Cannabis Cures Cancer! (17min)

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DRutter and MediKatie show how cannabis cures many cancers, including several that conventional treatments can't, safely and without harmful side-effects. A cure for this deadly and widespread disease is being hidden from the general population by the powerful chemotherapy industry. YouTube now bans any discussion of natural plant-based treatments for illness, so finding this lifesaving information is getting harder and harder!

"Cannabis Cures Cancer" was originally episode 8 of our YouTube series "Power to the Patients", uploaded in March 2016. This updated version was edited for the Steem blockchain in mid 2018, and is made available now in 2019 via 3Speak's anti-censorship platform.

Below, access hundreds of links to excellent studies from Universities all around the world to back up the factual statement "cannabis cures cancer". Since production, thousands have seen this video, and even CNN has finally started to cover the truth, although the public has been slow to catch on. Please keep spreading this video and this message. Let's make it part of common knowledge, as it should be.

Links and info in order mentioned:

To Treat
To Cure
The Endocannabinoid System
Nixon study 1974/5
Sanchez & Guzman 1998


Guzman 2006 clinical trial
BC Children's
anecdotal info
Brave Mykayla Comstock

Power to the Patients YouTube playlist

Other important links:

Run from the Cure

Rick Simpson's website
Guzman 2014

Sanchez 2015

Guzman 2016

225 of the best 'cannabinoids versus cancer' studies we could find!






Glioma (brain & spine)

Lymphoma & Leukemia


Men’s Reproductive (prostate/testicle)






Women’s Reproductive (cervical/uterine/ovarian)


Thank you for helping spread the message!
DRutter & MediKatie

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If anyone's interested in the original 2015 YouTube upload, it's still up if you know where to look, which is here.
And if you'd like to check out the 2018 update for Steemit, which has a video that no longer plays (thanks DTube), go here.

Upvoted... not that it does anything after HF21.... :(
Also, resteemed to my hemptastic followers, this is their kind of post!! <3

We've also resteemed this important info.
It's amazing how many people still believe the propaganda that cannabis causes cancer, when the opposite is true, and easily demonstrated by home gardeners and major universities alike.

Thanks for reposting , @Drutter! I'm proud to have made this with you, and hope it reaches many people despite heavy, heavy censorship.

It's tough not to feel a bit paranoid when YouTube bans discussion of plants curing major illnesses, and also bans conspiracy theories, and the FIB announces that conspiracy theorists are dangerous extremists. I really don't trust the trillion dollar chemo industry, or the cancer societies.

So surprised and sad to see this video get only 15 cents given all the time in research and the valuable information provided to the public. Hopefully it gets noticed, because that's amazing work @Drutter and @MediKatie, thanks! :)

I guess it just needed some time! That's better now.
It's wonderful to get some support from the 3speak team. And a bit more visibility for the knowledge!

Pretty cool 😎

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