The Daily spotlights – January 2 2019

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Ok, here he is, the first Daily Spotlights of… 2019!
Ok, not a lot of nominations today… only 1 in fact. But hey, I suppose most of you are still recovering from New Year’s eve 😉

Congratz to the nominees of today!

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Congratz @nenio you were nominated by @adyorka because, well, she can’t get enough of it 😊


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Happy New Year 🥳
Would you throw some of your pixie magic on.
Some amazing snowman cookies and a spinach dip tree.


Happy New Year to you too!
The magic is done ;-)

Happy New Year, @pixresteemer!!! :)


All the best for you too @ackhoo!

Happy New Year, dear Pix!!!

My first nomination for 2019 is about a killer beauty who definitely stole my heart: Dexter, the cute party animal. Oh, and his photographer, @pixelfan. 🙂


You're right, @pixelfan is also a cute party killer animal ;-)
All the best for 2019 @roxy-cat!


Hahaha, good one dear Pix.
Best wishes to you and I really hope 2019 will bring you that cute sister bot. 🙂

Well, here I am again....a bit wiser and knowing that a lot of champagne brings a lot of headache...a lot...ouch! Again...a happy and healthy 2019...the cats say ‘hi’ too :) Oh...must these brights be so light..ahem lights be so bright?
Well, here are my nominations:
and something sweet and furry - actually the royal cats nominated that one:

Think I need coffee...a lot ;)


Irish Coffee I suppose ;-)
All the best for 2019! May all your wishes come true in this new year, even the naughty ones ;-)


That’s the spirit ;)


A very bonne annee to you too Luigi! And of course also for your human friend... I believe my human and your human know eachother also ;-)


My human says she doesn't know your human at all and will call the police if you go on spreading fake news6impffaua4.png


OMG Luigi... your human seems very upset. I'm a little scared now. I think I'll call my friends Vladimir & Donald to protect me...


She is scared ! Or she died laughing, I'm not sure =D