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My name is Jason

Yeah, not very original. According to my mother, it was virtually unheard of back when she named me after the character from a movie she enjoyed which had recently come out: Jason and the Argonauts. My guess is she wasn't the only one to think that, because I grew up surrounded by strange adults with like-named children calling out my name everywhere I went; it didn't take too long for me to practically stop answering to it, unless I immediately recognized the voice.

Looking through my high school senior yearbook you can find 26 Jasons; it's no wonder that during my time there almost none of the teachers used that while calling roll. The frustrating thing is, they didn't have a consistent alternative: some teachers used initials or last names, and some asked if you had a nickname, but some numbered alphabetically based on the number of Jasons in that class...which meant in a given year I could be expected to answer to Jason 4 in 1st period, Jason L in 2nd, Jason 5 in 3rd, my last name in 4th, Jason 3 in 5th, and perhaps last period I would need to learn the name of the person just prior to me on the roll, and answer to the next call for "Jason" after that. Pretty early on I learned to write what I was to answer to at the top of each period's folder...

Because of this, most Jasons either went by a nickname or, if they didn't have one, just exclusively by their last name. I still recall Alexander, Bone (which did eventually turn into the nickname Boner) and Chay...I have a crappy memory tho, and no more are coming to mind. Anyway, so if an opportunity for a nickname ever presented itself, people didn't hesitate applying it to one of us.
Which is why, after coming back to school for my senior year with a beard and over 6" of additional hair growth, people starting trying to apply nicknames like Moses and Grizzly Adams, but nothing ever stuck...
Until one day when I was trying to get to my locker, and said "excuse me" to a bunch of kids who were crowded around in front of it, that the guy nearest me turned around and saw me and exclaimed "Pardon me, oh Lord!!!" and backed away while bowing, eliciting an eruption of laughter from the group. From then on I was referred to as Jesus.

Now I'm sure there'll be some of you that will throw your hands up and wail "blasphemy!" upon reading this, but bear in mind:

  1. A person doesn't just get to choose their own nickname; it doesn't work that way
  2. The more you reject a nickname, the more it's going to stick anyway; especially if
    a) you were not a part of the popular crowd, which I was not, and
    b) the popular crowd was the one spouting the nickname, which they were
  3. There are a great number of individuals whose legal name is Jesus, although they may be found in greater numbers in the Latin American countries than here in the US (and yes, I answer to that particular pronunciation also)

As luck would have it, 7 people from my senior class selected the same college as I, so it took no time at all for that nickname to follow right along. Total strangers would shout out "hey Jesus!" and wave to me from across the campus quad all the time. ;)

Personally, I never had an issue with the nickname, and I consider myself Christian; I mostly felt sort of honored to be compared to a Caucasian representation of Christ. My father was cool about it too, and he's seriously an avid Christian and one of the senior deacons of his church.
Sometimes he'd call my dorm and someone else would get the phone, and he'd say "This is God, can I speak with my son, please?" ^_^

Speaking of college: I went to Tennessee Technological University (also referred to as TN Tech, or TTU), and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineer was often abbreviated as Mech. Eng'r, which is where that part of my username comes from. And yes, that 'r is necessary: abbreviating it as just "Eng" was a big no-no, as that stood for English which, based on my few years of experience in the engineering workforce, is feared and loathed by engineers at large due to the fact that they suck so badly at it (as evident in all the God-awful technical documentation I had to proofread and correct during those years).

Unfortunately I graduated in 2000 right at the start of a recession, and after being hired just in time for last-in, first-out staff cuts at several companies, I could no longer work in that industry -- I was told by two different headhunters that statistically a person with a record of short job stints often gets used to not being anywhere for long, and so after a while of being at a company they're likely to grow restless and start looking for another job elsewhere.
You know, didn't matter that I was recently married and had a toddler, and desperately wanted to find a long-term job where we could settle down before he started going to school; no, best to just trust the numbers and not give me a shot, eh?

Heh; perhaps I'm just a little resentful. ;) I mean hey, I finally managed to finish paying my school loans off last year, and at least my schooling expanded my enjoyment of making/fixing things.
After a mere decade of menial clerical work, I finally managed to stumble my way into the IT field; I may no longer be working on tangible objects, but it still fulfills my desire to make/fix things, so I can't complain.

Wait, this weirdo looks familiar; where've I seen him before??

Imagine my surprise when I agree to check out this Steemit and Discord thing that a couple of my old college buddies are raving about, and discover that apparently an old picture of me has been going around as a meme! :D

Yeah, those are some, um, unusual outfits; but hey, it was a fashion show for a thrift store.
I know, seems odd eh? But half the town was college students, so thrift stores were a big deal!!! :P

Ok, but what about a current pic?!?

Well, I started this post yesterday so the pic I made for it is already a day old, but it's terribly cumbersome for me to write things like Asperger's communication difficulties exacerbated my ADD distractability, causing me to walk off from working on this at least a half a dozen times today alone!
But as grueling as writing may be, I don't anticipate doing any dTube videos anytime soon: sometimes I no mouth words good, especially when I don't have time to contemplate and formulate a response.

