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RE: Comedy Contest - ComedyOpenMic - Week 1 - Total Prize Pool 210SBD + 50Steem.

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Hey! Good stuff here. Unfortunately, I hide underground and rarely go in front of cameras, so I won't be entering. I will donate to the prize pool though. Probably about 5 SBD or so, plus I'll keep my eyes peeled and try to get some votes in on the entries as well.

  • Edit: Make that 10 SBD to go towards the prize pool.

Thank you very much for the support. Yes I remember our conversation about your eccentric lifestyle, and I completely understand that thing with the marmoset stays between us. Thank you very much in your support of this initiative, every upvote will be a big help in promoting comedy within steem and hopefully outside of steem also.

The SBD you would like to contribute you can send directly to the winner or shoot it over to me and I'll at it to the pot.

I'll send it to you, once I have some in my wallet. I get paid again tomorrow, so just hold your horses, it's coming.

No worries.
Horses held at bay.
luckily I found some hay
now they want to play
getting a bit late in the day

Has anyone every told you your icon looks like Aku?


Has anyone ever given you a blank stare?

Blank Stare 155-2016.10.13-03.44.49.jpg

The answer is yes.

I think I prefer my one. You're is a little high.

hey @aku, oops i mean @nonameslefttouse, when funds come in, can you send the 5SDB via a bot upvote instead to increase visibility of this post so more will come and see it?

if you can support this way, just don't use these bots, @dandesign86, @idikuci, and myself (@dj123) has used these already:
postpromoter, appreciator, jerrybanfield, upme, aksdwi, allaz, sneaky-ninja

the rest of the small ones will work :D

Unfortunately, I don't support those bots or their owners. I'd sooner see my 5 SBD go to a winner than someone without any talent at all.

yeah....I'm also following you now!

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