Moon Knight: My toys deserve toys too...

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My two main hobbies currently are 3D printing... specifically printing accessories for my other hobby. Collecting Marvel Legends! My Most recent purchase of Moon Knight had me inspired the moment I took him out of my package though.


He is a great figure alone, and has plenty of additional pieces. His fun factor is definitely high.
He comes with:

  • Alt hands
  • A staff that seperates
  • Throwing Moon
  • Mini moons (I honestly don't know what these are for)
  • A Vulture Build-a-figure piece

So my inspiration for this figure was a specific picture of Moon Knight in a recent run. I just thought it looked so cool, and since I have been 3d printing and customizing... I figured... eh, why the heck not.

My Inspiration

After a few minutes searching I found a great model! You can see/download it HERE
The "Boneheads" did a really great job on this model, and it happened to be almost exactly what I needed. It only took a small amount of scaling to get it the right size.

After printing it, which took about 1 hour and 20 minutes, I cleaned it up a bit with my scalpel and sandpaper, and borrowed a dremel from a friend to remove the back portion of the skull so it would sit properly on his face.

I couldn't have sized it better

Not in a million years could it have fit better after dremeling and cleaning it up just by matching up a random 3d model with an action figure it was not supposed to go with.

This just looks so badass

I can't wait to finish cleaning a bit and painting. I may have to remove the hood, and re-glue it on... but I am seriously in love with the look of this extremely short "custom". It is just enough to totally change the look of the figure, but not have to totally revamp the entire thing... 3D printing is seriously changing the game for customizing in my opinion, and I am excited to learn some 3d modeling programs/3d scanning and whatnot. I feel like literally anything is possible with customizing now, and that is a pretty awesome feeling. I can make whatever I want!!!

I know you saw it already in the thumbnail... but oh man look at that sweet action shot...

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Can you 3D print Ghost Rider a dildo mask? I think it would be totes sexy and [email protected]$$.

Also, fuck you for being so into these. I've stopped like 7 times at places that had these for sale super cheap trying to see if there are any cool ones I should try to grab for you. You dirty mind controlling whore.

Yo. message me pics when you see stuff on discord or something. I will happily send you SBD and a finders fee if its something I want! :D

Your addiction is spreading to some of us, lol! But if I ever learn how to make toys, I'll turn into my son's slave. He's obsessed :D

You are badass :)

Badass is the perfect adjective for this one hahahaha

Good work from you @saywha

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