A DOLLAR A DAY : Off to a good start - funds available soon...

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Thank you for the great response to the relaunch of A Dollar A Day.

It looks like A Dollar A Day will be able to add value to the community and provide a useful fundraising service.

After the announcement on the @pennsif blog it was great to receive donations and offers of help from a number of people including @sofian88, @rupok, @papi.mati and @sabbirrr.

A Dollar A Day - Support Received So Far

A Dollar A Day is happy to receive support in the form of donations, beneficiaries and delegations.


So far donations have been received from @sofian88 (20 STEEM), @rupok (5 STEEM) and @pennsif (31 STEEM for May, 30 SBD for June).

Total funds currently stand at 56.0 STEEM and 30.1 SBD, equivalent to approximately US$ 263 at current prices.


@papi.mati and @sabbirrr are currently setting @adollaraday as a 10% beneficiary on their posts...

Please do visit these posts and vote on them if you can.

You might particularly want to check out @papi.mati's new Steemit Weekly project and @sabbirrr's The Steemit City Community.

@pennsif is also setting a 25% beneficiary to @adollaraday on most of his posts.


To help the account jump up to instant Dolphin status @pennsif has delegated 3,000 SP to the @adollaraday account.

@adollaraday also some residual delegations from when it was active two years ago.

These delegations include 540 SP from @steemchurch, 213 SP from @homesteaderscoop. 54 SP from @lillywilton, 54 SP from @makinstuff and 10 SP from @carlagonz.

Together with 1353 SP that was left in the account from before, these delegations bring the total effective voting power of @adollaraday to 5215 SP which produces a vote worth $0.12 at full strength.

A Dollar A Day - How Funds will be Distributed

It is too early yet to predict how much will be raised in this first month - but the equivalent of US$ 500 would be good.

We will be looking to distribute this at the end of the month to appropriate organisations and individuals carrying out charitable and humanitarian projects, as well as more ad hoc 'acts of kindness'.

@adollaraday will shortly be publishing details on how to apply if you or your organisation would like a share of the funds raised.

In the meantime @adollaraday will be supporting with its growing voting power a range of accounts including other charitable projects and supporters of A Dollar A Day.

So far in the past 7 days @adollaraday has voted on posts from @peachyladiva, @thisarani96, @sweetspicy, @crypto.kids, @sabbirrr, @mariana4ve, @irawandedy, @klen.civil, @bd-charity, @georgie84, @el-nailul and @papi.mati.

If you think your account would be appropriate for @adollaraday to support with votes please leave a brief comment below explaining why.

A Dollar A Day has got off to a great restart.

With support from the community it can become even better and more effective than it was first time round.

Working alongside the other charitable projects like Steem.Amal, SL-Charity and World Smile Project, A Dollar A Day can hopefully play its part in demonstrating the power of Steem to do good.

Thank you


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250 sp has been delegated and also a little SBD to support your project

FYI: Next week I will start the new support to Venezuela Housing Project in collaboration with @mariana4ve and @crypto.kids lovely team

cc: @pennsif

Best Regard

Bagaimana saya bisa mendukung program ini. Saya tertarik terlibat dalam program seperti ini.

That will be great if you would like to get involved with A Dollar A Day.

For raising funds the three main ways are donations, delegation and post beneficiaries. All are welcome.

For distributing funds I will be posting soon inviting suggestions for projects to donate to.

Saya tertarik dengan delegasi SP.

That will be great, thank you.

Dalam minggu ini saya akan mendelegasikannya...

Excellent, thank you

You are welcome

Sangat luar biasa keinginan bro @anroja hanya saja kami masih sangat kecil steemnya untuk bisa berpartisipasi bersama @adollaraday

excuse me . I am a player in doing a good job in this steemit several times I have been in a relationship to send my charity to the @adollarday account and I don't know fully to delegate to you if I can help my charity for you guys see a lot of friends here Many of your good comments and friendly and I really like them but I don't really know them but I keep seeing other comments so I can learn and communicate well with my comrades in arms 🤗🙋🏻‍♂️☺️

@baseru. I am Baseru by name and i love the initiative by @adollaraday to rais funds for the purpose of helping the poor this will go along way to present a positive Image for steemit and steemians, i will will really like to be upvoted or recieve any form of support from this plant form as their objectives are in line with what am out for, i love helping people in difficulties and providing value to my community by providing positively be it financial or moral. So i think any form of support from your community will only empower me to achieve more.

This is a great news at a great time, I am @bigssam. Am here to present our project #steem-virtualstore. Steem-VirtualStore is an online store that has been created here on Steemit to help steemains advertise their products and accept steem as a medium of exchange. We are working to bring steem to the doors of the populace and by so doing try and find investors for steem. This intiative is not meant for self enrich but create a medium to help steemains advertise for free. I will be glad to have a support from @adollarday.

I love to see it, just like the old time, let support those in need again!

Otra gran idea del amigo Penssif. Idea que inspira a otras ideas y proyectos en crecimiento. Gracias por el apoyo y la promoción brindada.

Saludos y muchísimos éxitos en esta iniciativa.

sin duda una gran noticia, se les extrañaba amigos

We are happy that @adollarday can be accepted again by the community. I will delegate 100 Sp, hopefully useful.

And I think my account deserves a vote from @adollarday, because most of my posts share rewards to support steem.amal activities, and in the future there will be 2 accounts that receive rewards from most of my posts, namely @steem.amal and @adollaraday

is there a special hashtag to share rewards? like #steemamal25pc

Wow, this is really amazing.. Starting up this project to impact lives through Steem!
Great work!

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