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Which of the cat will drink the juice? State your answer 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the comment. And those who gets it right will share 80% payout for this post. So, to participate here are the rules:

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Cat no. 3. The left double tank has a lower bottom then the third cat and two of the pipes are shut

Thanks for participating. I'll let you know if #3 is correct

Cat no 4 will drink it first

The cat 4 pipe is blocked..... It's cat 3 supposedly 😕

Cat #2 will receive the juice! All other answers are not correct!

Thanks for participating. I'll let you know if #2 is correct

Congtats! Cat #2 is correct. Payment sent

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Cat 2 - Pipe 1,3 and 4 are blocked so only Cat 2 can drink Juice.

Congtats! Cat #2 is correct. Payment sent

Hi, can you confirm payment has been sent?

Cat #2

Congtats! Cat #2 is correct. Payment sent


Thanks for participating. I'll let you know if #4 is correct



Congtats! Cat #2 is correct