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RE: Evelyn helps me vindicate and implicate myself.

in #collecting2 years ago (edited)

Btw, loved the last photo. <3

Okay, so I planned to write a post response to this, it was a long post I saved to busy draft of all my dodgey collectibles. But I just managed to delete it. Don't ask. I tried to free up space and did something dopey.

Anyway, to respond to you, I collect random old crap. My most embarrassing find was this ugly behemoth of a vase. I don't care what anyone thinks, I blame having PMS at the time. I noticed I buy ugly stuff during that time of the month. It's the hormones. So I hide it in the back of our closet, on my husband's side -- to disassociate myself from it

Here it is. SO ugly...


Also, in a rush to upload the pic, I forgot to say....oh wow, you collect egg cups?! Ignore the scorn, this makes you attractive....kinda. Like that guy who walks the cute puppy and gets all the attention. I’m sure you’d get just as much attention, if you could put all your egg cups on didplay for all the egg cup enthusiast. The scorners are just jealous...


Yes, this is from the more is more school of pottery. I like what they were trying to do; and in fairness I couldn't do any better, myself.
If you made it, I'd be quite proud; but you bought it, so yeah. Not so much :)

I edited my comment. Was in a rush when I first replied. 😛

And no, did not make it. My only defence is that I do have a thing for old west German vases, of which my example above is one. But no excuse for its ugliness...🤣

Do you use steempeak? It autosaves drafts. I haven't lost a piece I'm working on since I made the move.
Of course, now I have the problem of picking through a dozen half-finished pieces to find the one I want.

Tbh, I get grumpy with all the non-steemit options. They are often buggy. Busy remains very buggy, but I try to be loyal to it for the fact it gives me a nice little upvote. Felt it deserved my ongoing utilisation. But I really should switch to that Wordpress i integration.

Steemspeak aggravated me in the worse way when I tried it a few times. Maybe it was because I used the iPad, and maybe it’s much improved now. I’m just a creature of familiar comforts.

I lost the drafts because I was in a rush. Busy has a storage limits and I always hit it with my half baked never to be posted posts. So in trying to pump out my last one, I selected a bunch to be deleted. But then being an idiot and not checking what I was clicking, I must have selected delete all. So I won’t be having space issues on busy for a long while....🙄

Yeah steempeak is brilliant on desktop, particularly now it's integrated keychain (for chrome and firefox), but I've heard its pretty rubbish on mobile. We'll get there.

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