Caution, Disruption Ahead: Now Live!

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Hey there, @techblogger here with a very important announcement. Countless hours have been spent on the development and involvement from our graphic designers, copywriters, & management team on this project. A special shout out is needed to @mildfun who is the extraordinary full stack developer who brought the designs of the talented @kozak and @carlosd15 to life.

Pleasantries aside, we would like to formally announce that is officially live.

This new website is an informative platform which showcases our latest blockchain projects, our innovative smart-token, and our most prominent team members.

Anyway, that’s enough from me - here’s a look at our amazing new website:

The majority of the site was developed as a Single Page Application (SPA) platform. However, we also decided to add a custom tokens page to show the public how to invest in the company.

The Projects section goes over some of our most successful blockchain services. They include but are not limited to:,, and (coming soon!).

The updates section keeps the public informed about upcoming developments scheduled to be released by BuildTeam and important news items. also includes a testimonal section where we have featured our customers' rave reviews about our great services.

The footer section contains many helpful links to our blog pages, telegram groups, youtube channels, discord servers and exchanges.

We made this website as a way to reach out to our loyal supporters and interact with potential future customers. Without your support we would not be in the fantastic position we are today to give back to the Steem community and contribute to its rich ecosystem.

A Few More Things to Mention About BuildTeam...

Get support and connect with us and other BuildTeam, MinnowBooster and Steemvoter fans!

We are always looking to improve BuildTeam. If you have any suggestions about what we should change/add to one of our services, or what you would like us to build next, write us a comment!

Don't have a Bitshares account? Create one here.

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to now and take a look!


This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


I am 18 days old here as a Steemian. I never used any services that I have to pay for but I wondered why there is a promotion area on the site and other people ask to send them steem to help get your posts and blogs out to other Steemians? I would actually try the services if I would receive a ROI. As a new Steemian I would use your services because I want as many eyes on my blogs as possible @cleverbot do you think they will help connect me with like minded Steemians?

Because you are a program. Made by humans like myself.


WOW, you gathered my 3 least favorite Steem projects on Steem:

  • Minnowbooster,
  • SteemVoter,
  • SteemSports

All those projects are/were exploiting weaknesses of Steem ecosystem to benefit project participants, without giving much value back to the platform.

But to be honest, I am not sad or something, because this is what happening when free market can create solutions, which will try to solve problems, which users have - we have a feedback from open market that there is a problem.

All Voting Bots like MinnowBooster will disappear and will lost most of their clients, when all users and Steemit will understand, that "Promote" feature should be completely redesign.

I do not respect teams behind those projects, because they prefer to leverage steem weaknesses to do own business and earn profit, rather than try to contribute to discussion and help design solution which will benefit whole Steemians.

Not sure why this guy is flagged he brings up good points. I think it says more to how broken the promotion feature in Steemit is. At least for minnowbooster. I use minnowbooster because the promotion feature isn't effective.

Promotion is no silver bullet in my opinion. And the current feature is just broken.

I think it is sad that you feel that way. Minnowbooster is trying to improve the voting bot ecosystem. Steemvoter gives you liberty over your curation.

In the end there is the question if these services are beneficial to the Blockchain. And if they are, we are working hard to make them perfect for you. If they are not, steem has to change, you are welcome that we helped improving it.

And sure, we are closed source because we want our work to be used by us. We see with DrOtto many unstable bidding bots and chaos. And if someone wants more than that, please let them put the work in.

We will over time open source some of our libraries and offer apis for the community. But we won't share our code. And I don't think you can give a good reason for us to do that.

I want to add something: while other bots put their profits into their own pockets we let you use our services and earn. We take a cut of your earnings, so we only earn if you earn. And if you haven't noticed, we are contributing to the discussion.

hello my friend i want know about build team how you work and how can i be part of your team????

We are currently not looking for new team members, sorry.

could you explain some things about your job on this project what do you do exact??? thanksss wish the best for you and your family

I am the main programmer and cto for @minnowbooster and manage all the infrastructure and development of other projects by buildteam.

BTW, am I right that all of those projects are close-source - to not even allow fair competition?

While we are closed source we are giving back to the open source ecosystem.

If you are interested, I could offer you most of my salary this month if you improve radiator. We want to fork it pretty soon as inertia seems to be unresponsive to pull requests and when that happens I plan on putting 1000 STEEM worth of bounties on issues to improve it.

I noticed some of the things you are doing and sadly they are only in python. So if you plan to pick up ruby, get in touch! There is a lot to do 🐐

Thank you for pointing it out!

Very interesting read, haven't seen this projects from this perspective - hope it won't get downvoted.

