My Northern Lights Is TOO Big! {Over 6 Ft. And Broken Branches.}

in canna-curate •  5 months ago

IMG_0264 - Edited.jpg
IMG_0262 - Edited.jpg
IMG_0267 - Edited.jpg
IMG_0269 - Edited.jpg

I must keep this update short.

I wanted to share these pictures and also report that this giant Northern Lights has the most beautiful floral scent reminiscent of purple iris flowers. I've never smelled such a wonderful smell from a plant that hasn't started flowering. I have a feeling the buds will be PACKED with terpenes. Okay I must return to work folks. See you flowering time! :)

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It happens. You still got yourself a very nice Northern Lights cannabis indica

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chicken or beef?


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That is really fixing to be a beast. Sorry for the branches... it's a minor thing though. Just forget about it :)


It's my fault for not lolly-popping.
From now on I will always make access to the bottom of the stem.

Dam! Thats a monster!!

Northern Lights is BOMB! Nice big plant, just keep trying to keep that girl up. Nice job


Thank You!
I'm a huge fan of Alaskan Genetics.

Wow 6 ft tall Northern Lights! Indica is my go to weed when I smoke Pax3 at night. Enjoy your weed flowers! :-)


Thank You!
I love indicas because of the body high.
Same with edibles.

Stay tuned for harvest time :)
I'll have some big nugs to dry!

i love the anticipation of the harvest. one of the best parts of cultivating