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Welcome Wednesdays

@steemonboarding is a new multi-lingual marketing project designed to introduce content creators and curators to the Steem blockchain. WW is a new contest series aimed at discovering a handful of newcomers each Wednesday - and providing an overlap between experience levels across this growing crypto ecosystem.


Discover a Newb - Let’s face it, right now the blockchain is a tough place to be discovered and find your way. There’s a lot of empowering resources here to learn about, but it’s difficult to keep track of who knows what, when and where. With this ongoing contest we’re asking experienced Steemians to welcome newbies in the comment section, below. Here’s how to play:

  • Write a short (2-3 sentence) introduction about a newbie you’ve discovered [rep of 49 or lower] in the comment section, below.
  • Share a link to a recent “hello” or #introduceyourself style post by that same newcomer (this newbie link must have been published within the last 6 days). Please include it along with your short introduction.

Upvote Rewards [update]

Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for inspiring and thoughtful newbies. This contest will last 24 hours. We’ll upvote the newcomer (their "hello" post that you link to, below). Pay it forward, share some upvote love with a blockchain newbie!

  • First Place = 75% @sndbox newbie post upvote
  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%

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Hello there!👋😁 I just discovered Mark an autodenominated eccentric writer, extraordinary Developer and also logo designer interested in crypto and chess game lover🙌 He's from Kenya🐅 A very young boy and maybe the first steemian of 2019!😃🎆🍀 In his blog @vintageprint we can enjoy his anecdotes like "Double or Nothing"🎲 I love the people who go for all🤸‍♂️ He plans to impress us with stories full of suspense and I like his confidence he's gonna reach new hights here😉 and that's not everything, I enjoyed beautiful photography of his country's wildlife he shared🐆🦁🐘 I picked him since I found something special in his eyes, he reminded me my first school teacher I felt he could teach many people here😎 Welcome!🤗

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I want to welcome Ardon (aka @swcanon) to the Steem community. For me, one of the best ways to make a great first impression is to include an impressive thumbnail image. @swcanon did not disappoint.

Check out his intro post:

This image is from @swcanon's intro post

Ardon is 31 years old and hails from Las Vegas. Technology and building communities run in his veins, starting all the way back in middle school when he was apart of Everquest raids that included over 100 people.

He has grown subreddit channels, managed discord servers, and is involved in two companies (CEO of Upholder | Founder of Shirtwascash).

Expect to see @swcanon live streaming as he tests the Steem waters and engages our community.

First of all I really appreciate this effort from the team of @sndbox, asking us to expose talented newbies and rewarding them.
Not only they are rewarded but the one who expose them are also rewarded.
So a big applaud.

@vanessamidwife caught my attention for her first ever post here on Steemit. She is a wife, a mother and a nurse by profession but what I like is that she is willing to contribute to this community of Steemit with her experience.

She could be a valuable asset if supported and appreciated for her work.

Here is her Introduction Post.

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Congratulations @aftabkhan10! You've received the 3rd place on the Welcome Wednesday of this week :)

Thanks for participating in the Welcome Wednesday contest! Swing by the Sndbox Discord and say hello!


Thanks buddy.
Love to help the newbies with talent here.

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I'm recommending @nanoz from Hanoi Vietnam. It looks like she has found the dtube initiative of @nathanmars and will be posting videos of herself and her place in the world. Since I am in SE Asia now and would love to get to Hanoi, I am very happy to see her.

Her first video and post shows New Year's Eve in Hanoi and this is the introduction video during the day.


Congratulations @fiitinfun! You've received the 2nd place on the Welcome Wednesday of this week :)

Thanks for participating in the Welcome Wednesday contest! Swing by the Sndbox Discord and say hello!


Thank you so much! I was so happy to find this new steemer and glad you like her too. I am in your discord and that is how I keep up with your contests. I really appreciate all you do and you are on my list now so I can take advantage of these wonderful opportunities :)

Hi @Sndbox, @anomadsoul and @coruscate, you will be glad to meet @jllmechengr with reputation-41. He is a creative writer and has great potentials for the Steem blockchain. Reading through his introduction post reminds me of @sndbox #anti-post. He is simply special in his introduction. A weave of his skills and passion could be useful for the @sndbox community. He loves painting too.

Here is the link to his introduction post:

That's a picture of @jllmechengr with a painting brush.


Take a look at the inscription on his t-shirt

I wish @jllmechengr a happy Steeming experience.

All images on this comment are copied from @jllmechengr's introduction post.


Congratulations @evegrace! You've received the 1st place on the Welcome Wednesday of this week :)

Thanks for participating in the Welcome Wednesday contest! Swing by the Sndbox Discord and say hello!


Congrats for your winning!!😁👏🍀🎉

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Earlier today, I curated the #introduceyourself tag and I discovered @ejt3x. He is fascinated by 3D Modeling +Animation and can create flyers, cover artwork, mix video and 3D-mapping. In his words:

I am fascinated with 3D Modeling +Animation, so I decided I wanted to leave my job and start a degree in 'digital animation'. I attended for around one year before leaving.

Sadly, he dropped out of the university degree probably due to financial reasons.

I think he has a sell-able skills-set which @Sndbox would be interested in developing. His hopes in becoming a 3D modeller and animator can be revived on the Steem blockchain. Please let's encourage him.

My first time of knowing @ejt3x is on this platform and I think we can become good friends.

Here is his introduction post:

This image below was created by him:

@frosh2018 is a young student of MAPOLY in Abeokuta ogun state . He became aware of the Steemit platform through @samal. His hobbies are travelling, reading, dancing and meeting people.
He's spent three months now on steemit and quite active and positive

@jllmechengr is a new user from Tennessee, US that has shared a great story of his name and how he has handled having a common name through his life. Despite having studied mechanical engineering, he now finds himself in an IT job which he enjoys as he gets to make and fix things. He joined Steem by hearing about it from some friends and recently found out that an old picture of his from college was used for a meme!

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Actually this post is not a introducing newbie but its a nice welcomer post. Prepared by @steemitblackbelt. Hope you like it too.

Happy welcome all, but don't get frustrated for your first post earnings...

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