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The people you pay attention too the most are usually a reflection of oneself. ~ Charles Fuchs.


The Steem Blockchain is getting lots of buzz of late in the last few months with popular websites like DTube, DLive, and DSound gaining tons of traction. 

It's attracting so many types of people with different types of interests to the platform such as bloggers, vloggers, gamers, musicians, crypto lovers, artists, photographers etc... etc...

I'm just going to make a community post and ask a very simple question to everyone, "Who are you following on Steeemit?" 🤷🏼‍♂️

There are so many people signing up everyday and it's currently hard to keep up with new and upcoming content creators. 👨🏼‍💻

So in the comments below, tag a few Steemians that you love to follow so that people who are reading this can get a list of recommendations. 📝

I'm all about the community and like to link up people who have similar interests. I've stressed this numerous times, this is "Social Media" so start getting Social.

I'll start right now, I really like to follow people who are bloggers who makes this community a better place and tend to be very interesting.

A few people that enjoy following are @surfermarly and @kubbyelizabeth, all I can say they are badass bitches' on Steemit (in a nice way). 🤣 😅. I'll do them justice soon when I do one of my "Steemit Superstars" for them later down the road.

Instead of me explaining why I follow them, just go visit their blogs and you can make your own decisions. The only thing I'm going to say is that they are very cool peeps that make Steemit FUN!

So, who do you guys follow on Steemit? Let the community know by commenting them below and you start engaging with all of them.

You never know who you will meet! Maybe I can be the "bridge" that connects a few people and you guys become lifetime friends. 😝

Keep On STACKIN! 💰

For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

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Woohooo, I knew this day would come! Thanks for the shout out and everyone should check out my girl @choogirl! You'll know why once you find her. @heart-to-heart is another favorite. I have a few more, but ill leave you with these two for now. :)


Ah Kubby. You're so awesome. You should be my full-time PR person. 💙


I think she’s is the best PR person in the business 😂


We all know you guys had fun at Miami, Ill be there next time haha


Oh don't worry, we haven't forgotten that you owe us a holiday and drinks.


I owe you ladies like 1000 cocktails lol


Holy smokes @kubbyelizabeth, I agree with @choogirl, if you want a PR job, I'll hire you in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for the mention!! <3 ;) And as for you my darling @stackin, it sure has been a while since we've come together on here though I'll never forget that you were one of my first supporters ever :) I'm still writing that piece on my Dominican Republic escapades, part of the reason out sweetheart Kubs is sticking around I imagine ;) Long live Steemit! =D


I also want to partake in this. I'll fly back for this ;) @kubbyelizabeth and I have a date planned anyway so it lines up. <3

I follow way too many people, however, my top 3 are as follows:
@jerrybanfield : Who doesn't follow Jerry?
@valorforfreedom : The guy has a lot of valuable and great content, recently became a witness, and an overall nice respectful guy.
@reseller : Host of The Steemit Minute, lots of content and a highly respected guy


Bunch of great bloggers right there 🙌🏼


Thank you for the shoutout Tuckerjtruman!

Must follows for me are;

(Stackin obviously lol)


I've learned a ton from them when it comes to Steemit and everything going on here.


Thank you, my friend,​ for mentioning me :)
I appreciate that and I am glad that I can spread some valuable things.


The must followes! 💯

No. 1 on my list is @stackin!!! ❤
Next @modernpastor, @flauwy, @purepinay, and @surpassinggoogle !
I may be busy sometimes but my day won't be complete if I dont check your post.😉❤


Totally understand, I tend to miss tons of my favorite STEEMIANS posts also 😀


Despite your busy schedule you take time to read the comments from your followers @stackin. I salute you for being so interactive!👌👏❤😊


Hey,​ my sister :)
I hope you are doing well?

Thanks for mentioning me. It really an honor for me to hear that. :)


Been busy, but I am OK. Thanks for asking, I hope everything's well on your end too @modernpastor.

