Comedy Contest - ComedyOpenMic - Week 1 - Total Prize Pool 210SBD + 50Steem.

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Hi All,

Welcome to the first week of The Comedy Open Mic Contest. Please note I have tweaked the rules slightly from my previous post, so please read carefully. The rules are quite likely to be refined as we go (hopefully for the better every time) so please bare with me.


Rules for Judges

  • Contest will run for a minimum of 4 weeks, and will continue to run as long as it is sustainable.
  • Prizes to be sent out within 24hrs of contest round closing
  • @idikuci will announce start and end of every round
  • Every effort will be made by @idikuci to upvote all entries



Rules for Contestants

  • 1 tag must be "comedyopenmic".
  • No self votes (automatic disqualification from competition) Second accounts are ok (as they too difficult for me to police).
  • 1 Entry only per account.
  • Original material Only.
  • Dtube / DSound standup strongly encouraged. (see prizes below)
  • Entry via a new post only (no recycled posts). Comments will not be accepted as entries into the contest.
  • Entries prior to official start / after official end posts will be disregarded.
  • Please go through and upvote 1-5 other contestants to show encouragement (even 1% will be appreciated)
  • Patience will be required as the process is all manual.



  • Court Jester will get 30SBD
    • Court Jester will be chosen by @idikuci
  • People's champion will get 10SBD
    • People's champion is whoever has highest $ payout at competition close
  • Lucky Door Prize will be 10SBD
    • Some lucky contestant will get a further 10SBD in a bonus round.
  • If you your entry is a Dtube stand-up of yourself and you take out either people's champion or Court Jester, I will upvote 1 of your posts 100% every day for 7 days.
  • Entrants who resteem the Contest announcement or other people's entries will ensure a higher vote from me (the more resteems, the higher the upvote I will give you)
  • Entries should be in english, it will be difficult for me to laugh if I cannot understand it.




Has generously offered to watch the contest and upvote worthy entries.


Thinks he has what it takes to pick a winner. Make him pass around the upvotes!


Will keep one eye on sweetssj and another on this contest. Grab his attention and he may just give you a nice upvote.
His comment is long


Will be on the look out for entries for ways to relieve Aku of his power. Help him by producing posts worthy of an upvote.


Make carl laugh, and he'll give you one.

@idikuci and @dj123

Will do their best to upvote as many contestants as possible!!! Let's see if you guys can drain their VP.



@idikuci - 50SBD (prizes) 50SBD (promotions)
@dj123 - 80SBD (promotions)
@punchline - 50Steem (Prizes)
@dandesign86 and @redlipstick - 10SBD (promotions)
@nonameslefttouse - 10SBD (prizes)
@take5 - 10 SBD (prizes)
@dreemit - 5SBD (prizes)

Choosing the Court Jester

I would love to see interesting material that ordinarily you would be afraid to post because you don't know if people would accept it. It would be great to see this as a comedy free for all. Let's show Steem our best and funniest! Post your best jokes, stand-up routines, short form like traf, longer post like LordVader; everything is welcome and will be judged on merit. I dunno about you guys but I'm excited by the prospect of this

This post marks the start of week 1 of Comedy Open Mic.

In 7 days time there will be another post to mark the end of week 1 and start of week 2.

Within 24hrs of the end of week 1, another post will go out marking the prize recipients. Sorry about the double post, but I need to make sure I have time to enjoy all the entries.

Good Luck and Happy Steeming!!


Sweet, I'm so going to sleep with the judge and win this contest.

can you sleep with me too, lol

if you sleep, it will be difficult to post. Better post a entry first then later on sleep.

Priceless tip from a judge. You better take this advice @steemnsfw

lol...yeah true, post then sleep, like fcuk then sleep

hey...go call your buddy @berniesanders to come here to support this, he loves a good laugh!

That's what 'She' said..

ie. lol

lol she said sleep with judge

Sleep with my wife too

Not a problem. But photo first, No dogs allowed.

u r funny :D

I'm also sexy.


hhahhahhahahha sexyyy :D and i don know it lol many sluts here on Steemit!

Hi Steemnsfw, you're aware there is more then One judge, right?

Hmm... What do you think? divide and conquer or enjoy them one at a time?

If you can divide and conquer then enjoy them one at a time.

lol we're onto your plots and plans @sluttynsfw, but if you do, please use rubber, stay safe

haha we love @sluttynsfw!

Hey! You stole my thought.

I'm sure you can get another one and post a good entry to the contest.

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

@idikuci, how does one get to be a judge in the next contest :-)

Right now the 4 judges we have are it. The judges were chosen by @dj123 and @idikuci , I'm sorry but there is no direct process on how to become a judge.

very nice idea to win the contest, simply enjoy sleep and win

Glad you laughed at our little joke. I hope to see your entry into our contest.

The judge might consider you a pain in the ass :D Depends what his point of view is.

I'll be sure to bring a mirror, so he can enjoy the view from both sides.

Once is enough, else people will start thinking you're a spammer

Hey Everyone!

We really need your support big time!

I know you want Steem to become a great comedy local and we need your support to upvote #ComedyOpenMic To Get To Trending so many big Steemians who have never regularly visited or supporting #funny will see this and support this initiative also.

