Evelyn helps me vindicate and implicate myself.

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So the lovely @coruscate hit rep 73 (top effort, by the way) and asked us for obscure facts about ourselves.

I mentioned I have a large egg cup collection; and was largely unprepared for both the scorn and cynicism this revelation unleashed; both in person; (looking at you, @o07) and on chain (@welshstacker).
@bafi, @steemitri, @goldmatters and even @coruscate herself requested some proof, so here it is.

I collected these in my late teens and early 20's and enjoyed the excuse to dust them off and put them on display.
There's something sweet and wholesome about egg cups; I've toyed with selling, but now I have them out I remember my late grandmother gave me a heap of them; so I might just pack them up until the kids move out, then put them in a display cabinet.

To thank my little model for her help; liquid Steem from this post will buy steemmonsters packs she can give to her brothers.
She loves helping @henryclarke and @fletcherclarke open them.

Do you collect stuff?

Cool stuff, embarrassing stuff?

Tell us about it :)


I collect Steem Monsters cards and STEEM.

I also have a small collection of rare and exotic cameras. I also collect errant beard hairs in my vacuum.

Reminds me, I suggested once to @nerdfury a good website/community name for a group of photographers.

I had no idea that you could get such fancy egg cups. It's not something you usually see in the homewares section. Do you go to op shops for them?

You're little supermodel is just the cutest! She had her own agenda and was going to showcase those cups her own way, getting to those metal ones her way! 😆

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No, I don't see them often. Word got out that I like them, so I sort of amassed a lot as gifts over the years.
Usually op shops are worth a look; there's probably a huge online community, but I haven't checked.
If I went back into it I'd want to be more discriminating, and just pick up really interesting ones.

My collections are related to my game addictions, so I have far too much unpainted pewter and plastic.

Think more tabletop and less TV-set-top.

A friend of mine is a big fan of historical battle recreations, spends hours painting the little guys.
No way I have the patience or creativity required. Gotta respect it though.

Wow. So this is what goes on when you actually leave the house. I feel like Neo taking the red pill

Does Menē do a gold egg cup? Next bull run maybe :)

Thats a great idea!

I extract the urine, but I will admit to having a very similar stupid collection....

As a young teenager, I collected old phone cards.

#stayclassy #becool

Feels good, right? Cathartic. Put it on the chain yourself, and you never have to worry about being outed. Lets get in front of our scandals.
I had dreadlocks. Big, fat ones in a mohawk.

I used to collect comics until politics within the local comic book scene took a nasty turn a few years back.
I am rather discerning with what I buy, but I have started collecting the AU$2 coins with coloured images on them, and the occasional silver coin when I have the spare cash.

You are so blessed...What an amazing hobby you have there.

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I know it, mate. Thanks.

Btw, loved the last photo. <3

Okay, so I planned to write a post response to this, it was a long post I saved to busy draft of all my dodgey collectibles. But I just managed to delete it. Don't ask. I tried to free up space and did something dopey.

Anyway, to respond to you, I collect random old crap. My most embarrassing find was this ugly behemoth of a vase. I don't care what anyone thinks, I blame having PMS at the time. I noticed I buy ugly stuff during that time of the month. It's the hormones. So I hide it in the back of our closet, on my husband's side -- to disassociate myself from it subconsciously...lol

Here it is. SO ugly...


Also, in a rush to upload the pic, I forgot to say....oh wow, you collect egg cups?! Ignore the scorn, this makes you attractive....kinda. Like that guy who walks the cute puppy and gets all the attention. I’m sure you’d get just as much attention, if you could put all your egg cups on didplay for all the egg cup enthusiast. The scorners are just jealous...

Yes, this is from the more is more school of pottery. I like what they were trying to do; and in fairness I couldn't do any better, myself.
If you made it, I'd be quite proud; but you bought it, so yeah. Not so much :)

I edited my comment. Was in a rush when I first replied. 😛

And no, did not make it. My only defence is that I do have a thing for old west German vases, of which my example above is one. But no excuse for its ugliness...🤣

Do you use steempeak? It autosaves drafts. I haven't lost a piece I'm working on since I made the move.
Of course, now I have the problem of picking through a dozen half-finished pieces to find the one I want.

