Comedy Open Mic - Round 17 - Winners' post

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Every week, being a judge gets harder and harder as the judges get more and more animated cheering for their favorites. So if you see a barrel (yes that's the collective word for judges) of judges brawling, by all means, stop to take photos. Thank you to all the contestants who put in entries in round 16, we hope you had as much fun creating the entries as we did laughing at the great posts. Every week we get new people joining and the bigger we grow the better it becomes, so go out and tell your friends. As we grow bigger, we will increase the rewards.

This week the goat started to eat the final tally, this caused a panic, and we had to bring our residential goat whisperer @Amirtheawesome1 to smooth things over. Luckily we still manage to get out the top 3 prizes, but shortly the extra prizes will also be announced.

Thank you to @gnarlyanimations for designing our new logo

People's Champion – 3SBD

The Penis Fly Trap (Terra Historica 17th ed:) - My entry into @comedyopenmic Round #17.

Court Jester - 55SBD

Nominations for Court jester this week were:

This was the first week for a new voting system and our first week for having 8 judges. Hopefully this means we are able to upvote and spread more love around.

The ComedyOpenMic Court Jester for round 17 is:

Our Very First Two Time Winner:
Buckingtons Palace

Punchy's Top 10 list - 40 SBD (4 SBD each)

The top 10 in order or preference are:

  1. @belemo: A Bug's Tale:Comedyopenmic 17 first entry
  2. @bex-dk: Waiting for Poop (Comedy Open Mic #17)
  3. @holger80: Comedy Open Mic Round # 17: You know you've been on steemit too long when ..
  4. @myndnow: AFTER LEG DAY
  5. @johnthefelon: LUCKY SHOT (original song) - Comedy Open Mic Round 17
  6. @moh: comedyopenmic round 17 entry 1 - Every time I go through the airport
  7. @raj808: The Cautionary Tale of Sid the Breast Obsessed Sex Pest - Comedy Open Mic Round 17
  8. @supersoju: DJ Soju - My Crypto Life 😼🎤– Comedy Open Mic Round #17
  9. @themadgoat: Comedy Open Mic. Round 17: Welcome to Texas; Where Rape Has Always Been illegal
  10. @artwatch: THE DAY OF LIBERATION HAS COME! Comedy Open Mic Round #17 NIPPLE!!!! INSIDE! SO MANY NIPPLES! Join the movement!

Lucky Door Prize - 10SBD (2SBD each)

The lucky door prize this week goes to 5 lucky contestants who have great promise.
Lucky door prize winners:

Bonus Prizes – 7SBD (1SBD each)

Best Video Award - 15SBD (5SBD Each)

The best Videos this week are:

Best Curator (Chuck Norris) Award - 5SBD

Most love given to contestants goes to @Jedi-Won. Thank you for all the love you've given to Comedy Open Mic in Round 17. We hope this brings you some fun times

If you guys would like to come along and say "Hi" to the judges or get tips on improving or just chat with other contestants we have opened up a ComedyOpenMic discord channel. Don't be shy, come say "hi".

Round 18 is now under way so remember to put in your entries, upvote our contestants and share the laughs all over steemit and beyond!!

Over 16 weeks we have managed to give away >1553.00 SBD and 278 Steem (current value of >$3,150USD, at time of posting). So don't forget to keep upvoting @comedyopenmic when you see it. The more upvotes we get, the more we will give away.

Thank you to @matytan for the great banner


Personally, I loved @themadgoat's post the most.

Me too!
The interweb would like it, heaps more, if that silly goat would pull a proper Bukowski, drink more, and post more... 😉😀

Congratulations everyone!! Thank you COM judges for the prizes and all your hard word.

Congrats everybody! Thanks for keeping my sanity insanity intact in a totally run of the mill week. Glad to see @take5 back and managed to capture a rare pic from the judges chambers in honor of her return

You should come judge a round. Help take5 out

Thank you COM, seems you exposed my talent for comedy.

Well, thank you yet again for the prize :) Love you all <3

Winny out...for now ;)

Congratulations to everyone who won, and to those who didn't, y'all did pretty well last week.

1UP Comedyopenmic

Congrats the all the winners! :)

Congrats to all the winners! And yay lucky me too :) thanks COM...
Now for this round.. everyone entering wanting to win evil laugh deposit the highest amount of STEEM or SBD to my wallet, and I will have a good word moehahahhaha

Bribes accepted !

Wow. I never expected to be funny enough to even get nommed for court jester. is in shock Thank you very much. I guess I can no longer claim to be bad at humor. sigh

Yup it's official now. No more excuses.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the organizers. Well done!

Sweet! Cheers Punchy

feels good to be part of the weiners. Thank you Comedyopenmic

Keep up the great work.

Hi, compliments to the winners and thanks for checking my post out! Hopefully next time I can get at least a bonus. Cheers.

Hahaha. I'm glad that my participation made some jesters laugh.
and who has become a winner of the door.

Honored to be in the mix for court jester this week and pleased as punch to be one of Punchy's Top 10 ;-) Thanks @comedyopenmic

oh my oh my! i must now go fondle my bras excitedly!!! Congrats to all you funny winners!

I congratulate all the winners. Everyone deserves a reward.

Many thanks COM! Much love as always!

Thank you! I am a great promise, luck knocked on my door.

I never thought about winning, and I had a lot of fun.

Thanks to all the judges and the community, who are the most fun people I have ever met in steemit !.

Long life to COM by Mr. Spock!

Hey everyone, I am doing a post to benefit @reinaldoverdu, just wondering if you guys could make some funny comments tagging in other people, rhyme, haikus, whatever. I would really appreciate it!

Grats to the winners and thank you for the bonus!

Well done to the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners and well done again @comedyopenmic :)

w00t w00t, Well done again @comedyopenmic for another successful round :)
Congratulations to all winners, especially @buttcoins, you're one talented dude :)
Thank you for the People's Champion :)

My congratulations to the winners and good luck to everyone in the next round!

Tough panel last week.

Let's get them jokes rollin'!

Artakush rolls around the bush...

Please Believe Me! Oh Please Believe ME..

I am in Love with le Community of ze Comedians around the Blockchain!

Artakush boils the soup of the joke in the bush...

Oh WOW! Cool! Thanks for picking my post for Punchy's Top 10 list!!
Sorry for the late response, I only just logged on today.

Congratulations to all the other winners and big thanks to all the judges and COM & Co for their hard work and support!

Big thanks to the judges and everyone else who liked "Lucky Shot."

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Very nice!, i will try to create my own COM shirt :D

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