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It is well known that lately on the platform we have suffered recurrent service drops in Steemit. As leader of Mosqueteros and the newspaper "El Mosquete" I had no doubt that I should investigate what was happening.

At first I thought about the influence of the equinoxes or some mischief of the aluxes, perhaps the fantastic reality of Latin America of which @asdrubal spoke in his report had decided to enter the globalized world. The reality was much more gloomy.

As a good reporter I decided to start my research in the most reliable source of steemit: @steemitblog and just as I expected there I found the truth.


Monster attack Steemit!

I am courageous and bold, humbly I must say it; so I could not settle for so little and I crept into the depths of the cave of those atrocities to bring you exclusive photos of them.


Dear readers, you will be thinking that they do not look so dangerous. I thought the same until I saw what they were capable of.


I still tremble when I remember everything I was able to witness, I can only tell you that the screams were not pleasurable, at least not hers.

But how had this happened? What were the great steemians doing in these moments? Did not they have planned a counteroffensive?


Despair had dominated them.

There must be someone who was still standing, so I continued searching. I thought the good Bernie always so brave must have something in mind ... and he had it.


Maybe @anomadsoul. Male hair on chest that would never lose its composure ... or would it?


Before that depressing scene I began to think about leaving the ship. There should be some way out, some alternative ... and I found it.


Dear friends, it is sad that in these first pages of "The Musket" I speak of the end, but a wave of depression is breathed in the air and little by little the forces of evil are organized.


I invite you to seek refuge, I have heard that a Spanish witness has opened a temple to help the underdog and bring the word of the steem to the corners of the platform. It is evident that the evangelizing work in the New Spain of America was not enough for them.

Could this be the end? Who can help us now?


Reporting for El Mosquete


Remember that you can also participate in "El Mosquete", entertain the whole community and maybe take some prize. Check the bases at the following link:


El Mosquete: First satirical newspaper of Steemit


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Its a scary thought, I think we should make a few human sacrifices to the gods of steemit, an Asian man with a pure soul and tiny willy. I'm not mentioning names but I wonder what @amirtheawesome1 would think about it

So in this particular @amirtheawesome1 is judge, jury and executionee? Damn, just how many titles can one get?

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We'll be alright, don't worry. Somebody has a plan. Somebody always has a plan

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