Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 25

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Hi everyone! Happy Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 25! Gather around the Insect Pub to see butterflies and other insects, and to make new friends. Post your butterfly and insect photos, or art work for a chance to win Steem Basic Income Shares. A minimum of 2-SBI will be given away; 1-SBI for photos and 1-SBI for art work. If no art work is submitted, then 2-SBI will be given for photos. Depending on how many entries there are, I might be able to give away more. Entries will not be judged and winners are chosen at random. You have 6 days for entries in this post and then a new one will begin. Thanks to all for your amazing entries! There were 3 winners for Week-24 and they are @shasta, @hangin and @bambuka. Congratulations!

Here are the rules for the Giveaway.

1-One submission per person per week.
2-All photos and art work must be your own work. Photos and art work from the internet will not be accepted.
3-Make your own butterfly or insect post and use one of these tags: #butterflyday or #insectpub.
4-Important! To be entered in the giveaway, you must put the link to your post in the comments below.
5-Upvotes to this post are not necessary but would be greatly appreciated, and might allow me to give away more prizes.

I am looking forward to seeing your butterflies and other insects!

Here are my photos for today of the Green June Beetle.

These Green June Beetles, also known as Green June Bugs are large and grow over 1" in length. They appear in late May through the month of June; hence their name.

Adults like this one feed on leaves of a variety of plants and also fruit crops that grow fruits with stones, such as peaches and plums. Their larvae which is also called 'Beetle Grub' can cause damage to lawns. If you have a large brown patch on your lawn, it might be from beetle grub eating the grass roots.

They are a pretty emerald green with a tan or golden border. Their wing coverings may also have a blush of gold. Their underside is a metallic gold which can be seen in these photos.

I found this one on a milkweed plant and it shows the metallic gold underside.

Thanks for stopping by!

All photos are my own.

Information Source:,

This pretty butterfly gif is brought top you by @brisby. Thank you!

Proof of transfer.

Are you looking for a caring community where you can let your creativity and imagination run wild? A place where you have the opportunity to win prizes for your participation? Are you looking for support or for a place that you would like to support? Then head on over to the Freewrite House and have some fun.



WoW...That green june bug beetle in that first photo no wonder they have good armor going through thorn bushes like that really great shots you got of them 😀 😀

Thanks @hangin! No problem with thorns for the green beetle for sure. LOL!
Did you see that you won 1-SBI for Week 24? Congratulations! : )

Oh...really with all this HF21 problem i haven't been checking much i am only now catching up on the latest well thank you so much for that much appreciated 😀

My pleasure! I am just catching up now too. : )

Yep i think we are all a bit behind getting locked out didn't help but all good now 😀

Saludos. Por acá dejo mi participación. Gracias.
Por cierto, hermosos los escarabajos.

Hola @gertu! Me alegra que te gusten los escarabajos. : )
Gracias por tu entrada, : )

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Hi @josferod2! Nice to see you here and thanks for your entry. : )

Hi Mike! Let me go have a look. Thanks for your entry. : )

Thats a cool little critter ;)

I thought so too. Thanks for stopping by @tattoodjay! : )

Totally my pleasure to visit

Wow those June bugs get big!! Huge next to the little gnat
in the second photo! Beautiful photography ❤ @whatisnew!!
Thank you so much for the sbi!! :-)

They sure do. I was wondering if anyone was going to see that little gnat. Yay @shasta! Thanks for your compliment, my friend. : )
My pleasure for the SBI. : )

Nice shots of the green june bugs. I used to collect these guys off the peach trees when i was a kid. They would bore their way into the peaches. some peaches looked entirely green because of so many beetles embedded in them. Here's my entry for this week.

Thanks @sketch.and.jam! That is crazy about how many of these beetles were embedded in the peaches. I am lucky if I see 2 for the whole year. Thanks for your entry. : )

Lovely and interesting pics as usual @whatisnew
Here is my entry, good luck everyone!

Thanks @karbon! And thanks for your entry! : )

Thanks @redheadpei and thanks for your entry! : )

Howdy Butterfly! you got some really great photos here! How are you, has it been another rough week?

Howdy jonboy! Thanks for your kind words. Oh, yes...another really bad week. I will do a post about it in a day or two. Hope you are doing well. I heard about the shooting in Odessa and I was thinking about you. I hope that wasn't close to where you live. Sooooo sad! Be safe out there jonboy and hope to talk with you more real soon.

We are doing great, thanks for asking. Yes that guy in Odessa was crazy and should have been in a mental institution, he had that gun illegally too. Tragic. There were all kinds of red flags that no one paid attention too including a call to the police complaining about him shooting from his roof but they were too busy to go investigate!

I'm so sorry about your bad week, I hate that!

Howdy jonboy! I am thrilled that you and Mrs. J are doing great. Yup, there were a lot of loopholes in that one and now they are trying even harder to take away our guns.
Thanks for your concern about me. Hugs! I just posted my health update and why I had another bad week which you can read here. All is good now and hopefully will continue. : )

Howdy Butterfly! let's hope you have a good run of many weeks before anything flares up again. I'll go read your post today, thanks so much for getting back to me.

Howdy jonboy! I would love to have a good run of many weeks. Thanks for the good thoughts. : )

Howdy Butterfly! you could sure use it. I shudder to think that winter is just around the corner for you guys up there!

YOU shudder? I am dreading it with a passion!!! Autumn is beautiful but even then it is way too cold for me. LOL!

Hi, interesting beetle and nicely captured.
Here is the link to my post

Thanks @nelinoeva! And thanks for your entry. : )

Hi maili63! Thanks for your entry. : )

These Green June Beetles are very magnificent! Their information is interesting. I also love flowers. The color is lovely. Great capture! ;)

Thank for your kind words and for stopping by @tangmo! I love these flowers too. There are different kinds of Milkweed and these are Common Milkweed. Like you said, their colors are beautiful. They smell wonderful too. : )

You're welcome! Oh! I also love that they smell wonderful. ;)

What a beautiful green but 1 inch?!?!!!! That’s is big!
Here is my entry :)

Hi @djynn! It is big and very thick, or should I say robust. : ) Thanks for your entry. : )

WoW! Thank you so much for SBI. That's a great one!

This green bug is gluttonous, he wants nectar like a bee.
A beetle came to visit me. I did not invite him :-))

My pleasure @bambuka! Thanks for your entry. : )

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