May 2023 Solar Breakdown 🌦️

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Are you ready to be put to sleep🤔 then read on people , i present my monthly report of my home power stuff for the month of May 2023 🥱

Might pay to grab a quad shot flat white or the whiskey as this report is bound to bore the shit out of most 💤🛌


May 2023 has been a pretty average month Sun wise with some pesky feckin clouds in the way, if anyone knows how to fix this let me know

For May we were only 46% self powered which is a drop from April's 79% and i blame the clouds!

Actually 46% is better than a kick in the🥜's so i will take it.



Back in March we were 90% self powered but that was Summer and i think we had daylight saving still so longer daylight hours.

What did we Generate?

In May if you are still with me, we generated 340KWH but we used 484KWH so we required some help from the grid.
May Solar generated.jpg

How much energy did we use?

This graph shows the 484KWH we used - you still awake?
May total usage.jpg


So since we have had the system and the powerwall year to date we are 66% self powered, i expect that % to drop over the next 3 months due to Winter beng here.

These are my previous 2 x reports which could also have a calming sleep induced effect - enjoy 🥱

Overall i am very happy with my Solar system and am still thinking about maxing my inverter out with another 4 x panels - cost is $4K NZD.

June will be interesting and i will be back to slap you across the face with my stats at the start of July LOL

I should post this to Twitter 🥱

all screenshots are tesla's
smudge gets on the roof and checks the panels so he approves this post

I am @kiwiscanfly 🐔




some pesky feckin clouds in the way, if anyone knows how to fix this let me know

What you need is a "Cloud Catcher" created by Kendra Wilson. You've got to be careful though because if you use it too much, it will explode and cause weather chaos.

👆 Kendra's the one in the lab coat.

We've got 13 solar panels on our roof which pretty much maxes out our SolarEdge inverter. We recently added a 10kW StorEdge battery which has made a huge difference to us (I didn't realise how much we were exporting for a few pennies). We've also recently moved to a tarrif which allows us to top up our battery between 2am and 5am every morning for 20p per kWh and then sell any excess that we generate throughout the day for at least 23p per kWh. It's exciting. Perhaps I'll share a graph with you at some point.

i just ordered one of those cloud thingies

Good to hear you got solar and battery as well, share some stats please

Have a good day bro

I'll see what I can share once my phone's charged up. We've had the panels for 4 years and I tracked so much over that time including the best time to put the washing machine, etc. on. I went full-geek on it. The battery has reduced the geekiness (and spreadsheets 😆) required!

Actually, here's a daily average spreadsheet for the month of July a couple of years ago...


So if I wanted to put on the washing machine and tumble dryer, 8:15am is the optimal time (in July) 🤔 If it was just the washing machine though, 11:15 is optimal.

I don't do this now that I've got a battery!

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Go Solar !

You can never have enough panels... and batteries...

Have you gone all electric with an EV yet?

No electric car yet.....

How is your Solar system going? must be cranking with Summer over there?

Non-stop sunshine here at the moment - so plenty of W's coming in.

We could do with some good old Welsh rain now though as the garden is totally parched.

I am glad to read your update on your installed solar PV.

I should be the one to install your future 4 panels...😁, just give me a call!

Whilst you are warming up to add 4 more panels, I am praying for the rain to be less in my zone as I have entered some unfavourable season...the rainy season

These days we have less sun over here and so I reduce the usage of my solar 10%.

Maybe in the future, I will have to top up more panels and more batteries.

However, solar remain the best electricity supplier of all time...


I will let you know when i need those 4 x panels fitted mate

Maybe i can do a rain dance and take your clouds and rain away from your area.

Have a good day


Rain dance would be funny..., I often see that tricks in Ghana😀

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