#9211

Telegram: @nahelaruiz

congratulations @nahela and team Colombia- Original

Thank you @steemitblog team for choosing Steem Entrepreneurs for Booming support - 1.

Discord :
Telegram :

Greetings and success to the entire Steem Community.


We are very happy to have this opportunity. Thanks you For The Steemit Team.

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