Boneless Leg of Lamb & got some

in cannabis •  3 months ago

The In Laws are down so we better feed them i suppose, tonight its a boneless leg of Lamb that has been in the slow cooker for the past 4 hours...????
Add in some veges and stuff

Got the Grandparents here and Granddad likes a Bourbon or three

I got a new Vape and an ounce


So now its basically this...oh and the Lamb roast..yum...come around

This is me @kiwiscanlfy

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A Pinot noir goes so good with lamb but bourbon is just as good. Love it


you bring the Pinot when you come over :) there's heaps of food


Brother it’s on! Haha



This is a worthy one of that tasty looking rack in that pot👍

What is that? A type of pipe with Cannabis? Wow actually I didn't see it here my country yet!



its just a vape with vape liquid...pot smoked through bong :)


No idea bro! Not tested before! But I will try to find! Thanks for the info!


Yummy lamb and buds!


lamb was awesome...just firing up the bong now

Can I come? Just for a while :)


yean of course you can...its cold and winter here...not good


It doesn't matter, I'm coming :)))

Vape, ounce, food - a great Sunday evening!

Sounds like a mellow time. With a full stomach. Have a nice journey.



That’s tite!

Awesome time with inlaws haha never... is that a shatter vape or refill?

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Well seems like you guys had some great time ;)

Looks like you are all going to have a great day :)

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Leg of lamb = Power minus Softdrink, I think it is still profitable deal in terms of health.

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lamb meet is delicious...

Please tell me the thing। ?

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