At least yesterday my distractions were of legitimate importance; I had to make some shelves for a cleaning closet which had the worst case of sporadic stud syndrome I've ever seen:
And with my car stereo flaking out a lot recently, I finally had no choice but to find time to install the new system I've had laying around in a box for about 10 months:

Well, I have no idea how to wrap this up, so I think I'll just distract everyone with cats! We have a DOZEN, 2/3 of which was due to rescuing a pregnant mother and two kittens that an ex-neighbor just abandoned when they moved out in winter...spay and neuter your pets!!! The odds of getting all 12 in a single pic are exceedingly remote (you know, herding cats and all), so here's probably the most I've ever gotten into one image:

Happy New Year!

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"sporadic stud syndrome"

Yeah, we're just gonna leave it at that...

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Happy Steeming.

Once again, welcome

I am @Evegrace

omg - just cracking up throughout your post! Imagine! Your photo used as a meme - wonderful! I love your cats too - I'm very much a cat person though I don't have any right now.
At my school (mind, only about 160 students total), we had 2 Jasons but we had usually 2 or 3 Eric/Eriks per class! (That's what happens in a Scandinavian-rich community!) We also had a lot of guys named Chris in one form or another.

I found you today because @zorank featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!

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Your name is rare. I bet you would enjoy it etter than anyone else


Perhaps in the grand scheme of things, but there's been way too many other Jasons in my area. As bad as high school was, college was worse: back when I started, not every student automatically received a school email address...but despite that, when I logged into the school system for the first time and did a search, there were over 60 Jasons currently attending!
More significantly, the start of my senior year I came home to a message on my answering machine from some strange lady who claimed to be my mother...turned out that there was a freshman that year who shared my first AND last name, and when he'd failed to check in with his mother she'd called the school directory to get a number for him, and had mistakenly gotten mine! :P


Wow, About 60 students bearing the same name? Incredible!

And, hahaha you got a new mother through someone who claimed to be your mum.

Welcome new steemit brother :)

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I count 8.... cats, nice pic.

Welcome and glad to have you onboard @jllmechengr. I'm also a class of 2000 member, only that was HS (Brooklyn Tech).


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Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

First Happy New year and Thanks for joining Our steemisfere !
Welcome Jason to the great community of Steemit, YESS You are a new Steemian now! I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you.
Blogging, building and uplifting eachother is what steemit needs and what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money too.💴💸💰
I never blogged before I started but I just do. But always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !!
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I wish you good luck with steeming and I Will See you around🍀
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Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands

Oh and we have caturday!!! So those beauties can be featured too and earn their own catfood 👀😉


Oooh! With a dozen mouths to feed, the option to pimp their pics to pay for their supper sounds like an amazing deal! ;)


And did they pimp their pic’s already

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Great #introduceyourself story, Jason.
You have my upvote and follow plus I have featured your story in my entry to Pay It Forward curation contest:

😂😂😂 this so entertaining @jllmechengr 😂😂 I stopped reading just to LOL right at the part of you father called you at the dorm and I can't help but still giggling while typed this comment too.

You're right about the nickname though 😉 we can't choose😂😂 lucky that my neighbour and family gave me a nice one and even though in school later some friends tried to gave me other nickname but nothing remained till now.

That cats 😲😲😲 how do you call them, 12... OMG😨 you're so unique! Just like your nickname 😉

I found your post through @zorank entry post in the pay it forward contest this week. Looking forward to read your next post 😉

Sometimes he'd call my dorm and someone else would get the phone, and he'd say "This is God, can I speak with my son, please?"

Ahahahah! That was priceless!

What a great introduction. I hope you are successful in this platform. It's very difficult over the first months but the trick is to keep on pushing, until you get enough followers. Interaction is the key.

PS: I've found your post because @zorank featured you in his entry for The Pay It Forward Contest

Yep, that worked, I got totally caught up in the cat photo! Good job! haha. Actually, I really liked your intro. Thanks so much for explaining it all. I have been fortunate enough to not have the issue of duplicate names. However, I was teased a lot considering my name. Friends ended up calling me Ren because none of them could pronouce my actual name.

Scott and I wanted to help you out by getting you some tips and tricks we learned over the past few months as new Steemians. You can view that post HERE

Also check out this Discord Server for new Steemians.



Thank you so much for sharing your introduction with us. We both enjoyed finding out so much about you!

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Welcome to the SteemIt Community.
Scott & Ren

I must confess, I really enjoyed your introduction, it's quite extensive and believe me you I know how cumbersome it is to write about oneself, it's much easier to write about another person.

Jason or should I say Jesus, you're welcome to Steemit.

I think you'll like this post by @trevonjb on the 7 secrets to earning big as a steemit newbie

Happy New Year!
Warm regards!

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Great intro post! I look forward to seeing cat photos from you in the future. And other posts too!

Love the introduction post Jesus :) And wrapping it all up with a dozen cats? Priceless :) I found your post because @zorank featured you in a Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry; feel free to join us with an entry of your own any week :) It's a great group of people and and equally great way to build your own community here.

Hi @jllmechengr
I found you through one of the posts of the @heyhaveyamet initiative.

Starting here on SteemIt can be rough, so lots of people leave without getting a chance to meet the awesome community here.

I was impressed by your very original introduction post, and I think you could do good here. I'm currently running a contest to help newcomers to get past the first hurdles by delegating to them, so they have 100sp and don't run out of resource credits anymore.

I would love to hear/see/read more of you, so I dropped by to invite you to join my Redfish Rockets contest. You can find it at my blog (@simplymike), or by clicking the link below:

Welcome to the community, @jllmechengr(46);
Very well written post.

You are awesome.

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