We're already pledging $200 / $210 SBD / $220SBD+$50Steem (And We Sincerely Hope Prizes Will Increase Over Time!) of our own monies to give out as prizes but need to raise funds to keep this sustainable ongoing and we also need to get the word out.

We will someday get comedy going (comedians from reddit, 3gag, giphy, facebroke, word of mouth alone comedians will start noticing and come over, hopefully we get the non-crypto types...that be the best....especially the Youtube Damn Steem Will BlowUp by $10 alone if we get great comedians in here in 2018 and help us >2 Million users, >Steem $20 (I say we hit $30 if we start getting users on board from other comedy sites), and most importantly get us to critical mass to attract more talents until we hit top 10 crypto!

Please help us upvote this BIG for everyone to see! Think Big, think Long Term, And Support this as Big as you can, Steemit #funny needs your help here and now, Come Show Support For Steemit Funny #ComedyOpenMic

FYI - Sub-Reddit Funny has 50 Million Members: So even if 1% of Sub-Reddit Funny comes to Steem/Steemit to show off their talents and try winning some prizes that's 500K or half a million new Steemians!

Steem On!

If You Believe In Steem And Think People Love Funny, Please Re-Steem This Post

So Much Thanks My Yous are Left Behind

Wow. I love this, my entry will come later in the day. I can't wait to laugh my ass out (lmao). 😁😀😁😀😁

Thanks for the support. Can't wait to go through all the entries.

Haha funny photos!You have talent @idikuci !;)


Thank you. I look forward to your entry in our competition.

Brilliant idea! I can't wait to see these.

we really appreciate your support @steemwizards, you're an awesome patron of funny!

Thanks for the support. One guys promised to make me shit myself (with laughter I assume) I'll have to think up something special for him in case I prairie dog it.

Hey! Good stuff here. Unfortunately, I hide underground and rarely go in front of cameras, so I won't be entering. I will donate to the prize pool though. Probably about 5 SBD or so, plus I'll keep my eyes peeled and try to get some votes in on the entries as well.

  • Edit: Make that 10 SBD to go towards the prize pool.

Thank you very much for the support. Yes I remember our conversation about your eccentric lifestyle, and I completely understand that thing with the marmoset stays between us. Thank you very much in your support of this initiative, every upvote will be a big help in promoting comedy within steem and hopefully outside of steem also.

The SBD you would like to contribute you can send directly to the winner or shoot it over to me and I'll at it to the pot.

I'll send it to you, once I have some in my wallet. I get paid again tomorrow, so just hold your horses, it's coming.

No worries.
Horses held at bay.
luckily I found some hay
now they want to play
getting a bit late in the day

Has anyone every told you your icon looks like Aku?


Has anyone ever given you a blank stare?

Blank Stare 155-2016.10.13-03.44.49.jpg

The answer is yes.

I think I prefer my one. You're is a little high.

hey @aku, oops i mean @nonameslefttouse, when funds come in, can you send the 5SDB via a bot upvote instead to increase visibility of this post so more will come and see it?

if you can support this way, just don't use these bots, @dandesign86, @idikuci, and myself (@dj123) has used these already:
postpromoter, appreciator, jerrybanfield, upme, aksdwi, allaz, sneaky-ninja

the rest of the small ones will work :D

Awesome ! Resteemed the post to spread the word .

Awesome thanks Dandy. Can't wait to see your entry.

Me and @redlipstick will pitch in 10 SBD to the pot. Sent to your account.

Sweet-sweet! Thanks Papa-Dandy!

My pleasure ! Definitely want to see this grow :)

hey Dan, can I suggest you send the 10SBD as a bot upvote, we need the Visibility and this will also help the cuase in other ways.

I will be sending a large upvote in the next round via buildawhale, so use any other you see that's profitable to maximise the upvote for trending:

Awesome I just sent 10 SBD. I used Buildawhale I heard it's good ! Hehe jk I used postpromoter

opps...i just used pospromoter 50SBD :P

Use push-up put in this post URL in the memo:

I used buildawhale, upme, & postpromoter

Thank you. I will discuss with DJ about how to best utilise the SBD to promote #funny

“It will be difficult for me to laugh if I cannot understand it”🤣🤣🤣
Great idea!Resteemed🤗

Thank you. Greatly appreciated

This is a great idea! Followed!

Thank you for the support. I hope to see your entry in the contest :)

Just posted my submission! I did a spoof of “Girls” by the Beastie Boys... but it’s all about Steem! 😉


It feels like you just pulled the funny sword from the comedy stone here.


I certainly hope so. Would be great to get #funny fired up and explode

Cool, happy to resteem this to get more eyes on this contest and I will do my best to keep an eye on the #comedyopenmic tag as well to upvote posts where I feel appropriate through one or another of my curation accounts. Cheers - Carl

Thanks Carl. Greatly appreciate your support

Hey I should mention that I am upvoting a lot of the posts in this tag through either @r-bot (if I consider them to be good, undervalued content) or @humanbot if I really think they are truly original and creative work. I wanted to mention because both have relatively large vote trails through so you will see a bunch of trailing votes come in - just want to point out that this is not in fact bot activity despite the name, they are human powered accounts that I use for manual curation :) The @humanbot upvote comes with a badge of originality and is a little over $4 in total pending payout value added once all the trailing votes come through. I have already awarded several badges of originality to contest entrants! Cheers - Carl

Awesome thanks for the clarification Carl. And once again thanks for the support.

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