Shy Butterfly / ちょっとシャイな蝶々

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This is my entry for Thursday is Butterfly Day Giveaway- Week 5 hosted by @whatisnew.
I’ll place the rules here but make sure to check @whatisnew’s post to win SBI share!

1-One submission per person per week.
2-All photos and artwork must be your own work. Photos and artwork from the internet will not be accepted.
3-Make your own butterfly post and use the tag #butterflyday as your first tag.
4-Drop the link of your post in the comments below.
5-Upvotes to this post are not necessary to enter but would be greatly appreciated, and would allow me to give away more prizes.

@whatisnew さんのバタフライデー ギブアウェイに参加します!
今週のギブアウェイの投稿はこちら→ Thursday is Butterfly Day Giveaway- Week 5 です。


I actually started out thinking of drawing realistic butterfly but ended up drawing butterfly fairy because I couldn’t draw butterfly body very well haha.
I’m happy with the way it turned out though.
Realistic drawing isn’t my style anyway ;)
Photo below is my rough sketch, lineart and base colouring from the left.



I was very surprised that I managed to finish this drawing without having too much trouble.
I usually wander around not knowing exactly what to do.
I think one of the reasons that I managed to finish it quickly was that I learned to organize my layers a little better.
If you look at the left side of the photo below, that is my layers.
When you draw digitally, you draw different parts of one drawing on different layers...kind of like drawing on different pages that is transparent and they are stacked on top of each other.
I have background layer at the vary bottom then the flower layer folder, leaves layer folder, wing1 layer layer folder and lineart layer at the top.
Each folder contains a base colour layer , shade1 layer, shade2 layer, shade3 layer and light layer.
I think organizing layers is great because it guided me on where to colour and add shading first.



Hope you like it.


Shy Butterfly / ちょっとシャイな蝶々



Thanks for visiting!



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What an adorable drawing, @djynn! I really like how you went with the fairy theme for the butterfly because this fairy has a wonderfully cute face with its large and curious eyes, and blonde short hair <3 <3 <3

The flower is pretty also and the leaves are nicely detailed and I love, I looooooooove the huge, blue butterfly wings ! So wonderfully coloured !!!

Good luck with the contest <3 <3 <3


Thank you so much!!!
I learned to colour the eyes and the hair in anime style! ;)
The wings are coloured with the wonderful brush tool called airbrush 🤣 it’s such a newbie friendly brush.
I think I’m in trouble...I love Clip Studio!


Hahahah, that is a good feeling! I am so happy to hear you are enjoying Clip Studio !!! :D

Incredible that you have opted for the fantasy, it is very beautiful and the colors are fantastical.
Yes, I think that is the best option, organize the layers a little. I usually try to be a bit organized, but many times I forget because I usually make many layers. hehheeh
if you use the lasso tool and that brush, you can get great results too and with less fear that you can blur another part of the one that you have to erase later.
You do great lines, it will be easier for you to use it.
How long have I been doing your beautiful drawing?


This one took about 4 hours...still long time but it was a good easy 4 hours ;)
I haven’t master the use of lasso yet. I’ll give it a try!
Thank you so much!


I recommend you try it, you will see that you like it and it will be a little easier to do your work.


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Thank you!

What an adorable little butterfly! I definitely like this one more than if you have made it closer to realism. I also like the flowing of your lines :D.


I think drawing pattern art is helping me a lot with getting my hand steady when I draw.
I felt that the pen was moving the way I wanted :)
Thank you!


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Keep up the great work!


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Thank you so much for the support!


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That is so cute and beautiful. :-)


Thank you so much!




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wow beautiful drawing my friend.. i love the colors.
awesome art my friend. thanks for share with us..


I’m glad to here it. Thank you so much!

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OMG! What an adorable, whimsical butterfly @djynn! I absolutely love everything about it and the flower too, along with the background. I had no idea how involved this was drawing in layers and it was interesting to learn how you did it. Don't forget to drop this link in my contest post to be entered in the drawing. : )


I’m glad you like it and thanks for letting me know about dropping the link!