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RE: The Communities of the Month Support Program - August Winners

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Thank you for this great chance and opportunity!
Steem-BRU will do their best to accumulate Steem Power this month💪
All Steem-BRU members are thankful.
I will do my best to inform every member of the community personally — about Community Guidelines.

Steem on, friends!


Thank you for @steemitblog, @booming and @steemcurator01, who have supported us "Steem Entrepreneurs Community" are included in the supported community this August. We are very happy to have this opportunity. Thanks You.

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Мы старались!)))

Присоединяемся @olesia, @filinpaul, @knopka145

Steem Skillshare, Поздравляем!!! @milakz

Спасибо @steem-bru!!! Бру поздравляю с победой!🎉🎊🥳

Steem Skillshare, Поздравляем, @milakz! 🌍💖👍☘️

Спасибо большое!!!! Это очень значимое событие, для моего маленького сообщества🥰 Это очень вдохновляет🍀

отличные новости!

Поздравляю!! Удачи!

Congratulations 💖 wish you more success!

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