Steem Monsters Updates: Market Fee, Stats, and Fighting!

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Steem Monsters is cruising right along. We have a few updates we'd like to give you all and a taste of what we're working on and have in store for this community.

Market Fees

The decentralized marketplace is used to buy and sell cards. Right now we have a fee set at 2%. Often times with the common cards the fee ends up too small to even be charged. Additionally, we want to encourage third-party markets to be developed that work better and provide more features and options than the one on the Steem Monsters website but we don't feel that the current fee offers enough incentive for developers.

As a result we've decided to increase the default fee for selling cards to 5%. Yaba and I don't personally take any money from trading fees. As described previously all that money goes back into the @steemmonsters account and will be used to host regular tournaments.

More importantly, though, we hope that this will further incentivize other talented developers in the Steem community to build some really great tools and services for Steem Monsters which brings added value to the ecosystem.

The rate will increase on Friday, so if you disagree you have a couple of days to take your card off the market and potentially re-list it manually or through another market that offers lower fees.

Card Stats

In the next couple of weeks we're going to be releasing a revamped website. What we have so far got us to this point, but it's time to take it up a notch and showcase what our talented team of designers and developers can do!

You'll see an updated look, branding that strecthes across all of the various Steem Monsters projects, and - drum roll please - we'll be adding stats on the cards! At that time we'll also be publishing the initial set of game rules for the battles so you'll be able to get an understanding of what the stats and abilities mean and how they will work in the game.

PLEASE NOTE - all game rules and card stats are subject to change! We will not get it exactly right the first time and we will adjust things as necessary to ensure that the game is fun and balanced.


You likely didn't see it...but we had our first test fights already occur on the blockchain. It's still ugly and involves manually publishing custom_json transactions, but the mechanics are all built and ready for initial testing. f you look through the custom_json transactions from the @yabapmatt account you can get a glimpse into how the decentralized match-making system will work.

We're now working on a very basic user interface which will allow for a closed alpha test of the battle mechanics. Overall, we're still on track for opening the battle system up to everyone by the end of September!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters

Steem Monsters banners by @calumam

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Woah! This is very interesting and as a 3rd party market I didn't even know this was coming. I guess we have some decisions to make. haha

On your note about why our third party market has had some issues with the fees on common cards because of how incredibly small the fee is on the common cards. It's been tricky to work with with how low steem price is right now.


This is super exciting development!
And the RULES!! wow wow


Off i go to find the transactions in the blockchain unless someone can link them first. haha


yabapmatt   Steem.png

Not sure what to make of it... but it does smell like progress. haha


Don't be modest it is a massive progress!

So DMTs are going to get a decent head-start on SMTs then :)
Love your work, guys. Very exciting to see.
The pricier cards might be listed on the site then negotiated on discord and sold privately, which would muddy the stats a little. There are always going to be private sales though, I guess.
Amped to see the stats roll out, and see what sort of impact that has on the market.
So fun to be here from the start. Appreciate how available you two have been.


A 3rd party interface may be willing to have a scaling solution on fees.

Hey Guys,

Are there any approved images we can use in our posts and or videos?

I can see the banners and logos above but was unsure if linking credit to this post or @calumam was enough?

#keepupthegreatwork #wearewithyoualltheway

Whoa, excellent work SM team! Rolling along like a champ keep it up this is an amazing undertaking I am very psyched to see what this all looks like when you the format ready to go!

Looking forward to a more indepth web page. Back info, story info, and game play info. Information and its distribution is one thing that simply can not be over looked, sounds like steemmonsters also believes this so as I said looking forward to the new look.

Woah, this is very interesting game I like it game your post is great but I appreciate your valuable post thanks for sharing this community

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You keep impressing everyone. . Nice to see you guys are hitting your target alpha launch for battles! Go SteemMonsters!

very good!!!
Freue mich schon darauf.
thanks for the information

well done again, amazing progress in such a short time.

“Weary is the flesh upon the stakes which yet hold sway against an onslaught of perpetual. Frailty encompasses as a swarm stings, ten upon ten into the hundreads. This place, once pastures and ponds, feeding the peace and pleasentry, is besieged. Lascivious creations of all a fowl manner spew forth from the sky, from the bowels of mantles even unto the unseen darkness of dark folds unraveling. Madnesses lays rest to civility as the monsters march upon every monument of sanctuary held dear. Conflict is inescapable, who amongst the stemmians will crawl from the depths of slumber to battle STEEMMONSTERS!?!?!?”

Stats and fighting yes! And a revamped website! Still with fingers crossed for accessibility improvements.

Awesome information a great tool for all monster lovers.

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Yeeees, really cool. Steem Monster will be something really cool in the future.

Interesting 🙂😄, very nice game, but wy not use steemconnect?

Awesome Work!!! :-)

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thanks for the update! looking forward to battle mode heavy in september. accumulating booster packs each week!

I mean no disrespect as you all have done an incredible job on every aspect of steem monsters. I am not only a huge fan but have quite a bit of money that I've put into it because I believe in the massive potential. Having said that I do have one critique (which I understand the reason, but think the magnitude is too much), that is that I think that the 5% fee is way too high in my opinion. It won't matter to me as I will buy the bulk of my cards off the market as a result. I love steem monsters, just wanted to let you know my thought on this. Again no disrespect and I'm just giving feedback. Keep up the good work though and love almost every decision you all have made!

You are doing a great job so far.

I'm in love with Steem monsters. This is awesome!!!

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