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RE: The Communities of the Month Support Program - August Winners

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Congrats to all the communities which were chosen.

Question: does it mean that sc01 will be voting exclusively content in that communities or that the chances to get the up-vote there will be just significantly bigger?


The owner of the account @musicforsteem which currently has over 4,000 subscribers did not make the request for the support plan for this month!.... can one of the moderators do it in case he does not?... it is sad to see how a great community is left without support where there is so much musical talent. I'm waiting for answers from the @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 team. Thankful for your friend GaboRockStar.

Translated with (free version)

Ini sangat adil dan memberikan kesempatan bagi komunitas yang tidak terpilih bulan ini untuk menunjukkan keseriusan dalam mengembangkan komunitas sehingga mendapatkan kesempatan yang sama dengan komunitas lainnya.

That is very conforting, please apart from good content and authentic post, is there any requirement one should reach before you visit their post ? Because i don't really understand, thanks for the support you give to the platform.

Incredible SC01.. Very good news .. Your statement gives new motivation to other Steemians outside of this chosen community, with your statement this will keep them excited to make good posts that maybe their hard work will make their community chosen because it contains good content content.

Big appreciation from us Especially to you sc01 and to all the STEEMIT team, who have worked hard to support various communities and quality posts every day.

I am very sure that this STEEMIT Platform will continue to advance and develop because here we are all working hard to be more advanced and better.. Wish us all success together.. Regards

It's good to know that there will be support for both of my good communities. Being forgotten would be a bad feeling. trying to keep communities active.

I had the same question. I was also looking for the answer to this question. Now I have the answer to my question. I am really very excited and this is good news for all of us. Hopefully, this is how we move forward.

This is very good, because there are still opportunities for members who have creative and good posts waiting for You to arrive at their doorstep. Thanks you Sir for your support.

This needs to be known by all currently active communities, in order to remain consistent even though they are not selected in the six communities.

We will continue to work to improve the quality of posts.

Good luck!

Maybe this is what makes the steemit team have to carry out this support program, so that communities that produce quality posts from many community members will receive support in rotation.

thank you for the support so far, hopefully this is all a good sign

This is good news for Stemians. even if you are not included in the 6 Communities, there is still a chance to get curation from you. of course with good post quality.

Of course, this is also good news for community users to improve the quality of their posts even though the community is not selected. The enthusiasm for steemit users will continue to be maintained, I believe that.


It is good for the nominated communities, and on the other hand a discouragement for the non-nominated ones.
Thanks @steemcurator01, good to hear that. But hey, I will continue to publish in the communities, where I am currently active. I will not look for another just for the sake of looking for a reward. Greetings

Great to know. Thank you for your answer :)

@steemcurator01 pray you look out for my humble page, thank you

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