The Butterfly Colouring Contest #10

in #butterflycolouring5 years ago (edited)

Butterfly Colouring Contest 10.jpg


Hey Everyone!

Let's have another butterfly colouring contest.

Colour the stencil and you might win a prize.

The winning entrant will receive the full contest payout!!

Additionally, I will match the contest payout for the entry I like best. It might be the same as the entry with the highest number of votes, or it might be a different entry.


There are 2 stencils to choose from:

  • Stencil 1:

Stencil 17.jpg

  • Stencil 2:

stencil 19.jpg

Colour the stencils anyway you want, traditional art and digital are both welcome.

Add a background and animation if you want.


One entry per person, please.

The contest closes on Wednesday 17th October.


This is what you need to do:

• Make a post for your entry with the title 'Butterfly Colouring Contest #10'.

• Make the first tag #butterflycolouring.

• Leave a link to your post and picture of your entry in the comments below so that I find it and I know you want to enter the contest.

• If you 100% upvote this post it will increase the payout for the winner.

  • Upvote the entries you think should win. You can upvote your own entry.

I hope YOU will enter!



It is floating in the water.... Aaahhh..

I do like the subdued tone of this one. Very nice.

Really soft, lovely :)

This is so delicate and beautiful looking friend ❣️

Mi entrada amiga.. Mariposa Arcoiris.

A great look for this stencil :)

Excelente, Representa una luz en la oscuridad. Suerte.

I really like this one - it's like a sun catcher on the window!

I like your butterfly!! And your digital shading is so nice. And you added a cute ladybird :)

Thank you dear friend ❣️

Thanks dear friend ❣️

Just getting better and better, very nice.

Thank you brother ❣️

Pastels? In any case, I really love it - especially adding the little ladybugs!

Yes oil pastels digitally, and a lot less messy❣️

Me encantan los tonos amarillos

It's just what came to me... Then, for the background, more yellow just made sense.

This is nice, great finish.

Me gusta mucho esta, los toque de brillo le dan un toque especial

Me alegra que te haya gustado. Gracias

Beautiful and dramatic :)

This is also so cool like the star lights.

I liked the colors, especially the accents.

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