Gratitude Day 36/62: Blockchain Association of Nigeria

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Today is indeed a very remarkable day. It marks the beginning of a movement that will change the Nigerian Crypto space forever.

Chris Ani(CEO of Cryptohub), Tony Emeka (CEO of CryptoTVplus), and myself


The Blockchain Association of Nigeria was formed today and I am part of the interim committee.

Today I'm grateful for a bright future for the Nigerian Cryptocurrency space and the opportunity to be a part of it in the early stages. The Cryptocurrency space in Nigeria will never be the same again. Things are about to get really hot. My previous post was a ulog which I wrote minutes before the meeting started. The time is now 10:52pm. The meeting started by 11:00am. I've been talking Crypto for more than 9 hrs. Even after the meeting. There was so much to talk about with fellow Crypto people. I didn't plan to spend the night in Lagos but I couldn't just stop talking/sharing/networking/collaborating with fellow Crypto aficionados. I had to book an hotel because it's too late to travel back to Ibadan. I meet good people today and formed a major partnerships. Something huge is in the works.

Gratitude Day

Special thanks to all that participated in the gratitude challenge for day 35.

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Keep up the good work bro 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Fine man!. Well done brother. Always proud of you. Glad it went so well. Looking forward to a post on how it all went. Always a pleasure listening or reading what you have to say.

Crypto pace setter!kudos

I can understand the feeling and I smell something great coming out of this meeting. Well done @tojukaka, my entry:

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Well done sir @tojukaka. I read about your ulog post on how you make a journey to Lagos for that meeting. Glad it all went well. Looking forward to seeing the proper download of the meeting sir. Thank you for preaching the gospel of cryptocurrency in Nigeria and enable us to know what this decentralized era can offered us. More grace sir

My entry for gratitude day 36

weldone dear....gud luck....

this is indeed a great stride @tojukaka. The cryptospace in Nigeria is sure gaining some solid grounds. Thanks to guys like you seeing to the furtherance of such grounds.

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