Facebook Censorship is Pushed by a Think Tank Funded by Governments, Military and Banking

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Facebook has been expelling political pages and people from it's platform for months now. Is Facebook truly private? Are private companies allowed to do whatever they want? What about when tax payer money is being used to fund parts of their operation? How much money would it take to make Facebook accountable to the public?

This is something we have to understand more deeply when looking at Facebook. Many people have been simplifying Facebook's actions as acceptable because it is seen as a private company that can choose who it associates with, and who to reject, like Alex Jones and now many others. But Facebook isn't purely private to be able to have carte-blanche and cut off access to certain segments of the public.

Fake news has been a target of concern for mainstream media and politicians who want to control the information that is accessed by millions and billions of people, especially Americans. Russian hacking was blamed for the Dems losing the past election. Partnerships have been made between companies like Facebook, YouTube, the mainstream media and "authoritative" organizations in order to "fight" what they declare to be "fake news".

Snopes, Politifact and Wikipedia have come to the front of the battle to quell any alternative news from spreading too far as "authoritative" sources, along with the mainstream media. But Facebook has also partnered with the Atlantic Council, and it's Digital Forensic Research Lab to deal with "real-time insights and updates on emerging threats and disinformation campaigns from around the world". Those threats have determined many of Facebooks actions. This has led to the purging the platform of many pages and accounts, as we've seen with alternative health pages, Alex Jones, Info Wars, Free Through Project, AntiMedia, Police the Police, and more sources of information they deem to be "threats" to the established narrative.

The decisions on how to police the platform has been provided by a think-tank called the Atlantic Council, which is highly funded by governmental, political, military and banking organizations. This includes NATO, the European Union, AIPAC, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Marine Corp, U.S. Navy, Lockhead Martin, Raytheon, JPMorgan Chase, Rockefeller and Co, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Soros' Open Society Initiative for Europe.


The Atlantic Council is not a private endeavor, but rather publicly funded through tax payer money and is a 501c3 nonprofit with tax-exempt benefits from the government. And their partnership to determine Facebook's censorship policies means Facebook is being directed by publicly funded think-tank. The source that pay for the think-tank and arguably paying for how it "thinks" are engaged in fostering a certain narrative about the world, and manufacturing wars across the planet. This is how Facebook's "threat" data and censorship decisions are being decided, from a political propaganda arm of NATO, the arms industry war-machine, and banking. Is Facebook truly private then?

One example of direction the the Atlantic Council is pursing is that a former NATO press officer, Ben Nimmo, is also an Atlantic Council board member. He claimed some people who were critical of NATO were paid Kremlin trolls, and bots. When one of those people came forward to prove they were human on Sky News, Nimmo didn't apologize for his spreading of fake news, and neither did the mainstream media hold him to account for his falsehoods. He tweeted:

Interesting to see the real face of Ian56789, rather than the David Gandy one, at last.

Not a troll factory account. Rather, a pro-Kremlin troll (definition based on use of someone else's picture, systematic use of Kremlin narratives, and repetitive abusive behaviour).


WikiLeaks was the one that called him out on his bullshit though:

You literally produced, with money from weapons companies and dictatorships, a fake news story that spread all over the world, defaming a very British retiree, who wants to reduce arms company profits, as a Kremlin bot. So who's the paid troll?


This is the source of Facebook's (or Fakebook's) decisions on who is deemed a "threat" to "real news" and "truth". They have a propaganda fake news creating think-thank calling the shots to keep the pro-war and other establishment narratives alive and determining the opinions of masses of the public consciousness. People aren't being allowed to access certain information that contradicts the "reality" they want to construct.

Facebook has government-funded groups running parts of it's operations, and that makes it a deeply ingrained government corporation, not a purely private one. Censorship is steadily becoming the norm of society. The information hubs that used to have many voices challenging the status quo and established narratives are no longer the free thinking places they used to be. Will the masses continue to accept this, or can we change it?

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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The silver lining is the more they act out on what they are calling fake news the more attention they bring to the very news they fear. I have said it many times now, but the extremes we see taking place here almost seems meant to drive people into certain corners. The "enemy" is shouting as loud as they can that they are the enemy which just doesn't seem logical unless they feel so confident and plan on making more extreme moves very soon.

