Result RM Sotheby's Monterey Sale (August 15-17)

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It's just to make a summary about the RM Sotheby's Monterey sale which was expected to generate sales of more than $US 380 million (more than 100 cars with a minimum price of $US 1,000,000).

Last weeks, I made several posts to present the most beautiful lots... by curiosity it's fun to see if all the cars were sold at what price. Maybe 2 posts as all the result have been posted. Let's start with the star of this auction :

Aston Martin DB5 Bond car

The Aston Martin DB5 James Bond, used as at promotional events for Thunderball, has been sold for $US 6,400,000 and became the most expensive DB5 in the world.

"We are beyond thrilled … and proud to have set a new record for the most valuable DB5 sold at auction." - Barney Ruprecht, auctioneer RM Sotheby’s

My post about it : Aston Martin DB5


Porsche Type 64

This controversial Type 64 (made by Ferdinand Porsche in 1939) didn't sell despite a blunder with rapid bids up to $US 70 million but it was only $US 17 million (some peole said it was due to the auctioneer who was Dutch and his 17 million sounded like 70 million :-) ).

“I’m saying 17, not 70. That’s 17 million.” - Maarten ten Holder, auctioneer RM Sotheby’s

No bids appeared after the correction of the price on the media screen. It wasn't enough money to buy it, it was expected to sell over $US 20 million.

My post about it : Porsche Type 64


1994 McLaren F1 LM-Specification

RM Sotheby's wanted to sell this McLaren F1 for more than $US 23 million but it has been sold just over $US 19 million


All the information about this beast on RM Sotheby's


1953 Aston Martin DB3

The Aston Martin DB3S works race car failed to reach the minimum price ($US 8,750,000)... The highest bid was only of $US 7,500,000.


More about this lot


It wasn't not a huge success. The preliminary total was only $US 245 million, 34% decline from last year auctioneer according to Hagerty (insurance and car value).

"Whether it’s the threat of recession, broad economic volatility or too many cars crammed in too few hours, there’s no denying the this year’s Monterey Auction Week results were depressed." - Hagerty

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Wow those prices are huge, the 94 McLaren is a mad looking car, cheers mate.

The prices are crazy but supposedly the auctions didn't rise very high this year :-0