Disabling My Steem Witness = More Earnings + Votes for Other Witnesses

in witness •  5 months ago

Thank you for giving me a chance to serve as one of the top 20 witnesses for Steem this year as seen at https://steemian.info/witnesses and helping me earn tens of thousands of Steem for that contribution!

I am disabling my Steem witness for the reasons explained in the video above because doing so will allow all the other witnesses to have what would otherwise be my blocks, earnings, and votes. This frees me up to completely focus on producing more music where I am releasing a new album every 13th of every month and live streaming the creative process each night at


For any existing witnesses looking to get ahead, I have a nearly finished marketplace platform for Steem which has been in development most of the year that just needs the finishing touches and ongoing development. You are welcome to have all the code and take it for yourself when you get a hold of me on discord at https://jerrybanfield.com/contact/.


Jerry Banfield




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I've just stumbled on this video about disabling your witness. I was browsing your Youtube video. That's how I stumbled on it.

It's very generous of you. Being generous isn't easy. I always thought you had good values and intentions but I was beginning to doubt whether I was right or wrong.

I've always supported you on Steem from the beginning up until 2-3 days before you disabled your witness. That's when I unapproved your witness 2-3 days before you disabled it.

I was beginning to wonder if you had become too addicted to making money which is a very real addiction. I was beginning to wonder if this addiction was getting in the way of your more fundamental intentions.

Money is just a tool.

We all have fears of not having enough money. Some people actually die from not having any money left.

They die at the hand of wars, personal wars, national wars and supra-national wars.

Maybe someday humanity can grow beyond the state it's currently in.

Here's one of my very favorite video of Jerry.


Interesting for sure.

Thank you @jerrybanfield and all the best ! Steemians should regularly check their list to make sure they don't vote inactive witnesses. You can use this online tool to check your list. PS: I am a witness as well and here is my witness thread. ^_^ Thank you.

I sincerely hope you use this time to relax and reprioritize.

You genuinely seem like you are burning out as evidenced by your very strange video from a week or two ago.

Don't be scared to ask for help, your mental health is important.


Finally, someone sensible. 😂💯
Sup @jerrybanfield?

We have witness much drama especially on the trending page. @jerrybanfield I am not a financial advisor but I think rather powering down you choose to keep all that Steem. We have more positive news now than before. Weiss ratings and IT Chinese Ministry about their positive feedback on Steem. We feel the frustration of everyone when the market is tanking but we must not forget there is something called "Great Technology" on this blockchain that will help make the price will shot to the moon. Stay calm always

I’ve been saying for a LONG time that Steem’s crushing downfall is downvoting being able to take away rewards and censor people. It allows people to pay to censor...and there are PLENTY of forces that pay to censor. Censorship costs money—it is the fundamental force! And now look at what has happened: anyone speaking their truth (below) has no visibility—and hidden until click-revealed from the front-end code. Censorship.

I hope you read this. To me, it looks almost coerced and you were possibly reading from somewhere. Not a huge deal, you've stepped on a few toes and offended several. I could care less about all of that, I like that you are similar to me in the social sphere. I am most happy to see the baby carrier! I thought I was the only one that did that LOL! Very cool, earned a new respect from me for that. I am glad you are enjoying the music and see that happiness isn't always about the money. I also see you are powering down and am curious if you are sticking around at all? I'm not going to beg for your witness vote but do ask that people check me out if you so feel inclined. Not going to lie, I'd like a little more money, and I am the change I wish to see. Ask around about #thealliance and how we try to spread the love vs giving negativity on the chain attention. Witnesses I think that do deserve boosts for their dedication and hard work here I think you all should look at (if you aren't already voting on them) are:

"To Thine Ownself...


Don’t forget about @ats-witness!


Added my man😎


Very well said @enginewitty , and that sort of selfless giving to others is exactly why you have my Witness vote.

Good luck with creating music @jerrybanfield, as a popular singer on steemit myself 🤣 I can truly appreciate you wishing to explore fully your artistic talents.

#thealliance #witness


Thanks my man. And the music! Such a freedom, and he's right Jerry, Mr. Coffee here gonna be the next Steemit Got Talent Superstar! ;)


Very well put indeed @enginewitty, I completely agree with you.
@jerrybanfield I cannot help but think that something in your life has gone drastically wrong to have produced such content as you did, not a good move from a top witness, it just makes steemit look wrong in the scheme of things.
I hope you removal and time out will give you some time to seek some sort of help and support which I think you may need right now.


