Dying Cancer Patient with nothing to lose agrees to try Cannabis!

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A 90-year-old man's face becomes engulfed in cancer. Doctors offer risky surgery, disfigurement, and painful death. Having heard cannabis cures cancer, his daughter quickly visits local sellers, and extracts the oil using instructions she finds online. But... Will he take it?

Several months ago, my friend's father was diagnosed with an aggressive basal-cell carcinoma, in and on his face. He sent her the above photo after hearing from his doctor that the best case scenario was a series of painful surgeries, infections, heavy medications, relapses, and death. He was suddenly fatigued, depressed, and in constant pain. This intelligent and normally-collected man was rapidly falling apart, and becoming desperate.

Cannabis CURES Cancer

My friend, Chrissy, luckily had the knowledge that cannabis cures almost all types of cancer. Her and I hadn't met back then, but she was aware of the work of Max Igan and other activists who do their best to spread this vital knowledge online, where it is extremely heavily censored by mainstream platforms.

Some of my favourite links by other cannabis healers:

Some of my own cannabis for cancer links:

Chrissy purchased a large amount of potent organic Indica bud - essentially from the free market in her local area - and the tools needed to do the extraction. Almost immediately, she had a batch of full spectrum cannabis oil (aka RSO), and spoke with her father about trying it on his cancer. The date for his first surgery was 30 days away. He was worried about possible legal repercussions of using cannabis, and bothered by the stigma that cannabis is a "drug". Thanks to his open mind, daughter's loving encouragement, and desire to survive, HE AGREED TO TRY THE CANNABIS OIL!

Reluctant to take the medicine internally, Chrissy's father applied the oil directly to his skin, even under his eye, which the cancer was rapidly spreading into.

Symptoms like pain began to fade immediately, and soon his energy and appetite returned. He cancelled his surgery date and continued to apply the oil and bandages to his face. The cancer stopped spreading, and just a few weeks into the treatment, Chrissy's dad sent her this photo update:

Now fully a believer, he is taking the oil orally as well. The cancer is completely gone, and he is feeling better than he has in a long time!

Not to diminish this incredible story, but this is the kind of result I have seen time and time again when using full-spectrum cannabis oil on almost every type of cancer. I know dozens of people who have cured (or are curing) their cancers with cannabis, and followed hundreds of similar stories online, both anecdotally on sites like YouTube, and through research into the literature. My wife @MediKatie keeps her spinal cancer (and effects of the surgeries and radiation) at bay with cannabis extract! It works very well with most skin cancers when applied topically (right onto the tumor), sometimes mixed with other oils for dilution and absorption. Most cancers also respond when the oil is taken internally (in food or capsules).

Half of us will get cancer in our lifetime, and half of those will die from it. But it doesn't have to be that way. Cannabis prevents, treats, and cures almost all known types of cancer - and with more research, will probably also cure the few types that we still have trouble with! This knowledge isn't available in the mainstream, and what's worse, it is actively censored and shunned. Stigma around cannabis, due to decades of government propaganda, continues to impact patients and their families.

Chrissy's dad nearly suffered a painful end because of this lack of knowledge, and stigma around cannabis. Safe and easily-made oil from cannabis bud, and nothing else, completely cured his "incurable" cancer and gave him his life back. That's why it's SO important to continue to spread this lifesaving information, backed up by hundreds of scientific studies from the most respected universities in the world, to everyone who will hear it!

And we must continue to fight for decriminalization (the end of prohibition), not the fake "legalization" being jammed down our throats! There should never be any punishment for growing or using cannabis for medicine!

Cannabis CURES cancer!
End cannabis prohibition!

(Note: Thank you to Chrissy and her father for agreeing to have their story told. I hope this reaches and helps others who need it.)


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What an amazing story, congrats to him. I'm glad he smartened up and finally took the cannabis oil. Nothing like cancer destroying your face to make you come to your senses. Thanks for including my research! He's looking much better :)

It's so hard to hear stories of people saying "when I had tried everything else, and was about to die, I finally tried cannabis". How many people end up dying because they deny the proper medicine until they're literally on their death bed? Cannabis should be a front-line treatment for almost all cancers, worldwide, starting yesterday!

What an amazing story! It is such a shame that this is not in the mainstream. Instead people choose to be skeptical, and dismiss it. When instead they should dig a little, read the story's, and give it a try. What else do they have to lose? Thanks for sharing and dropping this for us here on Weedcash/Steem. I am dropping this post in the canna server for everyone to see.

Congratulations on your recovery! Thanks for posting this miraculous story, @Drutter. This post is a goldmine of information for certain people. We hope the message is spread far and wide!

This is AMAZING... such proof plants are powerful allies. I wish it was readily available here in Australia.

Great news on his recovery.

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Agreed, cancer claims far too many lives as it is. #fuckcancer
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