Heads up. Change your witness vote from Jerry Banfield. Here's why...

in busy •  5 months ago

Just a quick heads up to anyone who has voted for @JerryBanfield as a witness.

Please change your vote to someone else.

Here's why...
A post by @jerrybanfield...
Disabling My Steem Witness = More Earnings + Votes for Other Witnesses

HINT: Rather than make tens of thousands of Steem, he is choosing to produce music...

I guess he still loves us, cuz here's a screen capture of how he signed his post...
JerryBanfield Screenshot_20180704_143310.png

Here's where you vote for witnesses


Dustsweeper Footer 2 use this one.png
Meaning you can't
waste your vote

Speaking of @dustsweeper. If you happen to comment, be sure to let me know if you are using it.
That way I can upvote you my 2 cents and it will raise that up so it's not dust and you will actually get paid. Otherwise, I won't waste a vote on your comment. Make sense? If not, maybe you need to read this information...


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Certainly not voting @jerrybanfield, and definitely always using @dustsweeper !!!

Thanks for the information. I never voted for Jerry, but when I went to the witness page, I noticed that 6 of the top 50 witnesses have been disabled in the last 40 hours.

What going on?

Feel free to send your 2 cent vote my way. I use @dustsweeper.


He had my vote for a few days after I ran across one of his outrageous ra ra videos while being a total newbie on here.

I noticed that too about the dead servers. You would think they would automatically be removed from the list or at least put to the bottom of the list.

  • A few people add that @ned is powering down 1M.
    But I've not seen anyone really panicking yet over any of it...

Gotta love dustsweeper! My goal for the longest time is to have a non-dust vote. I had it for a bit and then the price plunged. I'm 2 cents at 100%. 1 cent the rest of the time. I'll keep plugging and chugging...

Never did cast a vote for him, so I guess life goes on as it has been for me. Him doing his thing, me trying to do my thing, and pretty much keeping away from whatever it was he was doing.

Hopefully, people will go and ahead and take away their votes and put them elsewhere, since there's no reason to be voting for dead witness servers. I can't believe how many still have votes for them when they're not doing anything and who knows if they ever will again. It's like having every Republican, Democrat and Third Party candidate who ever ran still having their numbers count every time we have an election.

I guess it can be a sweet gig if you can get it. Top 50 do better than the rest, and the Top 20 the best of all. Anyway, carry on, and Happy Independence Day. :)


Ho Ho Ho happy July 4th!


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