@crazybgadventure put into words what I am not able to do. I was very angry over some of your content, but this social network community we call the STEEM blockchain is marketed many times as being uncensored.

I am in full agreement @jerrybanfield with other commenters here, that you may wish to seek out spiritual or mental health counseling. I perceive that of late you have been very self-destructive. If you need help please do as you have shared that you have done in the past. Find counseling.

I wish nothing but good things for you and your family, but you must come first @jerrybanfield. If not you are no good to yourself, your family or anyone else for that matter. You will just become a burden, and I don't believe you want that to happen.

How do I know these things? Well, ask around. Many of us battle inner demons everyday.

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud

Classic.Witness on the blacklist lol


Total transparency and honesty is absolutely what is missing in our world - trusting the source of creation is an automatically inspiring choice. <3

I hesitantly watched the beginning of the video... and... good for you! Good for Steem!

I look forward to less drama on steem and hope this is less drama in your life and you're happier.

I will be witness 100 NOW!!! (until other witnesses update their nodes)

Good luck Jerry, I wish you lot's of success with music :)

Good luck with your future projects.

Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do.

This is getting more ridiculous day by day...

Bro I try to stand up for you when people bully you, but you are not very truthful. You are taking your witness down and leaving steem because these people are shutting you down and you dropped out of the top 20. Cmon Jerry if you dont care, why do you continue to lie. I wish you luck anyway man, but damn.


He doesn't need to do this, but he's doing it for the benefit of other witnesses. Even as one of the most vocal critics of his recent posts, I think it's pretty kind of him.


is this irony ?


I'm not going to watch/listen to all 21 minutes of the video but taken at face value, what he says here is he's voluntarily giving up witness rewards.


Why didnt he do this when he was top 20 then?

Coincidentally he gives up on Witnessing as he dropped below top 30?

I dont buy it


Having bad judgment and being evil are two different things. This is an overall win for the community.

I don't want him to be a top witness, but he doesn't need to be tarred and feathered either.


I agree. It will be interesting to see where his supporters place their votes now.


Well said


Is that what is happening? Either way, Jerry can choose to be a witness or to discontinue from that any time for any reason, and that does not bother me. I like Jerry.

What's with taking the top off?

Becoming part of a team and lightening my daily load here has been amazing. I recommend stepping back when it is not fun anymore @jerrybanfield and I've done some of the same. I've been making music too! I didn't know you were into that. The other move I made, which you've done better is scaled WAY back on my chat discord memberships, and rarely go to steem.chat.

I love this honesty from you, always did. People who don't see it, are just jealous haters.

Be well brotha. See you round the halls...


my vote is not very powerful but without poking my nose in the bull fights, i feel like your comment was my own words.
The post that has cost him everything was a comment that was talking of bullying of the minnows by the powerful whales who will flag and add them on the watch list for doing exactly what every whale is doing.

His sentiment represented a case that had happened to me when a witness down voted me and called my document a plagiarism but when i asked him to show me and google couldn't find anything he said that plagiarism doesn't have to show on google but he can see it.
After persistent argument the same guy said sorry and changed the comment. this happens too often and if a minnow speaks he is added on a blacklist by one and the other pick up and forever you are censored


You have been powering down long before any of this happened, nice scapegoat.

So will EOS be next for you?


exactly! because only eos is fast enough to make music on it :-)


That reply deserves upvotes :-D


Well with with enough money he can make his own and list it on exchanges ;)

Congratulations on your huge success.We wish for your help in this matter about our steem id..hope you will soon make a video on how to make good content on steemit.Best of luck @jerrybanfield

I'm amazed you can talk about the same thing over and over again for 20 min.

felicidades y mucho éxito

Naahh, you are even selling votes. You are not spreading the rewards.

Thanks for sharing. You can tell you are really stressing over this decision. But as you said money can't buy you happiness. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy!

Thank you for letting those with more time have the spot. Good luck with your music.

I don't know much about this steem giant talking ... when a problem arises witnesses are working hard to get rid of the problem , that is what i understood from the blockchain freeze last days. witnesses and whales are the backbone of steem system(?)..am i right?. they deserve money. Remaining things are upto individual persons. You are done much to steem, you can do more. Make the steem platform better for us. it will give joy to you. Stay happy with music... and do as much as possible to steem..because many people like me are having a hope from this steem.

