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RE: The Communities of the Month Support Program - August Winners

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Discord : arie.steem#4626

glad to get this news
it's a big achievement for a new community like PromoSteem to be selected this month.

The promosteem team will work even harder and always consistently to develop the community.

For all team, please be ready and work wholeheartedly for this responsibility



We are truly grateful and excited to be selected. We are ready and fully prepared as always to work harder in making the steem blockchain get the deserving investors for our growth. Thanks to all for the support.

Love u team 🥰🎉🎉🎉🎉

It is a great pleasure and from the end of Ghana I can say we are very ready to work hard and do more


This is amazing and it will boost activities in promosteem.

@arie.steem, yes we will do our best.
It is a thing of joy, we are really excited being selected.
Best regards

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