Of course you're included you and @stackin give awesome advice. You being interactive makes me feel special. The feeling that you have a friend from another country that you haven't personally meet is awesome, and this is what Steemit does connect people from around the world! 😊❤

I'm late to your party, but here are some of my favs on steemit

@mariannewest - her #freewrite tag is awesome to help minnows succeed. She is a true gem of steemit, a good friend, and a great source of homesteading info.
@valorforfreedom - kicks butt and takes no prisoners. I have learned so much from his posts. He posts huge amounts of "how to steemit".
@ahh12345 - join his curation league and try to improve the place by curation.
@majes.tytyty - great help in English for those who need it and wonderful photos from around the world.
@taskmaster4450 - A great booster of steemit and another place I learn things about how to succeed here.
@sydesjokes - a true minnow booster and very helpful to many minnows' rewards
@getonthetrain - helpful info about budgeting and saving money.
@penguinpablo - helpful posts about steemit stats - creator of steemnow that I keep open each day.
@arcange - more helpful posts about steemit stats

Coming to you from Twitter today - I saw your dmania post about fb and came to see what's up :)


Thank you for the nice words Sharon!


Thank you so much, Sharon ❤️

Well the people that I follow and comment a lot on are:

@stackin of course I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't haha
@abh12345 because who doesn't love his league of curation and engagement
@taskmaster4450 his optimism and belief in the blockchain
@spiritualmax all his posts are awesome especially the RPG game he hosts haha
@rubencress one of the best photographers I know and I enjoy reading him
@derangedvisions is an awesome film maker and a bad ass
@futurethinker is a great community builder and still giving bounty to know who he is hahha
@evecab is one bad ass Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner
@raj808 one of the best poets and fiction writers here and a great mentor
@howtostartablog was one of those people that supported me from the very start
@davemccoy is an awesome Community builder and is hard to outcomment haha
@ankarlie because without her I wouldn't have started in Steemit


@taskmaster4450 definitely that guy! ran into his comments a few times! top notch


Yeah... I made the list! I am honored (even though I'm at the bottom)... guess I will have to try harder! :P

Just kidding... I think this is very cool that you would put me in this list I like it! I am very happy to be listed with some of the great ones I know on that list!

Thanks Mav! And you would be on my list too! :)


hahahahha you are all special Dave!! You are one of the most awesome people in this platform and what you are doing with engagement


thanks Mav!!! And back at ya! :)


Thanks for the mention :P

What an awesome initiative to do this! Okay here we go..
I’m following:
@adventuroussoul (Fantastic motivator)
@kevinli (Great advice and daily tips)
@sergiomendes (my first steemit connection, great guy)
@myndnow (energetic, funny and encouraging dude)
@slayerkm (Awesome daily vlogger and my first real life Steemian meetup)
And pretty much anyone else that lives in the @dtubedaily ( #dtubedaily ) community wih us. Everyone has a different skill and talent and motivates the hell outta me everyday.

Oh and of course @stackin (brownie points +1)


Awwwww thank you so much. You are always so nice to me 😉😁


I’ve been hearing so many good things about the dtubedaily peeps! I need to step up my vlogging game! 😂


Ohhhh really? Have the community been talking about us?? Eheheh


Should I join the team and take over jk 😂


Join us you shall! There’s much fun to be had. Let’s see those vlogs!


You shady b*tch lololol eheheh we would be happy to have you with us. Just let me know and i might be able to get you in ihihihih it is a very private family lololololol but i can get you a golden ticket lololol


Thank you brother!! <3 you are da man!! :)

Winny out...for now ;)

I recommend you to check these 3:

@fingersik : he is doing his thesis about blockchain technology and sharing all of his work with this community, which is really awesome in my opinion!

@getonthetrain : he always has wise words about different subjects, and everyone can probably learn some tips about money by reading his posts

@jakeybrown he likes to write about deep subjects about the self. A really good blog if you wanna get your thoughts going.

Cheers man!


Somereally good picks you've got here. I only know fingersik, and i've read his preface on the thesis! awesome guy.

I follow tons of interesting people, and it's sometimes hard to get across each blog everyday, but i do try to reach 'em at least when i have the chance.

@ejemai -- Great community builder!
@rok-sivante -- The Dj, the poet, the all-rounded writer.
@shello -- Simplicity, originality.
@nairadaddy -- One hell of a community guy!
@greenrun -- A rolling stone, a personal motivation to me on here
@wwf -- A man of his words!
@fisteganos -- Intelligence!
@moeknows -- If you're thinking it, he probably knows
@physics.benjamin -- Love how down to earth his articles are.
@trumpman, @mobbs, in fact, many of the guys at steemstem! and of course, my best friend on here; @annieben


Aye thanks for the shout-out @pangoli c: I recognize some of the other folks on this list—Great job! @stackin does some fine work in involving the community and keeping everyone motivated, I'm glad that you think that I'm someone he should read <3


We all know who you are 😂 🤣


Thanks Bossman! Will take a look at their profiles! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


you are top :)