Tbh, I get grumpy with all the non-steemit options. They are often buggy. Busy remains very buggy, but I try to be loyal to it for the fact it gives me a nice little upvote. Felt it deserved my ongoing utilisation. But I really should switch to that Wordpress i integration.

Steemspeak aggravated me in the worse way when I tried it a few times. Maybe it was because I used the iPad, and maybe it’s much improved now. I’m just a creature of familiar comforts.

I lost the drafts because I was in a rush. Busy has a storage limits and I always hit it with my half baked never to be posted posts. So in trying to pump out my last one, I selected a bunch to be deleted. But then being an idiot and not checking what I was clicking, I must have selected delete all. So I won’t be having space issues on busy for a long while....🙄

Yeah steempeak is brilliant on desktop, particularly now it's integrated keychain (for chrome and firefox), but I've heard its pretty rubbish on mobile. We'll get there.

Was suppose to be going back to work after replying to @linnyplant; but I saw your post and had to ask..... how many have you collected over the years? Have you counted?

I use to collect 5 cent coins. 'Use to' because the jar is full and the lid doesn't close properly. The plan was to start a new jar with 10 cent coins and so on; but I realised how expensive it would be to fill one jar. The jar is about 25cm tall.

Let me go take a photo of it to show....


I popped it next to Soju to get an idea how big it is. Then I realised how heavy it was and wondered if it was a good idea to put it next to Soju. It almost fell on her; I could have ended up spending the rest of my evening picking up 5c coins.

Omg, so funny, especially with the photo! You collected 5 cents? I think that’s called saving pocket money. Or maybe that’s really soju’s slush fund. 😂🤣

You totally crack me up with your quirky. So how many kids are we at now? You’ll be needing a lot of pocket money for them! 😛


I haven't really played sims since the last time. I was about to; I played for 5mins and gave birth to a baby boy; wait; not me who gave birth; my sim gave birth. Then I received a bunch of jobs to work on; so making babies in the Sims is on hold.

I've been thinking of writing a post up with the screenshots I had taken (for the 100baby challenge); but it really does not do it justice; plus I gave up taking screenshots early because I was taking more screenshot than enjoying the game/challenge. I'm too shy to make videos; but my reaction to what was happening was fun as I played... making comments to myself or talking to the sims....getting annoyed with the sims....and no; no locking up sims like you would love to do.

Ugh talking about it makes me feel like playing it...but I must get back to work...

You should totally make a vid! It will be fun to watch! A maybe something worth pursuing for you in the next evolution of supersoju’s postings. Just figure it out. You may as well use Steem as a way to challenge yourself. Try streaming! That would be cute!

In any case, do us a gaming post in whatever format that suits your mood. It’ll be good to see you post again. But maybe with this extended break, it’ll be easier to get into a habit of doing them whenever you feel like it. It doesn’t need to feel like you’re on a schedule. I find I’m happier posting when I don’t care about quality as long as I make them personal. My general rule is to put something up when it’s time to reply to people about some thoughts. Usually, it’s “Oh, haven’t interacted with Soju lately, time to post!” Lol.

Much more relaxed. So if you just see it as a capturing stream of consciousness for your friends, then maybe it’ll help somehow.

You have a good point there; make it fun; personal; relaxing...though I have forgotten how to do all the text markdown codes. The plan was to post about my holiday when I got back.....a few months later...that is still a plan lol. Sorry @scrawly, I know I said I will; but I've been too lazy to type one up. I still haven't copied my partner's photos and videos to my computer.

Much more relaxed. So if you just see it as a capturing stream of consciousness for your friends, then maybe it’ll help somehow.

That is why I enjoy replying to comments/posts instead of writing up a post for myself.

You should totally make a vid! It will be fun to watch! A maybe something worth pursuing for you in the next evolution of supersoju’s postings. Just figure it out. You may as well use Steem as a way to challenge yourself.

Posting information about myself and a photo of myself was the hardest step for me when I started to post on Steemit. If I was to record myself; I would probably end up with a heart attack whilst contemplating whether to hit the submit button or not. Plus I don't have the gear/software nor the knowledge/experience to edit/film etc. I'm an old school old fart. It was hard enough to use youtube video editor; which no longer exists.

make it fun; personal; relaxing...

