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RE: Comedy Contest - ComedyOpenMic - Week 1 - Total Prize Pool 210SBD + 50Steem.

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Hey Everyone!

We really need your support big time!

I know you want Steem to become a great comedy local and we need your support to upvote #ComedyOpenMic To Get To Trending so many big Steemians who have never regularly visited or supporting #funny will see this and support this initiative also.

We're already pledging $200 / $210 SBD / $220SBD+$50Steem (And We Sincerely Hope Prizes Will Increase Over Time!) of our own monies to give out as prizes but need to raise funds to keep this sustainable ongoing and we also need to get the word out.

We will someday get comedy going (comedians from reddit, 3gag, giphy, facebroke, word of mouth alone comedians will start noticing and come over, hopefully we get the non-crypto types...that be the best....especially the Youtube Damn Steem Will BlowUp by $10 alone if we get great comedians in here in 2018 and help us >2 Million users, >Steem $20 (I say we hit $30 if we start getting users on board from other comedy sites), and most importantly get us to critical mass to attract more talents until we hit top 10 crypto!

Please help us upvote this BIG for everyone to see! Think Big, think Long Term, And Support this as Big as you can, Steemit #funny needs your help here and now, Come Show Support For Steemit Funny #ComedyOpenMic

FYI - Sub-Reddit Funny has 50 Million Members: So even if 1% of Sub-Reddit Funny comes to Steem/Steemit to show off their talents and try winning some prizes that's 500K or half a million new Steemians!

Steem On!


If You Believe In Steem And Think People Love Funny, Please Re-Steem This Post

So Much Thanks My Yous are Left Behind

Wow. I love this, my entry will come later in the day. I can't wait to laugh my ass out (lmao). 😁😀😁😀😁

Thanks for the support. Can't wait to go through all the entries.

Haha funny photos!You have talent @idikuci !;)


Thank you. I look forward to your entry in our competition.

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