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Round 39 Winners:

Top 15:

  1. @quillfire: Bring Back the Bullies >>> Some of Us, Self-Evidently ... Need an Ass-Kicking (ComedyOpenMic #39)
  2. @hyperbole: Bad things and other various goings on in the asylum I like to call "my mind" because some idiot decided it was a good idea to nominate me for Comedy Open Mic Round # 39 (2 idiots actually)even though I already played so I figured I'd drag this title out
  3. @nickyhavey: Comedy Open Mic Round #39 - Fun & Games In Customer Service
  4. @steemmatt: An Epic @llfarms / @blewitt COM Roast For The Ages - Comedy Open Mic Week 39 - Entry 1
  5. @ericaa: Don't joke about death comedyopenmic week 39
  6. @amirtheawesome1: Just One Big Pile of Blah - COM 39 Entry 1
  7. @behelen: Comedy Open Mic Round #39😂Fish, toad and vampire on my face😂#33video
  8. @lucylin: A weekend at Steemfest 4..comedyopenmic#40
  9. @spunkpuppet: Comedy Open Mic Round 39 : OVER THE SILVER SKY TO THE WORLD OF NEVER : Part 73 - You're Creating False Dichotomies.
  10. @blewitt: Steemians Gone Wild!!! Poland Edition! - Comedy Open Mic Round #39
  11. @soufiani: Stand up comedy with flu! My first collab with @dcooperation!
  12. @belemo: Letter to my Unborn Son: Comedyopenmic 39 first Entry
  13. @clixmoney: My first Stand Up Comedy - Comedy Open Mic Round # 39
  14. @kawaiicrush: 😲THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF WHERE KAWAIICRUSH HAS BEEN! Comedy Open Mic Week 39! lol 💖
  15. @improv: Nanowrimo Chibera: (+Moth -5minutefreewrite) Comedy Open Mic 39 (mostly for the bawdy song/poem at the beginning)

Specials and doubles:

  1. @quillfire: STEEM at $1,000 in 6 Months - Interview with @Anarcho-Zealot (Witness) >>> Steemit TODAY, Podcast No. 37
  2. @belemo: The Killing Joke 2: A Thousand Presidents: Comedyopenmic 39

Lucky Door Prize:

As per usual your check is in the mail

Love all you crazy cooks. Great work!!

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Oh! I found myself here)! Thanks, @comedyopenmic))!

Thank you so much @comedyopenmic! These contests are so much fun to be a part of and to watch!