Thanks my friend for mentioning me here. It's an honor to hear that:)


you re welcome I love youre posts


Thank you very much. It's so encouraging to hear that :)


yes and thank you for youre efforts in steemit

Charles @stacking I follow a Fellow Las Vegas guy that is known as @pit-bullion If you want to see some BAD ASS Slow Motion Silver Pouring then Check out his Content. Hell you are Neighbors I think it would be Cool to see you guys hit the STRIP and maybe ask some of the people in the restaurant serving industry if they know what 1 Oz. of Silver is Worth. What the Heck you guys live in the Silver State and it would be FUN to see some Video Reactions................ http://www.pitbullionlv.com/

I follow myself, and only myself xD
JK, i follow @humanearl , @valorforfreedom , @nathan290595, @pangoli, @getonthetrain, @simplifylife, @themanwithnoname,@raikuhen, @filotasriza3, i also follow some of the steemstem members... damn now i'm afraid i might miss someone, if i did sorry xD all the people that i follow i comment on their posts or at least try to comment, sometimes trying to creating content and commenting is quite difficult, a day only has 24hours right...

PS- didn't name you because it's obvious, or at least i think xD


Your funny, thanks for sharing boss 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


You're a great guy. I wish i could visit other blogs and read stuff like you do. i try, but i know it's not good enough. Keep it up

Steemit is the great in this situation...

Keep On STACKIN...awesome post


Always 🤣

I can advice a lot of people to follow, they are all included in my posts, I will share all those links now, they are old post, not for an upvote but just to share :

  1. In this post I've included all the steemit ladies I am following, they are doing an amazing work and we men have to support them :Feminine energy in steemit 👩

  2. The second post is about people who support me and I follow them and promote them for that, you will find them in this post : My incoming upvotes from the best witnesses and whales !

  3. My third list is about people who I suppport in steemit and they are using my little service, and they are all here : My outcoming upvotes to outstanding steemians !.

I always support the quality in steemit and fight spam, I hope I will find more people to follow and support, steemit is a social network and we all have to help each other !

I follow @stackin, he's so cool! :D


I try to be 😂


You are already. :)

Haha I only follow few of course those "clean" bots starting the blacklisting trend like minnowbooster.



I think steem is the bet and i love to read yor last social links for help you are really a great steemer i alsoi going for joining your facebook group thanks for providing link


Appppresssh! People can connect with everywhere, Omnipresence lol

started following you just beacise of posting this usefull stuff. not like me. posting crap

Hello @stackin

This is an interesting and engaging concept. My list includes

@stackin @surpassinggoogle @papa-pepper @rok-sivante @hansikhouse and @ogoowinner

Their write ups are always very engaging..


Awesome post and a perfect oppertunity for other people to shine! In this case it is not a person. It's a bad-ass dinosaur who tries to be terrifing!
I litteraly met him in "person/dinosaur" when I went skiing in Austria. What a legend :D Give him some love Steemians!

snap (3).jpg

🦖 Roooaaarr @trexxie ofcourse!

My friend @dboontje did meet him in real life on his last trip for work.

Really crazy scar(funn)y dinosaur! 👻


All badasses right there 😎

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Besides @stackin of course, I like @broncnutz


Yeah man, the beast from Colorado Springs 😂

Yes, ideas do not end up creating more forums, but what matters is the size of the audience they accept

Personaly I don't follow others unless their content is quality. So everyone on my feed!

These are the people I find really creative in steemit and some are thinkers.
And i follow you too


That’s a huge list! Thanks for the recommendations! 💯

very interesting i guess now a days following everything people love each platform dtube i guess the most

Well reputation is good,but vanity is not...
At first you were also so little reputation,too..
i also seemed as you,but i understand the dialogue of the wise..
thanks,sir @stakin..


You know the beauty of this post?? Followed each and everyone who got tagged in comments. Now I will check each and every post of them. Thank you @stackin or such wonderful idea.

Shouted you out in my Vlog...😂

"I'm not @stackin... I'm Slackin"

Great and editing post

Missed you! I've been AWOL lol Ugh, I hate when I miss a day or two on Steemit. I feel like I missed out on so much! I was just in your town not long ago, maybe one day I can show up to a Steemit meetup in your neck of the woods! Hugs and hope you are well!

I have a question for you but it is offtopic, would that be ok to ask on this post?

Hey, Thanks For Giving Us The Chance To Shout Out Other Great Producers!

My Favorite Steemians!


Great breakdown of STEEMIANS! 🤩