Just do that and you'll be good. I actually prefer to write personally about fun stuff and not self-indulgent narcisstic shit. But if I ever write a "I'm so broken but I am a beautiful/kind/deep feeling/deep thinking/sensitive person, please remember to slap me. I'll do the same too. lol

There's a youtube beta studio now. It's so painful to use. And as much as I don't really care that much a few cents to a few dollar is here, I still think that you need to do your minimal amount of duty and pretend to care about the money grab. I mean, how can you afford your chewing gum otherwise?!?!?!

Ouch! Hehe. Yeah, who is this bot? Stop upvoting my comments and that should solve the problem. ;)

No idea who this bot is but it looks to be a big leech. I won't upvote the comments it upvoted on; try to keep the bug away from you. Else you will have an infestation problem. It doesn't post anything so you can't exterminate it.

Edit: as long as I get the upvote in first; it won't upvote :P


You just wrote it; so here is a slap 😜

Looks like you have a bot following you on this thread to steal curation rewards from your comments.

Nice. There's actually a large community of silver stackers here on Steem. #steemsilvergold
They're distrustful of fiat currency/coins and love to acquire silver and gold pieces.
There are actually a couple of editions of Steem silver rounds; 1500 in 2017 and 1500 in 2018.
No word yet from @sevinwilson on the 2019 rounds.
I've picked up a fair few of each year's (2017 was designed by Australia's very own @bearone)
I also scored a sweet 2oz hand poured silver anarchy logo from @pitbullion in one of his raffles a while back.

Might be worth turning that big stack of play-money into the real stuff.

If only I didn't lose so much in crypto already; not much play money to play with as before.

It seems I'll have to post a couple of photo of my lego collection! @mattclarke

Yes you will. In fact. I won't believe you have any lego until you do.

Oh. 73!! I guess i am still dreaming to attain 65

Yeah, I've been on 67 forever. I don't post often, I'm mostly commenting, which doesn't get much upvote love.
60's not far off, mate.

Yes. I just hope so

She is so adorable. You are blessed. Yes I have a old sheet music collection of about 10,000 pieces. I have other collections - books, postcards etc. Thanks for sharing @mattclarke.

There's something romantic and genuine about sheet music. I remember my Aunt lived a long way out in the country. We wouldn't see our cousins often, but we loved getting out there and playing with their piano.
They had one of those ones you can just pedal and it plays itself.
We'd just use the sheet music as a prop to lend authenticity as we mimed playing.

Hey Matt!
Oh great post... and I love all those egg cups!!!
I got 2... at the moment I'm not at home, but I'm going to show them later ;-)

I collect postcard... so if you want you can send me one :-)

Have a great day!

Waiting for your postcard ;-)
... or I can send you a Steemitri The Mannequin Postcard ;-)

My upvote isn't worth much, but seeing as it's going to a worthy cause, why not?

I collect animal skulls, books, ex-wives, and kerosene lamps.

In the same basement, hopefully.

I don't keep the ex-wives around. That might get awkward and violent.
But all the other stuff is around the house.

I had no idea that was even a thing! Even more so since I’ve never owned an egg cup. That is just awesome.

I just know some people who buy devices to try and deshell them after they have hardboiled an egg. Most of the time they are not that great.

That's my big struggle, peeling them. I've heard vinegar in the water and/or cooling them in ice water help to de-shell easier, but I just keep forgetting to try, then struggling through. Or just not boiling eggs.

Buenos días amigo @mattclarke deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia , hermosos recuerdos que le dió sus abuela y su hija se ve muy feliz ordenandolos . Que tenga un exelente día amigo.

Why the scorn, egg cups are cool 😆

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Damn straight. If they weren't before, they are now. I'm so cool I could make socks and sandals a thing.

Socks and sandals were a thing in Asia when I was last there a hundred million years ago, pretty sure I saw some of the uncles and aunties doing it here too, so you could be onto something maybe? 🤣

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war gaming figures...

ppp - Copy.jpg

Steemit price rise = more wargaming figures(not homemade ones! lol)

I love the chariot, is that really an egg cup?
I didn't actually know egg cups were a thing until probably my 30s. I had never seen one before until I saw it on some TV show I can't remember. I've still never seen one in real life. XD
I have a large book collection, but I don't think that's odd or unique in any way. ;)

Books are great; although I think a book collection is just called a library?
Egg cups are just as exciting in real life as what you've seen on the TV :)

You go girl!!

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