For example... how promoting on Steemit could work? First of all, no one checks "Promoted" tab, and I totally understand why.


Probability, that there is something interesting is much lower. If something would be really interesting, then this would be on trending anyway. So because promoting a post do not give any good results, then people prefer to pay MinnowBooster.

How this should be solved:

For example, every 10-15th entries, there should be a spot for promoted content, starting from entry #2:


And if there will be a 4 promoted post on the platform:

  • post A would spend 50 SBD on promotion
  • post B would spend 30 SBD on promotion
  • post D would spend 19 SBD on promotion
  • post D would spend 1 SBD on promotion

Then, posts A, B, C, D would have respectively 50%, 30, 19% and 1% chance to be displayed to next user on the #2, on the trending page.

Do you think, users would prefer such method? I think they would! :)

Agree with you. I had written a similar post about Steemit promotions.

In its current form Promotions are a waste of money unless you are a company or you are already a whale.

Would be an improvement for sure. However, minnowbooster offers a direct return on investment that might not be matched by promoting you post. I think plenty of people would still use it. I'm happy you brought this up. It's an important discussion to have on steemit.

I think it's more than a little ridiculous ... look at our team list ... we have mouths to feed and lots of them. OP FUDSKI has 40K STEEM, maybe he should pay our wages? I mean he worked hard for that money, earned it, but that belongs to everyone doesn't it?

Open source is cool, but it's not some thing that should be mandated, demanded, or even expected. Why does OP feel he is entitled to "compete" by having free access to the proprietary code of a private enterprise?

I wonder if he made his 40K giving things away for free? Maybe he did produce some brilliant OS software that people donated too, but I highly doubt it. I'd wager 150 STEEM OP is hypocrite. He can prove me wrong by giving me 500!

I think the discussion around how new users who make quality content are recognised is an important one. I don't agree that open source or not is about competition. Even if minnowbooster was open source, you can't replicate their success overnight. However, we can all have opinions of what is healthy or not healthy for the ecosystem. I think the build team projects have had a impact in pushing forward the ecosystem which I think noisy recognises.

That is definitely an important discussion. In the end steemit has to improve their ui. I don't think promoted is the silver bullet.

One plan I had is using AI to find stuff you specifically like. But that would be incredibly expensive and I don't think people would want to pay for it.

Someone with the funds of stinc could make that happen though. We will see if they do.

Would love to read your opinion on this matter in a post. This discussion is derailing a bit here 😅

I think it would be cool if there would be somekind of bounty or incentive for contributing into the steemit frontend codebase here:

Like the improvement @noisy pointed for example - contribute the code, get it tested and get rewarded.

The question is who is willing to pay for those open source contributers?

there is no such thing like free lunch. If you have something for sure, then this mean, that someone else who maybe deserve something more... will not get it.

if you flag me, please elaborate your comment. I might be wrong, but from your comment I will not learn much.

See my reply to @codewithcheese or my reply on :)

Terima kasih telah berbagi ,


Omong-omong, saya mulai mengikuti Anda dan saya juga sangat menghargai tindak lanjut Anda.
silahkan kunjungi blog saya dan pilih saya juga

Nice work.. Love it

What the rate of sbd i send to upvote to you!!!

Nice Work I will Surely Try it Soon !

Congratulations and well done! The site looks great. You all are doing really great work bringing professional development to the STEEM ecosystem. Thank you!

Looks pretty professional , well done!

sounds great , I think I will check it out ,upvoted and fallowed

really it is very,nice buddy

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze

We are always looking to improve BuildTeam. If you have any suggestions about what we should change/add to one of our services, or what you would like us to build next, write us a comment!

Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

So how does it work in a nutshell ?

Thanks for the update @buildteam

Really good ideal work

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Awesome! Good job mate!

Just a great man who dares to do that and only a great person who keeps traying and traying lagain .I am very impressed with this article.Thank you , check this :

Hey guys, I don't think that there has been a payout to the delegators to minnowbooster today. Is there some issue or delay?

Thanks for information. I hope thıs project will be very good. Well done

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Congrats on the release! I'll be following what you do.

This is a great info.. 👍🏾

Amazing system your blockchain technology.

Thanks for sharing, waiting for steemsport.

Appreciate your services dude

This project looks very promising, thanks for sharing.

Good to see how you guys are evolving. Can't wait for @steemsports to launch

Congrats looks like your hard work is paying off. I wish you the best.

thank you for sharing valuable information.

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This was really helpfull!
I just started on Steemit, I am a honest bloger, please follow and support my dreams!

hi. I am a graphic designer :-) how can I help you?

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