The Number One Reason I Stay on Steemit: 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Six

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I've loved my time here on Steemit, even through the many ups and downs. I'm still here, and I'm very excited about what the future holds for both Steemit/STEEM and myself on this platform.

@Dragosroua is challenging Steemians to a 30-Day Writing Challenge. For day #6, he's asking us to write about the main reason we stay on Steemit. Here is my short response, reflecting on why I'm still here.

The Main Reason I Stay on Steemit


It's been just over four months since I started here on Steemit. I'll be honest, there were many times over the first month when I thought about giving up. I ran out of bandwidth and couldn't make posts, my voting power was so low I wasn't even earning a penny per vote, I didn't understand half of the features I saw, and I had no clue what the difference was between Steem, Steem Power, SBD, etc.

What first started to get my attention and what helped me come back were the responses I would get from actual people (which do really exist among the many bots) on my posts and comments on their articles. These interactions were rich and I was beginning to make connections with complete strangers (I'm a sucker for networking). I later found the Steem Poker League, which has turned me into an avid user of Steemit compared to a mildly engaged user.

So if being forced to choose a single reason I'm still here on Steemit, I would say the Steem Poker League (@SPL). However, there are many reasons why I'm still here, including the friends, great content, financial opportunity, and my interest in learning more about cryptocurrency projects.

What is the main reason you stay on Steemit

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I have just looked into steemit again from 2 weeks ago even though I signed up in January. I find it quite exciting to learn about how the system works. Also the challenge to come up with something to write or to share everyday.


Fantastic! Glad to have you back!