(Part 6) Making Money with BitBean is Almost Too Easy - Week 2 & 3 Wrap-Up!steemCreated with Sketch.

in chainbb •  8 months ago

Been awhile since the last update, but the stats are in:

~21 Days

~23 Sprouts

~23,000 BitB

Week 2

Week 3

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Awesome! can't wait to see sprouts in my wallet!


Best of luck to you :)


I want to sprout bitbean by my self but I can't let my pc run 24/7. Are there other ways so I can do this?



Have you looked into running your wallet on a VPS? We have several members who have gone that route and found it to be profitable.


No, but can you tell me something more about it?

Edit: What site do I need for VPS?


No one who knows what VPS I need for set up a bitbean wallet?

I Love you Bitbean.
Love, Me

I have some bitbeana in bittrex how do I send this to bitbeans official wallet

wow amazing, I would like to have a bit of bitbeans to win something there are no donations? lol good luck

I have some bean cash on Bittrex how do I get it to sprout ?