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Hi @elear
I am loving to be able to use utopian-io to post my tutorials and share knowledge. Here are my (very simplified) opinions and what I want very very much to be done on the next version

  • When enabling pro reviews we could choose to pay more fees if we want to, more than the minimum. Me, for example, @utopian-io has given me a good visibility, in my opinion worth more than 15% of the liquid tips, in my utopian-io submissions I always give more than 20% of the rewards to as beneficiary using the SteemPlus addon, sometimes even 45% , so I would be very happy to give back and contribute more than the minimum, the minimum would make me feel that I am not doing enough to contribute back to make utopian grow, and utopian growth is good for me, so by giving more I feel that in the long term I am getting more, if that makes sense

  • Some kind of page or root index to compile tutorials, I am new to utopian,if there is something like that I am sorry, but I couldn't easily find it, but if we had an interface to browse categories, for example, to help me find tutorials on JavaScript, and something to compile all the tutorials from an specific series, so I browse the tutorials category, browse the JavaScript classes, find one tutorial and I have a chain that leads me to all tutorials from that specific series of that specific person, that would be great for the student to find new content and keep following the series for a smooth learning experience, and would be great for the tutorial creator, because he has a reader coming back.

Just please, put some focus on the tutorials, my vision and goal on using utopian is to be able to empower people so that they are bottlenecked by their creativity, not by their technical skills, my tutorials focus very much on that for example, I try to make them "CTRL+C CTRL+V" friendly so non programmers can make their Steem apps too.
Just don't follow Udemy's or Youtube's path, where new creators are shadowed by big creators and old users have privileges of exposition over new users

great work, goob job
thank you for that, appreciate

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Your first point is like a big surprise for me as I did not know people were willing to share more of their rewards with Utopian for a similar reason. Since Utopian will have its own platform for the content, it will be easier to discover and navigate through a submitted content.

Honestly I don't know many people that are actually, but I am, it feels like I am making an investment on myself if that makes sense. I still don't have enough funds to donate or delegate to project I use/support, but I can share the rewards I receive hoping that it pays off in the long term

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Thanks @igormuba for such valuable points. We definitely want to make tutorials as powerful and accessible as possible.

Best pill yet! I am hooked. This is very good stuff. You guys are putting together a very professional front end. I like it very much.
WOW when you said Pro Review it already made me scared. Can I produce something that will be acceptable for a Pro Review.

Will these be licensed Professional by the government or Utopian? JK

One of my pet peeves in life is how some people are called professionals because of some credentials they have paid the government for. Lawyers, Doctors, Electricians and Plumbers in the USA have a License. I am opposed to that. Most people give these people some God like status in our society. They are just men and women like you and I who have a License.

I will leave you with the signature from my email.

The grand essentials of happiness is someone to love, believing in something greater than yourself, something to hope for and equally important something to do.

Every licensing is an injury to liberty, as government takes away your rights
and then sells it back to you.

Commitment, talent, skills, code of conduct and tools. This is what makes us Pro :)

Did someone say !tip ?

Eheeh thanks for the tip!

Sounds like a lot of thought has gone into this. Inspiring. GL

Definitely lots of brainstorming before we came up with this final plan :)

I'm very excited for the new UI. Utopian is a huge selling point when I'm talking to people about the power of the Steem blockchain and its growing ecosystem of Steem-based apps.

Thanks a lot @birdinc. We believe the new UI will be a massive success.

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Dear @elear

I just decided to visit your profile and check out your latest content only to notice that you didn't blog in quite a while already.

Hope you didn't give up completely on Steemit?

Cheers, Piotr