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The Land Rover Defender can almost be considered a classic car.


The Car

Honestly since its debut, the design of the car has barely been touched. But thankfully there has been one r two updates to the engine and some concessions to technology by way of the Bluetooth and electric windows in front.

Besides that although, standard equipment is abysmal, limited to a barebones audio system, air conditioning and rear folding step. You can opt for a sun roof, side runners, leather seats to replace the cloth, 3rd row seats and heated front seats. Unfortunately, there isn’t much by way of safety either with no airbags to be found. You do have ABS and electronic traction control at least though. The Defender isn’t even classed on the ANCAP safety rating scale.

But that’s not to say that this car doesn’t have a style. The reputation of the Defender is such that the people who are buying this clunky and unpolished vehicle know just WHY they are buying the vehicle – and that’s for its sheer invincibility offroad.

The Drive

We can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this car is off the road. The Defender comes with live beam axles that are geared to whatever you’re going to throw yourself and the car into. It’ll get you through all sorts of terrains and inclines up to 45 degrees and the traction that you’ll get from the engine is going to get you over slippery. Muddy banks or rocks.

Now comes the bad news – that’s all the Defender is really good for because the car is horrendous to drive on the road as an everyday car. With its size that would help to hold you down in off road conditions, its turning circle clocks in at 14.4 metres and there is nothing whatsoever to help you in terms of steering. Obviously none of this is going to make parking easy.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the boxy shape of the car and its tyres lend you a huge amount of noise when you’re travelling. Our take? Use this car sparingly if you’re thinking of taking it anywhere in public.


The Interior

A car that’s meant for the great outdoors isn’t really going to be all decked out in the interior, so don’t expect anything more than basic. The plastics here are tough and there isn’t much sparkle and shine where your dash and controls require more hardy and wearable quality. It’s not exactly the most well-protected interior either – you’ll notice the walls and doors of the Defender are so thin, you wouldn’t want to think of what might happen if there was a collision.


In the back seat, the second row seats are at least easy to flip down and it gives you a fair amount of storage space at the back. You might as well do that too because the seats are rather small to begin with. Again, best to keep to what the Defender does best because it’s no picnic to drive around town in this behemoth.


For an excellent off-road car, the Defender doesn’t tick any of our markers on the road. But contrary to what the reviews say, owners that do drive the Defender on the roads ignore the inadequate driving quality and ergonomics of the car and actually was lyrical about what the car can do.

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It's very nice, love the outside look more than the inside. I need air bags :[, but it's a very nice ride.


it's a beast of a car, mate

I've not even see that model. I know the old one was much loved, but it needed updating for modern times. Not my kind of car anyway. Are you reviewing any hybrid or electric vehicles?


sure, we have some Tesla models coming up

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