504 Gateway Error on Steemit.com? Use Steemitstage.com!

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Until a few minutes ago, Steemit.com was not available and many of you probably saw the following error: 504 Gateway error.

While Steemit.com at that time couldn't be accessed, the blockchain was still alive and well. Only the server behind Steemit.com called api.steemit.com that communicates with the blockchain was not responsive.

However, this fact shouldn't prevent you from browsing and interacting with your favourite social-media platform as there is an alternative to Steemit.com - just as good, called: Steemitstage.com

What is steemitstage.com?

Steemitstage.com is maintained by Steemit Inc. as well and used as the last-stage testing environment for Steemit.com before deployment in production (on Steemit.com).

There is, of course, another testing environment before Steemitstage.com, which is used to test changes which are not yet safe for the general public or could break.

That means, using Steemitstage.com should be just as save as using Steemit.com.

With that said: be very careful when using 3rd party Steem websites. Not every site is free of danger and there were a few cases where people spun up copies of Steemit.com just to get your private-keys!


And if you have a program which relies on api.steemit.com to communicate with the blockchain, then fear not:

You can simply use api.steemitstage.com. But be aware of possible problems that could arise at any time due to the nature of code-updates.

I hope this post helped to clarify the recent errors and gave you a better understanding of how Steemit.com works and what you can do if it's down.

And don't forget: Never stop steemin'!

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Thank you for updating this info @therealwolf.
Already vote you as my witness..💪🏻😊


Thank you @zamifara! :)


My pleasure @therealwolf...

Thanks for updating us!

If only I knew this an hour ago lol. Thanks for the Information.


That's why I wrote the post, but now you know. Feel free to share the knowledge. :)


I tried resteeming but I keep getting the error 'Only top level posts can be reblogged' never had this issue before.


Thank you. Make sure that you're on the main-post and the url is not from a comment.


Yep that did the trick, thanks alot. Learning something new every day. Have a good day pal.


Glad I could help!

Therealwolf do you know why i can't vote for you as a witniss? If vote for you it asks me to fill in my password, but nothing happens. Already voted for 30 others but can't add you :S?


Hey @semtroneum,
thanks for wanting to vote! :)

You can vote for a maxmimum of 30 witness. If you want to vote for me, you have to unvote another witness first.

Yeah I get that from time to time.

They probably forgot to pay the bill. lol

I think you forgot to change the steemitstage links to steemitstage, it's all steemit only


Yes, you were right. Changed it. Thank you!

That's cool, I didn't know they maintained a staging environment.

It means it is a optional website of steemit.com @therealwolf thanks for update


Exactly - no problem!

api.steemit 504-ing. That's like a daily thing. 😂 Give us a different number for once. I like 200 😁


I'd prefer 200 as well :)

Thanks for update✌ upvoted




Thanks for tge update i will surely try this

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I did experienced it a while ago when I was about to post. I thought that it was my internet connection not until I tried going to YouTube. It wasn't, and I had to stare at it and wait to reload. I'm glad it was fixed right away.


You're right. The error description is not very descriptive. They should enhance that. But I'm glad the post was useful for you.


I have experienced it before months ago, but it's the first time I've noticed somebody experienced it as well through your post. It was nice to hear from you as well.


It happened a lot (again) in the last weeks :(
several month ago it was really bad, than got better and now back to error every day.

Good to know... I have been having this issue off and on for a few weeks now.


You're welcome!

Thank You for the Information. It will be very useful.

Nice post! Excellent resource! Upvoted!

Very nice

Thank you for the information it is very useful .it happend a lot it is optional website of steemit.com sharing the knowledge i aware of this thank u for updates

Thank you so much
I am looking for this information so much
And now I find it after all problem lol

Good to know thanks

That was a very interesting bit of news to find out about. I've been here a year and this is actually the first I've seen a 504 error...


I thought my computer was buggy

very good information, very good post

interesting thanks

Thats interesting so steam isnt fully decentralized after all with a single point of failure bringing the network down. Is it the same with Dtube do you know that? Cause i thought Dtube is working with IPFS. Left a like and a follow :)


Steem is decentralised, Steemit.com isn't. Steem is the blockchain and Steemit is a frontend. Dtube is also just a frontend.


So is it even possible to decentralize a frontend for example steemit.com?


Theoretically? Yes.
Practically? Doable.
Is steemit big enough for that? No.

You could make a few dozen copies of Steemit, that would be decentralize light, but they all need to have a full node running (or it would not make sense if you have to go back to a centralized server) and that takes a bit of ressources. Like more bandwidth than you have on a home line.

Busy.org and esteem were also in the same situation for a good amount of time. However steemit.com was the first I noticed facing the situation. What can I say...the site is not perfect, but it's the best we can have right now.

Well explained , this seems to be more technical for me and I agree that steemit platform getting error means concern , however it’s resolved now so let’s start working , thank you for this update bro

Hey @therealwolf Thanks for the Info.
Just any alternative when someone in hurry. Very good option. Thanks

@therealwolf i am also facing same error at that time and upvoted

Finally a solution to this problem. Thanks mate for the info!

Cheers! 😄

thank you for sharing valuable information to stay cheerful and give an alternative way to work when steemit.com is in error. creative greetings for you

Yes dear @therealwolf you are right

That was a very interesting bit of news to find out about. I've been here a year and this is actually the first I've seen a 504 error...


how about with steemitstage
is it the same as steemit.com

@therealwolf, thanks for helping us be able to debug and solve this error and the reliable solution will really come in handy and I will use this post as a reference point. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Thanks for the info!

Nice information

Thankyou for this update post... Some of my friends also asked me for this error... I told them that it is a little bit problem i think.. Just keep patience... It will ok with time.. they said ok... But here you give us update post... thankyou so much..

I am new to this community. Please help me for group up. Best of luck. @therealwolf

ho hooo.. this smells like a resteem.

anyone else gets excited about steem as much as me as , wanting to like, have a superpower of not needing sleep? haha

just got this

@therealwolf you have nice content.i am really impressed by you. i also have some good content if you have some time go ahead and upvote me by this way i will get some confidence.thanks

Yes,it happened with me yesterday.What is the reason for this error.
Thanks for giving us the alternative to access steemit during this down times. Very useful bit of information I should say.Is the site equally responsive with this new address or is it limited in access.pl let know for benefit of everybody.

Hi @therealwolf Clear your cookies and try again!!!

Had the 504 error like 2hours back...didn't know how to go about it..thanx for the [email protected]



I was worried.
Ok nice to know that steemitstage can help. In case of problem.
Thank you for sharing this information.

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another great option: run your own full node! ;-)
(This is what I started some days ago)