I agree very much, they are digging their own grave. People leave Fakebook in droves and have been for a while. I think that the population in America and many other countries see the censorship and restrictions and we are naturally inclined to steer away from that. Look at how many people could care less about the mainstream news and those bogus award shows. They keep crying that the shows are getting viewed less and blame all kinds of sources except the fact that people aren't putting up with their crap anymore.

The boring entertainment like celebrity idolization and award shows sure, but ppl still flock to entertainment. Funny videos and memes are much more popular for now, maybe that will shift in the future where info is more desired that nonsense...

  ·  last year (edited)

But to many people, they aren't the enemy. 3 million followers for TFTP isn't much compared to others. Most people don't care, they just want to socialize and look at funny videos or memes... It s brazen only to the ones who can see things as they are, which isn't the majority. Only when it personally affects them will most ppl care about what is happening. Maybe more and more ppl will wake up to see what they are doing, and that will slowly kill these platforms... but maybe that's just being too optimistic hehe ;)

The fact that these ppl have impunity in accusing others of being bots is very troubling. We need accountability with these accusations.

it's not the worst thing, but someone who works for a think tank that claims to fight fake news while spreading it is ridiculous :/

We are in an era of lies, deceits, cheating and fake news. Facebook is doing what masters of the world desire. Amalgamation of politicians, mafia and corporate has taken this world on the verge of destruction.
In my own country no news channel shows the reality. They waste viewers time in unfruitful debates on trivial matters or broadcast news about petty crimes. On many occasions they spread lies and instigates hatred among communities. In this situation, we don't have sources which can provide us news that mainstream media hides from us. Only Facebook is available for us to see and watch news those government and its pet media hides from us.
Facebook is trying to ban all these things but there are dedicated users who bring hidden news to us. So, Facebook is still better in many ways.

Facebook is the face and arms of the puppet masters heh, and we are the puppets :P Yeah, petty crimes, nothing serious about what really happening, it's all a joke the news in most cases... A one-stop location to get all your alternative info from was good, but that laziness bit us in the ass as it was easy to control...

I agree that Facebook is evil but what other options we have? Every social media platform, every mobile app, every internet site is collecting our personal info and selling them to third parties. They all lying to us. Even Steemit is not free from it as one can censor everything here with his powerful downvote. This platform is a perfect place where freedom of express depends on others pleasure.
What alternatives we have? If you know please let me know also. Thanks!

I'm glad more people realize that Fakebook is nothing but an extension of government control. Any company that is allowed to grow that big is highly influenced or outright controlled by government people. Otherwise they don't allow it to get so big.

I think it's just another step in the dehumanization of people when somebody disagrees with someone else they call them a bot or paid troll. These groups are making their messes and mistakes, getting caught using bots and paid trolls, seem like it's others that are doing it to pass the buck. It's a case of do as I say not as I do; don't be or use a bot or paid troll because that's not how a "democracy" works!!! But ignore the fact that I used those very same resources in the run-up to the election in 2016 and before. What a joke. People eat it up though, at least it looks like it online. Those could be more bots or paid trolls as well; we've seen bots have arguments with each other on Twitter to spark a debate amongst real humans.

Yup, typical of governments. The father figure who is a hypocrite and punishes others for doing what they claim their allowed to do themselves.

People should stop calling ppl they disagree with bots. This is very childish behavior.

That is true. But of all the childish behavior this is the least troubling.

DARPA cancelled their own program called Lifelog, which attempted to collect all data from every individual on Earth, into a central database the day before Facebook launched. What a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences.

Woa, that's pretty telling, either for working together, or not bothering to have a project that tries to collect data when a platform will have people willingly provide info that can be collected.

  ·  last year (edited)

Oh yeah? That's interesting. Got a link for that?

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Fake news has been a target of concern for mainstream media and politicians

Fake News - or more correctly lies - is a concern for every democratically thinking person.

So what is your solution if a company does not want to help to spread lies but cannot manage the fact checking alone (as it is always the case)?
Who should they ask?

That's also why some want to regulate the internet itself. Why can't people think for themselves rather than have others censor and remove what they can silence out of bias or ill intent?

Why can't people think for themselves

Because they don't want. Or simply can't out of biology.
Just look at those going round and round that you can't dare to get out of the door because you will instantly get killed by the refugees that came from Syria four years ago.
The year after those came was the year with the lowest murder rate ever. (Germany)

Great stuff, bro!
Keep on exposing
them Reptilians or their
puppets on a string ;)
For those who don't know...
check "David Icke" ;)
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