BuildTeam - Staking Performance Review of the BUILDTEAM Token

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A Brief Explanation of the BUILDTEAM Token

BuildTeam has a payroll structure similar to an average corporation, except instead of traditional fiat remuneration, we compensate our builders with our own cryptocurrency called BUILDTEAM tokens.

Holders of BUILDTEAM tokens are able to stake them for a discretionary percentage of the company profits in a semi-monthly (twice per month) distribution process. STEEM is distributed on a proportional basis depending on how much each participant has staked.

For comprehensive information about the BUILDTEAM token have a read through our 'Tokens' page and Token Announcement:

Why should you consider staking BUILDTEAM Tokens?

Buying BUILDTEAM tokens is a relatively easy process which can be done on the secondary through the Bitshares exchange here:

Please note that BuildTeam does not engage in direct token sales and all tokens are distributed as bounties to workers and builders of our services.

There are many reasons why you should consider staking BUILDTEAM tokens:

1.) They provide regular rewards via STEEM staking payments made bi-monthly to stakeholders.
2.) They are a way to fund BuildTeam's continued efforts to build on the Steem ecosystem.
3.) The tokens have a limited supply and low maximum distribution rate of 5000 tokens per month, which means they have a lot of potential to increase in value quite easily and quickly given the right market conditions.
4.) BuildTeam itself has ambitious plans to add to the use case model of BUILDTEAM tokens in 2019!

Past performance of the BUILDTEAM Token

Let's take a look real quick at the top 25 stake holders of BUILDTEAM tokens as per our public Google staking spreadsheet and how much STEEM income they have received since they first started staking their tokens:

image alt

As you can see there are just under 70,000 tokens staked at the moment, which actually bodes quite well for stakeholders.

The top BUILDTEAM token holder at the moment is ray-coms with approximately 8,686 BUILDTEAM tokens staked. Over time, he has gradually received STEEM tokens from the semi-monthly distributions and has collected circa 6,789 STEEM in total.

Techblogger is the second largest holder of BUILDTEAM tokens and he has received a total of 10,892 STEEM.

The moral of this story is that the longer you stake your tokens the more STEEM you receive from the semi-monthly distributions.

Eventually the amount of STEEM received will outnumber the total BUILDTEAM staked for any given holder. This makes BUILDTEAM token an outstanding choice for longterm returns while still retaining the capital value of BUILDTEAM tokens themselves!

Wrapping it all up!

Few tokens offer the steady and stable returns that BUILDTEAM token offers, even during the current crypto bear market.

BuildTeam encourages all crypto holders to take a minute and review the BUILDTEAM tokens page here:

Have a look at the services BuildTeam provides, like MinnowBooster, @GINAbot, Steemvoter, QuickSteem, as well as the upcoming Tokebb Steem powered forums project and think about the Steem ecosystem and what new blockchain services you'd like to see built on it.

Then after you've done all that. Grab some BUILDTEAM tokens and stake them to be a part of the movement!

Leave your thoughts and ideas below about what you'd like to see BuildTeam build in the future and we can work together to make Steem the greatest blockchain ecosystem the world has ever seen!

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Great! I expect it will be far easier to buy BT tokens for every steemians when they’re issued on top of steem-engine!

Haha u noticed we created a placeholder token there :)

When the one on Steem-engine is ready let me know. I want to buy some. Also, I have turned into a regular user of minnowbooster :)

cough Whitelist me bro ;) cough

Seems you are on the whitelist now :) follow this blog, when we have listed on Steem-Engine we will post an announcement here. Thanks for being a regular MinnowBooster!

yup! 😄👍

I have enjoyed being a part of those staking and say that the stream of Steem incoming is motivating. I look forward to the continued progress of the efforts of the group as Steem continues to evolve with the community!

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Thanks @newageinv, that is very encouraging to know. Thanks for believing in our team.

I have been enjoying the staking system since the beginning and am now always taking my staking rewards and buying more. I like that its bi-monthly because it makes it a bit like compounding interest

I also saw the buildteam token in the steem engine, are there any plans there that you can talk about or is it just a place holder so no one else takes the name and you want to wait for the "real SMT"?

Hi @felander, we plan to make use of Steem-Engine, we will issue and distribute tokens there in time. We need to first create a bridge between Steem-Engine and Bitshares before we can issue tokens outside of Bitshares. Glad you have been enjoying staking with us!

Happily staking 100 tokens, can't wait for the new function that steem engine will introduce @buildteam @thecryptodrive.
Will it only be a way to easily get BT token without BTS access, or there's more?

@bafi it will basically be a gateway to get tokens without having to go via Bitshares, we are looking to create a bridge from Bitshares to Steem-Engine.

Thanks for replying @thecryptodrive. Your team is the most solid in the Steem-space!
Can't wait for the upcoming news ✌️

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@buildteam, Sounds really effective Staking Market and it's limited essence and usability reflecting it's potential too. Good wishes team and keep up. Stay blessed.

Thank you and stay blessed as well!

Welcome and thank you so much. Have a pleasant time ahead.

I just received one of your tokens as a price in a contest. I barely understand this post at all because I am a weight loss coach who stumbled into steem.

I do not know what a token is in the first place.

Can you tell me what it means to "stake your tokens?" Is this some action I need to be taking? Thank you very much!

Hi! Yes ,we have a full guide here:

on how to stake the tokens, but it might be a little complex for you if you first don't understand what a token or staking is.

A token in this context is a digital cryptocurrency of sorts - Buildteam token is a digital asset that is issued on the Bitshares blockchain.

Staking Buildteam tokens is similar to powering up your Steem, it will become locked until you start powering it down. Staking Buildteam tokens entitles you to a profit share of the bi-monthly distribution. You can see the Google spreadsheet with distribution stats in the above post.

Good luck!

it might be a little complex for you

Hahaha! The story of my steem life!

So can I stake this thing once? Or do I do it every so often? Is it already staked when I got it?

Just tell me what to do like I am a 5 year old and I will do it. Several other people here give me the same help for their projects since you all are so complex.

Unless this token is worth a lot now, I am sure I want to leave it where it is and get the income. Does that income add to the value or come to me at steem?

I have a bitshares at least, but I cannot understand that thing at all. I can login, but that is about it.

If you are fat, I will help you lose weight for free lol.

Thanks for the generous offer, I am quite fit :)

If you already have a Bitshares account, log in there and send your Buildteam tokens to the buildteamvest account with you Steem account name in the memo, like in the example:

Here is the staking spreadsheet to gauge what the bi-monthly payout might be:

And here is the Bitshares market for this asset, if you want to sell it outright:

I'm glad you do not need my help, but I always have to ask :)

I will take the steps soon. Thank you very much!

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I want to learn more

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Check out our recent posts on @buildteam and our website or feel free to join our discord server

Information contained in this post is really of great value

4.) BuildTeam itself has ambitious plans to add to the use case model of BUILDTEAM tokens in 2019!

Love to hear more about this. Or is this only a reference to the Steem Engine token you guys made?

I am not a developer but I've subscribed for @tokenbb of recent. How can I earn BUILDTEAM coin?
Can it be earned by writing for BUILDTEAM or hosting a forum?

The buildteam token itself cannot be earned through forums, it is our token to distribute stake. We might create other tokens for social rewards, but don't plant to use the BUILDTEAM token for that at the moment.

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