The words that children should never say

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While ruling, it is not necessary to say something that is a permanent negative impact on a child's mind.

After being born in the world, every man grew up with the sincerity of love, affection, affection and love for two people. The two men are mother and father. In today's day, how many people are creating their own identity, their unique contributions are behind them. There is no way to deny this simple and true truth. On the way of life, in every direction, for guidance and help, mother and father always live beside their children. Of course, if they make mistakes, they rule. But never take away the hand of dependence from the children's head.
As a child, many people think that parents and mothers are more than men. But the reality is, they are also ordinary people like us. They also make mistakes, just as we are wrong. Parents do not do the same things, they have a great effect on their children's lives. Because, every child learns from every act of his parents. In this case, when they do something wrong, the negative effects of it are on their children very large. Especially, when they get angry, when children rule children, they often show wrong behavior and say wrong things. They may not even realize that they are unknowingly neglecting their children's mentality!
Every child needs to rule. But while ruling, it should not be absolutely necessary to say something that would have a permanent negative impact on a child's mind. Find out which words a parent should not say or rule over their children.

"Stop crying right now"
The baby is crying out for absolutely no reason and no one can stop her cry. Nevertheless, this word can never be called to him. Not very hard, especially in the voice. Because, a child does not know how to control his feelings. He would stop crying some time after threatening or fearing him repeatedly. But, there will be a negative impact in his mind. As a result, she will begin to hide her emotions.
So instead of saying that, he can be said to be 'crying, there is no problem. But tell me why you are crying. What can I do for you? '
"I'm very angry with you"
Parents say this to their children when they face any kind of uncomfortable situation. Or their children are doing any work that has made them unpardonable to others. If the child has done any wrong thing, then he must explain. He would have to say, 'The work you did was not right. We will talk about it later. '
"You're absolutely useless"
There is something that a child should never say to his parents, in any case. That is the thing - you are absolutely useless! Every child wants to hear something better from his parents. Wants their consent They seek cooperation from them. At the same time, every child hides a hidden fear in the mind - how are they like their parents? So when a child listens to such a thing from their parents, they are mentally broken down completely. If the child fails, then he must be motivated to make a mistake. Have courage. He will have to say, 'Nobody is self-sufficient. So you have to try more. After all, it will be able to fix everything. '
"You are a very bad / naughty child"
It is also a word like the previous word, which should never be called a child. It can be said, this word is very banned like 'red alert'! Children will be agitated, mischief. Because their age is such. But due to the fact that he can not be heard in such a way that he is deprived of his words. The child may do something wrong. For him, he must understand why the job is wrong. Why should not work. For a single job a child can not become bad in any way.

"I'm doing everything for you"
A very common and natural thing is that every parent will try to do everything they can for their own child. It is not anything extra! There is nothing to tell it in front of the children separately! No child came to this world in his own will. The parents' combined efforts and the desire to see the light of this world. Therefore, it is very unacceptable to make such statements in front of children. Such statements create additional pressure on children's mind. They start thinking of themselves as a burden to their parents. For that reason, every parent has to abstain from saying such things in all circumstances.
"Older children are never afraid"
Everyone is scared. Everyone from big to small fears. The fear works among all. It is not possible to overcome the fear of children's thoughts, but on the other hand, a lot of emotional pressure is created on them. Under any circumstances, if you fear the child, you have to behave like a friend when you feel nervous. He will have to say, 'There is no problem if you are afraid. I am next to me Everyone is scared. But tell me what you are afraid of. '
"You're so thick"
The question is not kept in front of you. Should parents ever say such a thing to their child? Even if you are a child! The answer must be - never! Just so If a child is obese then he knows it well. Even if the parents begin to tell him separately, then the child will start to suffer from very low levels. In this case, the child will have to say, 'I wonder if I will start some new exercises from tomorrow. Will you also exercise with me? '
It's good to know what the child is saying to the child. Since the children are very delicate, they can get a lot of psychological injury even in very small talk. If you want to make the child educated and educated, you will have to correct yourself first.


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