Awesome thanks Dandy. Can't wait to see your entry.

Me and @redlipstick will pitch in 10 SBD to the pot. Sent to your account.

Sweet-sweet! Thanks Papa-Dandy!

My pleasure ! Definitely want to see this grow :)

hey Dan, can I suggest you send the 10SBD as a bot upvote, we need the Visibility and this will also help the cuase in other ways.

I will be sending a large upvote in the next round via buildawhale, so use any other you see that's profitable to maximise the upvote for trending:

Awesome I just sent 10 SBD. I used Buildawhale I heard it's good ! Hehe jk I used postpromoter

opps...i just used pospromoter 50SBD :P

Use push-up put in the post URL

I used buildawhale, upme, & postpromoter

Use push-up put in this post URL in the memo:

I used buildawhale, upme, & postpromoter

Man I already sent on upme instead lol . Oh well . It should help a bit anyways I hope. Double penetration coming Idukuci

Thank you. I will discuss with DJ about how to best utilise the SBD to promote #funny

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