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Three years ago I set up a charitable fundraising organisation on Steem called A Dollar A Day.

It raised money through collecting lots of small regular donations from several dozen generous Steemians.

These funds were gathered together and used to give financial help to around a dozen groups on Steem who were doing charitable and humanitarian work around the world.

A Dollar A Day was fully active for around 9 months and in that time it raised over $5,000.

With all the great charitable activities now appearing on Steem I decided that now is the time to revive A Dollar A Day.

A Dollar A Day - How it will raise funds

When A Dollar A Day was set up late in 2017 it operated by inviting people to make a daily donation of 1 SBD (then worth about $1) for as long as they wanted to. At the peak we had up to 30 people contributing like this.

Some people regularly donated STEEM instead of SBD, while others made one-off contributions. Some also supported the project by delegating to the @adollaraday account which was used to upvote the posts of the recipient charitable organisations.

We also had a number of Witness Supporters who helped A Dollar A Day with larger donations and delegations.

With this revival of A Dollar A Day while I would be delighted to receive any contributions or delegations to @adollaraday, in the first instance I am treating this as my personal fundraising initiative to see how I can help.

Initially I will be supporting A Dollar A Day in three ways...

  1. I will be setting a minimum 10% beneficiary on all my posts to @adollaraday

  2. I will be donating 1 SBD per day to the @adollaraday fund holding account

  3. I will be delegating 3000 Steem Power to the @adollaraday account to make it an instant Dolphin.

I will review all my fundraising efforts at the end of the first month to see if I need to change my numbers to make it effective.

A Dollar A Day - How it will distribute funds

There are many groups already doing good work like Steem.Amal (Indonesia), SL-Charity (Sri-Lanka), the World Smile Project (Venezuela, Indonesia & the Philippines), and the Steemit Community Pantry (the Philippines).

A considerable number of individuals are also doing many great 'acts of kindness' particularly through the Steem Women's Club.

While many of the organisations supported by A Dollar A Day in the past (like School For SDG4 in Bangladesh, Papillon Charity in South Africa, ScholarsPH in the Philippines) have now sadly left Steem, there are a few that are still operating on Steem like Little Disciples in Venezuela, The Greens in Cameroon and BetterVision in Ghana.

I will attempt to support as many organisations and individuals as possible although my resources will be limited, at least at first.

I will be making the first distribution of liquid funds at the end of June. I will be posting before then with more details but in the meantime if any individual or organisation would like to be considered for funding or voting support please do comment below.

It is very different times on Steem now than it was in 2017 and 2018 so I am unsure how A Dollar A Day will work or how it will be received this time round.

However I hope it can do some good, and act as one more small indicator of the potential power for good that Steem and the Steem community represents.

Thank you


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Nice work! You just got yourself a $3.32 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at acom.uno or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

Nice work! You just got yourself a $3.20 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at acom.uno or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

Great initiative @pennsif

I just sent 20 steem to account @adollaraday
I support @adollaraday


Thank you, that is very kind.

This is a great charity @pennsif .. I really support this aid activity for us to donate to the community and orphans or the poor.

We in ACEH, Indonesia have also been raising funds for humanity for more than 3 years.. but only this month I started raising funds through this STEEMIT platform. we have sent aid for orphans and the poor as well as for the sick and disabled people who are unable to finance their lives in the past 3 years.

This our Act of Kindness


To be able to collect funds I really need support and assistance from all parties so that we can help each other through this Steem Blockchain.

Thank you very much for your activities and your writings, it really inspires us and gives us enthusiasm to continue working to help the community. Hopefully we can all work together and help the poor and orphans

Kind regards and warm greetings from Indonesia @rijalaronaceh

You might want to connect with @el-nailul and the Steem.Amal team.

Ok Sir..
Thank For Your Support and information..
If you have something.. please tell me..
Nice to meet you here.. I am Sure our programs for donation and Kindness will be successful.
Good luck Sir..

That's awesome! I probably need to get gtpjfoodbank back in action soon.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

That would be good.

Wow @pennsif! You are great at more than just sharing Steemit news! This is a great initiative, and I will for sure @adollaraday as a beneficiary to some of my upcoming posts! I sure like the sound of it! :)

So great when you have a vision larger than yourself, not only in the physical world but when blogging on Steemit!!

That will be great, thank you.

Your page is soo good for new subscribers @pennsif keep helping us Love steemit ❤️

That's a great initiative. I will also try to be the part of this initiative by making beneficiaries 10% to @adollaraday account. Great work @pennsif sir. Now i am sending 5 steem to @adollaraday account.



That is great, thank you

Sir i have organised a contest in open the world community. Total prize is 15 steem. Sir if you include the contest in Win With Steem then a lot of steemian can take part and win steem. Thank you sir.

The @adolloarday project will help support more charity activities on the steemit blockchain and outside the steemit blockchain .. if a lot of people can be of help as you mentioned above , donating a $1 daily shouldn't be a problem at all

I have almost nothing to donate, but at least I can give a vote and re-blog

Thank you

Perfect! Thanks for informing about adollaraday.
I'll do my best to support it somehow as well.

Thank you

That's is indeed a great job, A Dollar A Day. I would love to join and share. Thanks very much @pennsif.

This is such a great news! ☺️

I am happy to know that our Steemit Community Pantry is being recognized. Me, my husband @steemitcebu, my sister @sweetspicy, nephew @jufranketchup and the rest of the steemians in our family will work hard for it once we get out from the hospital and our newborn baby is well.

Maybe you can also support our fellow steemians who do fund raising to help us with our hospital bills. You can support the post in any ways you can. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


God bless you!

wow @pennsif you are doing can only be rewarded by God almighty. I will always make my donations, I just did a power-up today before seeing the post. @yeesja is a charitable organ and we shall be grateful to benefit from your largest.

I love the idea and I wish you success

This is an excellent project and I want to see the success of your project my friend, and for the world smile project this week I am gonna extend to Nigeria for helping the children there.

Great initiative, @pennsif!

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