I didnt need (or dare) to watch the video this time. The words

disabling my witness

were enough for an upvote lol.....

Niceto hear youve earned 10s of thousands of Steem, and that you're only doing this as a favour to the other witnesses...
(If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might wander whether the person or people who who actually run your servers told you to do one..however..)

Good luck with the music

good for us

Just be what ever you want to be Jerry "One Day at a Time"

Haejin is an asshole and his bullying needs to be stopped.

Wow nice

congratulations you are very success man

Am I the only one wondering why you are using this strange picture everytime?

I would guess you quit as witness because you lost support. At which spot where you right now?

How to earn money???


by working
or mining cryptocurrencies

te amo @jerrybanfield saludos desde venezuela papi..

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Giving away the honoured job of a witness for producing music? This is one of your most ridiculous moves, jerry.

STEEM is a sleeping giant, ready to break out - SMT's, communities and Bandwidth Credits are just around the corner. You're pretty much leaving a rocket that is getting ready for launch.

But I'll take any votes from Steemians, who are still voting for @jerrybanfield, very gladly!

You can vote for me either here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses (or through a click on my banner)

Thank you!



yeah but don't you know Jerry by now? he backed out of Dash before the MASSIVE run up...

Jerry backing out of steem witness is VERY bullish for steem hahha


It's more the case that the Dash community wised up way faster than this one did.


Hillary is trying to run in 2020. Think Haiti all over again. Pay to play.


What a way to gain respect! smh


You opportunistic son of a gun! ;)

Vote for therealwolf - not a wasted vote then! :)

Fantastic idea dude...once this idea also come in my mind ..But you implemented it..Awesome dear ..


lol..excellent :-)


possibly the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

I hope to see you in the right way!

Good luck 4 ur music life :)

bluengel_i.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

Am happy for you @jerrybanfield, i pray you hit more than that.

I kind of understand your feeling, I think...

While you're leaving Steem to persue other endeavours, you might still want to keep an eye on your account.

Be sure to use Steemify iOS or Steemify Android Beta (sign up here) to get notifications for your account (if nothing else but for security reasons).

For you, @jerrybanfield, best of luck with your music.

For everyone else, we’ll also be glad to welcome your approval for our witness @blockbrothers.

Vote for us at https://steemit.com/~witnesses

or by clicking on our logo using to vote using Steemconnect.

You are truely a humble man.

Your effort for others to benefit too shall never be in vain.
I hope your music hits the climax.

I respect your decision Jerry. All the best for your decision.

Well. i m real short on steem. Can i have some of it that you don't want anymore or atleast give me some high upvote

good idea jerry. completly focus on producing more music album.

Thats fine, but why are you naked in your videos? Get a shirt first man :p

Hi jerrybanfield,

You have really done an awesome work for steemit community and I am happy to see your other interests too. And wish you best of luck for future projects.


Return the vote please


Leaving comments asking for votes, follows, or other self promotional messages could be seen as spam.

More Information:

The Art of Commenting
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When a witness leaves a comment asking for votes, is that okay? i see that daily on my posts. just trying to learn the right things to do.


"all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"

@jerrybanfield hi brother i wish you lot of success in music and other future fields

I upvoted u plz upvote me...

As a former top 20 witness I know the strain and stress that comes with falling out of the "chosen" group. Hope you still post here man. <3


@Kyle are you still a witness? i have a spare vote to give and i can uproot you.
I have struggled to get my reputation up for months. Thats my only lever of stress on steemit. I was to be among the chosen ones with 70+ reputation

@jerrybanfield welcome my friend and good luck for future buddy

Why you saying "disabled "and not "got blacklisted" :D

it's called burn out, been there done that, here you are a king enough to question a god but that doesn't make you right. there's an old saying don't quit your day job just source it out :)

Best steemit account group so nice article all site best solution .

Nice post
Good luck

hello sir how are you? i am big fan of you i have some question i want to create video like you but i fail so how can i create please help me Thanks advance


Will the divine comedy relieve my stress?

I wish you good luck with going on with your passion for music

Good luck Jerry. I know things didn't quite work out for you here but at least you gave it a shot. The bot owners are also going to miss your cash.

frees you up to do "music" ahem making more time to suck your own D!